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  1. Abby Prentiss

    Visit South Walton Economic Impact & Visitor Tracking Annual Report 2020

    From mass email to SoWal businesses from Visit South Walton - public info the annual report: Please find attached the Calendar Year 2020 Economic Impact and Visitor Tracking Annual Report from our research firm Downs & St. Germain Research. Findings in this report are based on 2,865 online...
  2. Abby Prentiss

    Wishing you the merriest...

    Thank Teresa and Kurt you are the best may your days be merry and full of joy for the rest of this year an many more.
  3. Abby Prentiss

    Thousands of Walton Beachfront Owners Suing Over Customary Use

    November has been a busy month for attorneys representing the private property owners who are resisting Walton County's efforts to obtain a declaration of customary use to open all county beaches to the public. More than 70 motions, notices, orders and other documents have been filed with the...
  4. Abby Prentiss

    Walton County Regulation of Development Along U.S. 331

    Walton County commissioners have taken a first look at a set of proposals that could reshape the economic potential of the U.S. Highway 331 corridor. At a Nov. 24 meeting, commissioners unanimously approved the first reading of proposed amendments to the county's land development code aimed at...
  5. Abby Prentiss

    DR Horton project on 36 acres on Draper Lake

    For Immediate Release August 21, 2020 Contact: John Harrison, 850.501.2699 Community Coalition Forms to Stop DR Horton Project on 30A A coalition of neighbors, businesses, and environmentalists today...
  6. Abby Prentiss

    Okaloosa-Walton Long Range Transportation Plan Needs Feedback

    The Okaloosa-Walton Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) needs community input on 5 NEW projects that are being proposed for the Long Range Transportation Plan. The projects will be added without impacting potential funding for any other projects in the plan, but the plan must remain...
  7. Abby Prentiss

    Congrats to Walton Grads 2020!

    Congratulations to the class of 20202! Such a bizarre end to a high school career. As if our seniors weren't facing enough. Many are faced with an uncertain fall, some are opting to stay home and take college classes online and some are taking a semester or a year off.
  8. Abby Prentiss

    South Walton Hurrican Season June through November

    With forecasters predicting another intense Atlantic hurricane season with as many as 13 to 19 named storms, disaster preparedness experts say it’s critically important for people in evacuation zones to plan to stay with friends or family, rather than end up in shelters during the coronavirus...
  9. Abby Prentiss

    Plan for Florida's Recovery: Phases for Reopening

    Here's how Gov. Ron DeSantis' task force recommends reopening Florida's economy ... The final report from DeSantis’ Re-Open Florida Task Force, released on Thursday, includes plans for theme parks, restaurants, nightclubs, hair salons, casinos, vacation rentals and many other businesses that...
  10. Abby Prentiss

    Wanted A box for shipping

    Anyone know a good place that I can get a box for shipping? I need 28x20x10 minimum. I know UPS will pack it for me but last time I did that it was $100 although it was a bit bigger. I'd like to just get a box and do it myself. Thanks in advance!
  11. Abby Prentiss

    Wanted Anyone local making masks or selling pre-made?

    Please post or send me a msg.
  12. Abby Prentiss

    Walton County School District: Food Distribution

    I am so happy to see this. It is needed in our community, despite all the wealth people see here it is very needed.
  13. Abby Prentiss

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Hello Visit South Walton partners! It’s Friday! Take a deep breath — it’s been a stressful week, but we’ll make it through this together. How is everyone? I’ve talked to many of you in our industry, and the current crisis is hard on everyone. Some businesses have closed temporarily, while...
  14. Abby Prentiss

    Customary Use in Walton County & Florida - Questions

    So how does the corona virus affect the issue? It seems to me the county being able to close beaches is critical for public health and safety. People are traveling here to use "private" beaches and endangering us all. Do the woners not care about the rest of us? Why didn't the county close all...
  15. Abby Prentiss

    SoWal Businesses: Help small businesses get through this!

    Great ideas! Thanks for keeping us updated.
  16. Abby Prentiss

    Spring Break 2020 AKA Spring Broke

    As students from universities around the country flock to the Emerald Coast, sheriff’s offices in Okaloosa and Walton counties say they will continue to crack down on underage drinking during spring break. Both agencies enforce a strict no tolerance policy for underage drinking. If an underage...
  17. Abby Prentiss

    Walton County Employees Can Now carry Guns at Work

    Walton County employees can now be locked and loaded while on the clock. Due to a new policy, county employees, who hold an active concealed-weapons permit, can be armed at work. The decision went into effect Jan. 28 and doesn't apply in areas where weapons are prohibited by Florida Statue...
  18. Abby Prentiss

    Destin High School

    The Governing Board of the new Destin High School held a Town Hall Pep Rally last week in the gymnasium of Destin United Methodist Church, the soon to be acquired site of DHS. The event saw over 400 adults and future students. A fun reveal of the DHS shark mascot in full costume was done to the...
  19. Abby Prentiss

    Misc Alys Beach Club & Plaza

    30A’s New Beach Club is Over-the-Top | The Nashville Edit It’s impossible to drive along the eastern stretch of 30A in the Florida Panhandle and not be impressed by the gorgeous developments such as Rosemary Beach and the new luxury neighborhood, Kaiya Beach. One of the most beautiful and...
  20. Abby Prentiss

    SoWal Photographer Molly Parker Rest in Peace

    Molly Morrison Parker, age 39, passed away surrounded by family and friends on December 22, 2019. Molly was born on July 31, 1980 in Albany, Georgia to Tommy Carroll Morrison and Donna McKenzie. She grew up in Albany and later graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Savannah...
  21. Abby Prentiss

    SoWal Photographer Molly Parker Rest in Peace

    Molly was unique and always had fun wherever she went. Friday night will be an event with friends, family and music she would have loved attending. Molly Culver Morrison Parker's Celebration of Life Party When: Friday, December 27th 6pm Where: The Manor House Pub (located in Merry Acres Inn)...
  22. Abby Prentiss

    Women's March Panama City Beach Sunday Jan 20 10:00 a.m.

    Where is it? ............................................................. Stand up and march on January 20th, 2019 at Panama City FL. Although registration is not required to attend the march, were asking for marchers to register so we can have an accurate count to plan for proper...
  23. Abby Prentiss

    Edward’s Fine Food & Wine begins renovation in January

    Very cool! They did a great job redoing La Crema.
  24. Abby Prentiss

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

    Merry Christmas there is no better place to be than the beach for the holidays. Happy New Year!
  25. Abby Prentiss

    Forbes: Beach Community Is Florida's Best-Kept Secret

    Shhh! This Picture-Perfect Beach Community Is Florida's Best-Kept Secret
  26. Abby Prentiss

    Comprehensive list of what's open in SoWal on Thanksgiving

    Lots of info on this forum just read the threads ... November 22- Thanksgiving Buffet at The Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach Join the staff of The Pearl Hotel for a Thanksgiving buffet in their Pearl Ballroom. Ideal for larger families or parties, this event is by reservation only. The cost is...
  27. Abby Prentiss

    Misc Home resales in SOWAL

    It's on the home page - Walton County Florida Real Estate Report for September 2018
  28. Abby Prentiss

    Quit claim of beach front land

    People on this forum know who she is. She's been on here at least ten years.
  29. Abby Prentiss

    Beach Re-Nourishment?

    Thank you SoWal for bringing this to our attention! :doh:
  30. Abby Prentiss

    Rosemary Beach Christmas Week

    You will be in Christmas heaven - plenty to do in Rosemary and within walking distance. There will be places to eat on Christmas day or pre-order feasts to eat at home. Most of the "lighting" events are during Thanksgiving and so forth so you'll probably miss santa, carolers, parades, etc. but...
  31. Abby Prentiss

    Need Builder

    Ralph Gage Contracting... Old school hard work and honesty. Very nice guy also.
  32. Abby Prentiss

    Barbara Hulse Brooke, running for Walton County Commission District 4

    Democrats and Independents must register as Republican by July 30 to have a vote - don't let cheaters win! Deadline July 30 for Dems and Indies to be registerd as Republican to make a difference! Florida Online Voter Registration Website -Online Voter Registration
  33. Abby Prentiss

    Ending Customary Use Means Tons of Garbage on Beaches

    I read where Walton County Tourist Development Council (TDC) collects 22,000 bags of garbage each year from the beach. Recently, beachfront owners, resorts, and condo associations are demandig that TDC trucks are not allowed to drive across "their" property. This is insanity. The TDC says they...
  34. Abby Prentiss

    Customary Use in Walton County & Florida - Questions

    I haven't really been following the issue and I'm confused. Are beachfront property owners trying to argue that no one ever used the beach in front of their house before they bought it? Isn't that the only way to negate the concept of customary use? Do they say that no one ever sat on their...
  35. Abby Prentiss

    C. Jones "Donald Trump of the Emerald Coast"

    Make a difference in Walton County - alert your friends and neighbors. Make a commitment to get at least one person in your life to vote! Register Online at Deadline July 30 for Dems and Indies to be registerd as Republican to make a difference!
  36. Abby Prentiss

    Deadline July 30 for Dems and Indies to be registerd as Republican to make a difference!

    Make a difference in Walton County - alert your friends and neighbors. Make a commitment to get at least one person in your life to vote! Register Online at
  37. Abby Prentiss

    Campaign Sign Laws

    So true - and democrats and independents have to be told that - and have to make sure they register, or change affiliation before July 30th as republicans in order to be able to vote for the other guys - Fletcher and Glidewell. Make a difference in Walton County - alert your friends and...
  38. Abby Prentiss

    Post 30A Depression!
  39. Abby Prentiss

    Valentine's Day Activities in South Walton Florida

    Whole family fun: · Valentine Mommy & Me – Feb. 9 o Bring your little ones to Culver’s for a fun, free event featuring Valentine themed crafts, singing, dancing, story time and a free scoop of Culver’s custard! For more information visit · Daddy...
  40. Abby Prentiss

    Topsail West PUD north of 98 from Scenic 30A to West Hewitt Rd.

    Plans are to construct more than 1 million square feet of retail and residential units on the site. Walmart consisted of 80,000 square feet of the development. Motorists traveling U.S. Highway 98 and especially those exiting County Highway 30A’s west end have noticed land being cleared at the...
  41. Abby Prentiss

    SoWal's Scenic Highways

    30a, 395, 283, and 83 are already designated Scenic Highways. I am talking about a local name change or name addition.
  42. Abby Prentiss

    SoWal's Scenic Highways

    I applaud the efforts of our community to elevate status and protection of our natural resources and beauty. A few years ago the feeder roads were also designated as Scenic Highways - I believe county roads 83, 283, and 395 (not sure about 393). I'm not sure what kind of enhancements or...
  43. Abby Prentiss

    Sara Comander not seeking re-election

    Is she district 2 where @Danny Glidewell is running?
  44. Abby Prentiss

    Happy New Year 2018

    Happy new year! I hope you are having a great time.
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