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Grayton Beach - Nov 13 2005


Grayton Beach - Nov 13 2005
Smiling JOe, Nov 13, 2005
    • Miss Kitty
      I said TONKA!!!
    • Smiling JOe
      I know RiverOtter can relate to this one.
    • Kurt Lischka
      Note to self: do not forget to engage 4-wheel drive. If vehicle is not moving do not depress accelerator to the floorboard. :floor:
    • Smiling JOe
      Nor should you allow the Sheriff's Deputy to press the gas to the floor to confirm that the vehicle is stuck.

      Patterson has a four wheel drive vehicle for sale that would be perfect for the beach.;-)
    • GraytonBound
      Otter aint that stupid
    • RiverOtter
      That guy is a rookie :lolabove: . For the record... The Otters have never gotten stuck:cool: ... and of course after making that statement virtually guaranties we'll get stuck on our next trip down :sosad:
    • Smiling JOe
      Have I not read on SoWal that you stuck the Burb?
    • Smiling JOe
      Have I not read on SoWal that you stuck the Burb? Or, is that just a fear you have?
    • RiverOtter
      Nope, never have. Almost did on my 1st beach run. I bailed into somebody's driveway then had another run at it. (I'm an excellent driver :D )

      I did pass a BMW X5 and a Benz 500ML both axle deep :lol:
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