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Grayton Beach Sept 11 2005 Western Lake Outflow

Grayton Beach Sept 11 2005 Western Lake Outflow
Smiling JOe, Sep 11, 2005
    • RiverOtter
      Was this nature made? :dunno:
    • Dave Rauschkolb
      I doubt it. After Katrina the mouth of the outflow was pushed all the way back to the houses next to the parking area. Someone had to do this with a tractor. The last time it was allowed by permit only human power was allowed to do the work; the "old" rules said no tractors could do it. That time it took a week and a half with 20 people with shovels. These days there are tractors all over the beaches especially in Old Seagove so I would guess someone just took matters into thier own hands and started up an earthmover.
    • Mermaid
      Nope. Last month we rented a cottage near Western Lake and Chip the Beach Chair guy set our stuff up every day by this outlet. A bulldozer did the most of it.

      One day a nosy lady came over while we were sitting reading our magazines and told us the bulldozer operator was going to dump sand all over us since we were so close to where he was working! :dunno: (He didn't.)
    • Smiling JOe
      This outflow was dredged this week. I have photos from last Sunday. The Dog Flies have kept me away until today, so I am uncertain who or specifically when it was done. Last week, I personally witnessed Walton County peeps dredging Eastern Lake with a track-hoe. I would think they would be the ones involved with this one, too.
    • Kurt Lischka
      There was a DEP permit issued for this and Eastern Lake.
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