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Home Design Psychology Workshop in Seaside

What: Home Design Psychology Workshop in Seaside

Toby Israel, an Environmental Psychologist with experience in design, psychology, the arts and education, is presenting a Home Design Psychology Workshop in Seaside Feb. 16 - 18 from 1-3:30 p.m.
In this workshop, you will work through Dr. Israel’s Design Psychology Toolbox of Exercises to uncover your most positive experiences of past homes, neighborhoods and communities. Drawing upon this core of best-remembered natural places, built spaces, colors, textures, furniture and objects, Dr. Israel will help you translate the most positive elements of your past-place story into the choice and creation of your ideal home.
Dr. Israel will lead participants through nine hands-on Design Psychology exercises which include writing, sketching, and guided visualization experiences. PowerPoint examples of nurturing spaces designed a la Design Psychology will also be shown.  Participants will share results of each exercise they complete both via one-to-one pairs and whole group discussion throughout the course of the workshop.
Tuition is $335 per student. A limited number of rooms in the Seaside Academic Village are available for this workshop.  For more information on those accommodations, go to
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