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baby grasshoppers

These things are covering a few bushes scattered about my yard. I think they may be baby Southeastern Lubber Grasshoppers. Anyone know? They are tiny.

baby grasshoppers
Smiling JOe, Apr 10, 2008
    • dmarie
      They are baby Georgia thumpers and will devour everything. If you don't kill them when they are young and their shells soft, the only way you can kill them is to stomp them to death. Or use a pair of loping shears to cut them in half, then I put their bodies on an ant hill. he-he-he
    • Smiling JOe
      That is exactly what they are. No worries, I didn't grow a garden last year. I just let them live, and there was plenty to eat around my house. This year, they may be relocated from my yard. No sense in killing them, since there is plenty of room for them in the woods around here.
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