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  1. Jimmy T

    Just Now

  2. Jimmy T

    Just Now

    I'm lichen that picture!
  3. Jimmy T

    Motorized Vehicles

    I would rather see folks riding e-bikes on the trail than driving cars or LSV on the road. However, Will does make a valid point about kids going too fast and being dangerous with them.
  4. Jimmy T

    Pedestrian Tunnel Construction at East Scenic 30A & 98 Inlet Beach

    Another big question here is what they intend to do with the tunnel when they widen 98. I'd love to see the plan for that.
  5. Jimmy T

    Insurance on home being built

    Your builder should be taking out a builders risk policy. I would ask them about it.
  6. Jimmy T

    Do you know Pompano Jim?

    Sadly, Pompano Jim is no longer around Grayton Beach. He was involved is a bad accident a few years ago.
  7. Jimmy T

    Wanted Builder Recommendations?

    Gage Contracting Florida ~ Custom Home Building ~ Panhandle Florida Ralph is a great contractor, very honest and has a lot of experience. I don't know what his schedule looks like, but I would give him a call or send him an email about your project. Good luck!
  8. Jimmy T

    Misc St. Joe Announces Hotel Indigo in Panama City’s Downtown Waterfront District

    We drove to Callaway last week. The smell is still there.
  9. Jimmy T

    Just Now

    Western Lake this morning at the Grayton boat ramp.
  10. Jimmy T

    Need fill dirt

    Fill dirt from Hicks is $20 a yard without delivery. Expect to pay twice much for white sand.
  11. Jimmy T

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the spike. Florida prison reports over 300 inmates positive for COVID-19 Florida’s prison system has shown a large increase in recent days in the number of inmates with COVID-19, with Walton Correctional Institution in DeFuniak Springs reporting Monday...
  12. Jimmy T

    Just Now

    This not in Grayton.
  13. Jimmy T

    Wallet found in Grayton

  14. Jimmy T

    Dark water

    Yes. I've heard about some Redfish being caught but that's about it. Conditions are still a little tough from the shore right now.
  15. Jimmy T

    Dark water

    Lots of debris in the water near the shore. Haven't seen any fish caught surf casting in Grayton since the hurricane.
  16. Jimmy T

    Scenic 30A Traffic Report

    One more week to go!
  17. Jimmy T

    Black Flies

    They've been coming and going. It all depends on the wind.
  18. Jimmy T

    Misc "The Washaway" in Grayton Beach Renovation

    I think the new washaway will be amazing! Can't wait to see how it looks when it's done.
  19. Jimmy T

    Scenic 30A Traffic Report

    Safety in numbers.
  20. Jimmy T

    Scenic 30A Traffic Report

    I'm afraid that they're here to stay.
  21. Jimmy T

    Camp Creek Lake

    It seems like they have to open Western Lake with a backhoe more often now than they used to. But LVT is correct. The lakes are unpredictable.
  22. Jimmy T

    Hurricane Sally

    Yep. Eventually, the houses on the bluff will have to go or the beach will need to be renourished and the dunes rebuilt with more sand and vegetation. The current state of things in BMB and other beaches like it in our country is simply unsustainable.
  23. Jimmy T

    Hurricane Sally

    It's still there.
  24. Jimmy T

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    I think we all knew that this would happen. Walton planning commissioners approve proposed Grayton Beach Motor Lodge
  25. Jimmy T

    Why is the water so murky and dark?

    Storms and many of the dune lakes are draining into the gulf. It will clear up eventually, but it depends on the weather and currents in the gulf.
  26. Jimmy T

    Walton County Florida Real Estate Report for July 2020

    Crazy times. Low interest rates make safe investments unattractive and they make borrowing money less expensive. I think a lot of money is being borrowed and also being moved out of safe investments and into equities and real estate.
  27. Jimmy T

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    Yep. The golf carts are noisy gas things. They run all day long. For kayak launching, the 4 spots by the dock fill up fast. Nowhere else to park. So, the new way they want you to do it is: 1. Drive to the launch and put your kayak/board in. 2. Drive to the parking lot. 3. Take the shuttle back...
  28. Jimmy T

    Hurricane Laura

  29. Jimmy T

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    I would argue that #1 is much more valid today than it was before. The number of visitors to Grayton has increased dramatically and nothing has been done to accommodate them.
  30. Jimmy T

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    I have a couple of issues with this project: 1. Infrastructure. Grayton has no public restroom and limited bicycle parking. Both need to be addressed before approving developments like this. 2. The project is not compatible with the neighborhood. 3. The project site is mostly a wetland with a...
  31. Jimmy T

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    Some more info about the development is attached if anyone is interested.
  32. Jimmy T

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    Nobody does. I could go for a nicely done bed and breakfast, but a 76 room hotel? That's ridiculous. The people behind this don't care about those of us who live here. It's sad.
  33. Jimmy T

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    You could say this just "came out of the Blue."
  34. Jimmy T

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    It's not clear what the criteria for success is for this "experiment," nor is it clear what the plans for the future will look like. I encourage everyone who enjoys Grayton Beach to speak up and contact your commissioners about this and other improvements that could be made, like public...
  35. Jimmy T

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Sorry to hearhheayou and your family make a full recovery. Sorry to hear the bad news and I sincerely hope you and your family make a full recovery. I wish we could all do more to help everyone make it through these tough times.
  36. Jimmy T

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    I hope the people responsible for this are proud.
  37. Jimmy T

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    Regarding the parking, the existing parking on Hotz Ave will be closed off except for loading/unloading and handicapped spots.
  38. Jimmy T

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    I'm not surprised. I live in Grayton and I didn't know about this until I saw the topic here. Most of us had no idea this was in the works. The whole thing is very shady.
  39. Jimmy T

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    Does anyone know what the outcome of this agenda item at today's meeting?
  40. Jimmy T

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    If they're going to do this, we need them to put bathrooms somewhere in Grayton. All these people will need a place to go to the restroom.
  41. Jimmy T

    BCC Candidate Survey Responses Primary Election

    I really hope that folks will not just vote the party line in district 5. We need to vote for the best candidate, regardless of their party affiliation.
  42. Jimmy T

    Rags To Riches Regatta Returns To Grayton Beach

    Bummer. We go every year and it's always a lot of fun.
  43. Jimmy T

    Eastern lake outlet

    It's really spectacular and more rare when the gulf flows back into the lake. It was doing that last weekend at Grayton Beach.
  44. Jimmy T

    Cellular Carriers - need input

    Yep. We had T-Mobile for a while but switched to Verizon. They have the best coverage in this area.
  45. Jimmy T

    Wildfire in South Walton: Updates - Arrest Made

    Prescribed burn.
  46. Jimmy T

    The Red Bar: Updates & Info

    They have made great progress, but there is still a lot to be done. It's looking pretty good. Can't wait until work is complete and The Red Bar is open again!
  47. Jimmy T

    Vacation Rental News & Info Regarding COVID-19

    It's a cleaning plan and does not address the broader picture of opening STR. It's just going to be business as usual.
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