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The Sonder Project

The Sonder Project is a global non-profit organization founded to spread awareness, offer hope, and aid to those suffering. Their focus is on high-impact projects. The Sonder Project creates alliances with other organizations in support of sustainable solutions aimed at ending extreme poverty locally, and in remote parts of the world. 360 Blue Vacation Properties is a SoWal business and founding member of The Sonder Project. Their projects include building schools to educate, provide safe drinking water, provide nourishment, and assistance with a crucial deworming processes. These building blocks allow children and families to thrive.

Project: Educate   In 2015, The Sonder Project joined forces with buildOn to fund and build two primary schools in Burkina Faso, Africa. In 2016, they committed to building at least three more schools.

Project: Water  In 2015 The Sonder Project partnered with sponsors to construct the first well in the Vilage of Bagyame Faso. With the completion of a second well in Nabadogogo, the wells provide safe water for almost 5,000 people.

Project: Health   In 2015, The Sonder Project raised and donated funds to deworm 1 million children in Uganda. The deworming process helps solve malnutrition in the most cost effective and humane manner.

Project: Feed   1 in 6 people living in the United States live in poverty. The Sonder Project aims to solve this problem using unopened and nonperishable food that would otherwise be tossed into the garbage by departing guests of vacation rental homes. The donated items are then delivered to volunteers for distribution among local food pantries. The project has a collection of vacation rental partners across the United States, each donating food to their local community.

Project: Agriculture   In an effort to establish sustainable solutions, The Sonder Project has introduced beehives to impoverished communities. The endeavor not only creates a nutritional resource with its production of honey offering vitamins, minerals, and enzymes – it also assures honeybees will continue to exist. The honey bee population has significantly decreased. Without bee pollination, many of our food staples would become scarce. 

The Sonder Project needs support and commitment throughout the year. Whether you have a skill set that will aid in their awareness efforts, or want to join them in the field, contact The Sonder Project on their website for more information. Follow the progress of The Sonder Project on Facebook, or Twitter.








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