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Dog-Harmony is a community group dedicated to selecting an appropriate dog through rescue organizations and animal shelters and matching them to the right home. The goal is to match the right home with the right dog and then provide training and support.

Dog-Harmony is one of South Walton's more unique nonprofits and Founder Nancy Bown is definitely the leader of the pack. Bown, along with a great board of directors and dedicated team of volunteers make up Dog-Harmony. This organization is so much more than a rescue operation. Bown is one of only a handful of certified dog trainers in the SoWal area. She graduated with a BA from the University of West Florida and from the Animal Behavior College in Southern California with a certification in dog training. This makes her supremely qualified for her passion: building healthy relationships between humans and dogs.

To achieve the goal of matching the right home with the right dog, Dog-Harmony first focuses on a commitment to dog training and people education. They know that when a pet is adopted it isn't the end of the process – it is just the beginning. Sure, Dog-Harmony helps folks find the best dog for them, but they also help with the transition period. Once adopted, every dog first spends 2-3 weeks under Nancy's guidance before going home to their new humans.

Dog-Harmony is an all-volunteer 501C3 non-profit organization and rely on the generous support of the SoWal community. Donations go toward their signature programming including free micro-chipping clinics and bite-prevention seminars.

Dog-Harmony visits area schools like Butler Elementary and through age-appropriate instruction teaches kids how best to approach dogs. Bites are rarely a result of aggression, they are more typically a reaction to teasing and taunting. This means many can be easily avoided! Dog-Harmony is also committed to providing free micro-chipping clinics. Vet techs are on site getting your pup chipped and registered as well as checking to make sure existing chips are active.

Support Dog-Harmony with monetary donations and by volunteering your time and talents.  

In addition to leading Dog-Harmony, Nancy runs the K9 to 5 Doggie Daycare in Santa Rosa Beach and offers Canine Consulting – specializing in obedience and behavioral training. These businesses further fund Dog-Harmony and its many community services. So how can you get involved? Look for upcoming events to support the programs that make this organization possible. 

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