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Walton County Democratic Party

We believe everyone is important, every voice matters, and that unity is our strength. We believe that together we are stronger than any one of us alone.  Our beaches are a vital public resource that drives our coastal economy, and that clean air, water, and soil are critical to our economic health and future,  that small business and working people are the backbone of our communities, quality healthcare must be affordable and accessible by all, and that education and vocational training is key to economic opportunity within our communities.

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This Judicial District has an election In Nov for State Attorney & Public Defender. There are currently no Dems running. It's important to have a concerned sympathetic PF and a fair minded, unbiased St Att. Anyone know someone who might be willing to run? Seems a very good year to give it a try? Filing Deadline June 12. Having candidates would benefit & benefit from the Congressional race.
I’d like to get a Biden 2029 bumper sticker Steve Ingram 850-685-1546 Thanks
I’m a dem from Illinois looking for the dems in Walton Co. Fl
I just arrived from IL. Already voted Democrat. I’d like to help your committee with getting people to vote. I will be wearing a mask. I’m here for 6 months.
I am a Democrat who recently relocated here from Sarasota, Florida, and Illinois prior to residing in that location. I am interested in joining an event and helping to get out the vote for this election.
Just bought a home in Grayton Beach. Looking for fellow Dems who believe in vaccinations and wearing masks.
Hi! Dem from IL. Our family just moved to the area about two months ago. Also, looking for fellow dems that are vaccinated and support wearing masks.
Moving to Sandestin full time in October and hoping to work hard for progressive candidates!

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