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Sea Turtle Release at Inlet Beach

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What: Sea Turtle Release at Inlet Beach
When: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Time: 3:00 pm
Where: Inlet Beach Access

Gulf World Marine Institute is releasing three Loggerhead sea turtles into the Gulf of Mexico at Inlet Beach on Wednesday, August 23: 9am and 3pm. The sea turtles have been medically cleared to be released. The public is invited to come out to these sea turtle release events. 

Two sea turtle releases on Aug 23
Inlet Beach Access: South Walton Lakeshore Drive
9:00 am: Gene and Luna
3:00 pm: Poppy

Poppy came in from St. Joe Bay on May 26th displaying signs of lethargic behavior. The animal was brought to GWMI by members of the United States Geological Survey (USGS). The animal was treated for pneumonia. Poppy also had an excessive amount of air in the body cavity which has reabsorbed. 

Luna was found lethargic on the beach near Holiday Inn in Panama City Beach on May 25th. The animal was treated for low iron deficiency and pneumonia. Luna also has a significant part of her carapace missing from a previous injury that had already healed at the time of stranding. 

Gene was found by members of the St. Andrew Bay Turtle Watch near Access 9 on May 24th. The sea turtle was struggling on the beach and was brought to GWMI for diagnostics and treatment. The animal was lethargic, had an impacted intestinal tract and pneumonia. Gene was given fish oil to help with impaction. 

All three sea turtles were given antibiotics to treat the pneumonia and radiographs show no clinical signs of pneumonia at this time. Poppy weighs approximately 128 lbs, Luna weighs 100 lbs and Gene is approximately 112 lbs. All three loggerhead sea turtles are eating well, diving normally and have been medically cleared to be released. 

Gulf World would like to thank the local organizations including USGS and St. Andrew Bay Turtle Watch for their continued cooperation towards our efforts in responding to these stranded animals. The public is invited to attend both the morning and afternoon events.

Sea Turtle release events are fun and exciting as we watch them carefully placed into the Gulf...

Gulf World Marine Institute operates under the umbrella of Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery as a 501c3 nonprofit and has served as the only long-term marine mammal rehabilitation facility in Northern Florida. The Institute responds to sick, injured or stranded animals, rehabilitates and releases them into the wild and serves as an educational resource to schools throughout our area. The Institute has rescued thousands of sick and debilitated marine animals since 1970. 

Learn more about Gulf World Marine Institute and their important work at Follow Gulf World Marine Institute on Facebook for updates and news. If you see an injured marine animal, you can help by calling the Florida Marine Mammal Stranding Hotline at 1-888-404-3922.

Follow Gulf World Marine Park on Facebook for updates and news from our friends in Panama City Beach, Florida. Read more at SoWal Business Guide | Gulf World. Visit Gulf World online for information and news about our marine park - a place for the whole family to explore. Sign up for the newsletter.

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