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James Pippin @ 30A Songwriter Radio Cafe

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What: James Pippin @ 30A Songwriter Radio Cafe
When: Friday, August 25, 2017
Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: 30A Songwriter Radio cafe

LIVE music on stage at 30A Songwriter Radio coffee & music cafe...  

Aug 25 11am to 12pm - James Pippin

A native of Florida, James fell in love with making music at a very young age and quickly became fascinated with playing the guitar. He soon realized that playing wasn't enough and began writing his own songs and progressions. Eventually, James made the switch from just wanting to be a musician and started taking the steps to be one. James began street performing in Celebration, Fl.  He made the town his stage and took up permanent residence with his guitar by the lake every afternoon but it wasn’t long before the local sheriff told James he couldn’t play anymore.  A petition launched to let James continue to perform and was ultimately signed by more than 300 people. While performing on the street again, James was approached by independent label, Vineland Records about making a demo.  The goal was to take the songs he’d been playing on the street and capture them in a record.  Pre-production started in late June, and in October James joined Phat Planet Studios in Orlando to begin work on what would become his first record. On December 9th of last year, Vineland Records released Front Street EP.  The record opens with On My Shoulders, a folk-rock anthem focused on personal freedom and ends with Outro, a song James wrote about growing up with limited means.  Curious Endeavor is a light ballad that features a professional violinist brought in for the record.  James has begun playing shows to help support the record and is looking forward to bringing his craft to new audiences, displaying some of the talent that Orlando has to offer.

Come out to 30A Songwriter Radio music & coffee shop at the South Walton Publix shopping center on Hwy 98. Serving up draft coffee, fresh pastries, local brews and music.

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