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HomePocket is a residential real estate listing marketplace that simplifies the homebuying process for buyers and sellers alike. HomePocket sets itself apart by including properties from multiple listing services (MLS), for-sale-by-owner listings (FSBO) and off-market pocket listings-all in one place. The service is open to home buyers, sellers and real estate agents and a home can be uploaded for instant digital advertising in less than 5 minutes from a user's mobile phone or tablet.

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, software engineers and former U.S. data intelligence analysts, Jason and Rebekah Polancich of Miramar Beach, HomePocket is the only real estate network of its kind.

"We are a mobile-first listing exchange for the many great homes for sale across the U.S. and a powerful, easy-to-use marketing engine for homeowners and realtors looking to get their home in front of active buyers," says Jason.

Home buyers want to see every home for sale – in the MLS, FSBO or pocket listings - in their preferred location, and HomePocket provides that search capability in one intuitive user interface. The website and mobile app showcase all available homes for sale by city, in real time. Search is free and an instant mobile chat feature makes inquiries easy. Users can register to find out what’s nearby and to find out what it’s like to live in their preferred neighborhood.

On the flip side, home sellers want every buyer to see their home. The mobile app allows sellers to snap a few photos, write a quick description and post immediately. Listing the property in the marketplace is free and robust marketing packages are available for a minimal monthly fee.

“With powerful data analytics and easy-to-use marketing tactics, HomePocket is a resource for real estate agents who lack time, resources and marketing prowess," Jason added. Real estate professionals can rely on HomePocket to market all of their listings.

HomePocket is a technology-driven real estate solutions company focused on providing simple, easy-to-use products that help buyers, sellers and real estate professionals. Founded by real estate pros, software engineers and data analysts, the mobile-first network leverages technology and data analytics in more focused ways to make real estate transactions more efficient and more valuable for all involved. Download the free app for iOS and Android. Learn more at Homepocket.com.

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