Max at 1 year.

He's fully grown now, at 4 years old, and weighs in at 130lbs. He's super sweet, calm and gentle. Loves the kids.

Max at 1 year.
BeachDreamer, Aug 5, 2005
    • kathydwells
      What a gorgeous dog!!!!! He is just beautiful. I had a Doberman for almost 13 years. She was my baby. We did not clip her ears either, she was a fawn color, she looked just like a Wiemerainer (sp). I sure do miss her. I love the bigger bread dogs!!
    • ktmeadows THAT'S a DOG!!! He's a beauty!
    • ktmeadows
      ...and I almost forgot....that little lady standing next to Max is a little beauty herself! :D
    • BeachDreamer
      Aw, thanks guys! I love the big breeds too! We researched really well before getting a dog, to find just the right one for our family. We sure haven't been disappointed! The small dogs are cute, but I can't take those raw nerves vibrating out of their little bodies. LOL!

      Kathy, dobermans are magnificent creatures. I love the natural ear look, too!
    • BeachDreamer
      :wub: Thanks, she's a sweetie too! :wub:
    • RiverOtter
      Holy Crap! What a good looking dog :cool:
    • Diane4145
      Awe, I'd hate to have to chose the cuter, of the two!:wub:
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    Aug 5, 2005
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