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  1. K

    For Rent 2BR/2BA Condo in Village of Blue Mountain Beach

    don't suppose this is still available? Karol
  2. K

    For Rent Brickyard Bungalow $1150 per month

    is this still available? Would like to see it. I am a local semi retired woman. Work at Dune Allen and my owner is selling my condo. My phone 678-480-3448. Looking for long term rental.
  3. K

    Wanted 2br/2ba home or condo in Santa Rosa Beach area

    long term rental 2 bdrm 2 bath home or condo in Santa Rosa Beach area. Currently living in Seagrove. Owner selling condo. Don't need furniture. This is for 2 adults no pets. Must have access to pool. Reasonable Please test 678.480.3448
  4. K

    Job Available management assistant office & retail

    I am interested in speaking with you regarding this position. I have many years of experience in office and retail. I am very dependable and can work with no supervision. Also a team player. I am looking for part time but understand the need for additional hours. I am doing that now. I...
  5. K

    bones hospitality renovation llc

    Quality Maintenance and Renovations. License and Insured.. 15 Years Experience References and Photos Available Call Christopher 678.878.8544
  6. K

    Job Wanted FUN Summer nanny or babysitter!

    Have a 4 years old granddaughter that needs day care occasionally. Is this something you would be interested in? Please contact me via my email so we can talk.
  7. K


    BONES HOSPITALITY RENOVATIONS LLC: Experienced Realiable Renovation Company located in Santa Rosa Beach. References Available Chris 678-878-8544
  8. K

    Job Wanted permanent part time

    Night Auditor: Weekends (3 nights a week). Experienced in all phases of accounting and customer service. Mature, Reliable and Trustworthy. Able to work without supervision. Currently live in Seagrove. Resume available. 678-480-3448 or
  9. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    very interested 678-480-3448
  10. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    Have seen this ad several times I/m very interested. Please call, text or email or 678.480.3448 2 adults no pets - looking for long term Pictures???
  11. K

    Wanted 2Br+

    Still looking for 2/2 long term rental. Currently live in seagrove need a larger place. I have no pets. Good renter. Doesn't need to be furnished. Would like a nice affordable place with pool. 678.480.3448
  12. K

    For Rent $1200 / 2br - 800ft2 - Short Walk to Beach, 30A, and Seaside (Pet Friendly)

    Just saw this is it still available? If so please call me or text. Would love to see. Good renter rent paid promptly on the 1st. Thx karol 678.480.3448
  13. K

    Wanted 2Br+

  14. K

    Job Available Reservations & Guest Services

    I have plenty of customer service skills and also office skills and very experienced however I only want to work part-time if interested please call me 678 480 3448. My name is Carol I live in Seagrove
  15. K

    bones hospitality renovation llc

    LOCAL CONTRACTOR. RELIABLE, LICENSED AND INSURED. 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE Call Chris (owner) 678-878-8544 for quote. email: check out website boneshospitalityrenovation llc References available.
  16. K

    For Rent 1br In Santa Rosa Beach Off 393

    Sounds like something my son would like. Wouldn't be till after January. He would be a long term renter. He has a jet ski and 2 cars. No pets. He smokes but not inside. How do you feel about this? My email any pictures
  17. K

    Job Wanted permanent part time

    Seeking a permanent part time position using my Accounts Payable, Receivable, Cash Application, Payroll and other office skills Also experienced with month and year end close.. Currently working retail Want to get back in the office. I am experienced. Also detailed, dependable, trustworthy...
  18. K

    For Sale beige sofa

    Beige 1 year old. Has 4 throw pillows. Located in Seagrove. $400.00. 678-480-3448
  19. K

    For Rent Brickyard Bungalow $1150 per month

    I am interested. Been renting a condo in Seagrove for 3 years now. Me and my son. Need more pics and info. Work in Dune Allen area. Rent paid promptly on the 1st of every month. My email is
  20. K

    For Sale beige sofa

    Sofa for sale with throw pillows. Goes with everything. Like new less than a 1year old. $400.00. Please test me 678.480.3448. Thanks
  21. K

    For Sale Sofa

    Sofa with throw pillows Less than 1 year old. In Seagrove Beach. Beige. Very nice. Asking $400. Text 678-480-3448. For Photo test me and I will send it. Can't get it to load.
  22. K

    Wanted 2br, 2ba

    Looking for reasonable 2 bd rm 2 bath long term rental around 30A. This is for very long term rental. Currently living in Seagrove. Have been here over 2 years need a larger place. Have been looking myself but am always to late. Please call 678.480.3448 or text. No pets. Rent paid promptly on...
  23. K

    For Sale Sofa And Ottoman

    For sale Sofa and ottoman. Too big for my room. Less than a year old. $700 please text 678 480 3448. Seagrove Beach. Text I will send pictures great condition
  24. K

    Job Wanted Part Time Bookkeeping/office

    Semi retired woman with 20+years of bookkeeping experience. I can run your office. Need no supervision. Reliable, honest, detailed. Living in Seagrove. 678.480.3448.
  25. K

    Job Wanted Wanted Office Job - 3 Days A Week

    Looking for part time (about 3 days a week) using my office/bookkeeping skills. Can work unsupervised. Can run office. Currently working retail and would love to get back into office. Very dependable. Please text or call me at 678.480.3448
  26. K

    Job Available Full Time, Part Time & Seasonal Retail Sales Associates | Bombora Sun & Surf

    Currently employed with Tom Thumb. Looking for change. May I ask about pay scale? email:
  27. K

    Job Available Vacation rental inspector positions open!

    would like more details. I am familiar with some of the inspection process. I am currently employed with Tom Thumb. Looking to change. I am a dependable, mature semi retired woman. Want to work part time. Is this only seasonal? Please call Karol at 678.480.3448. I have a resume
  28. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    I have tried to get info on this rental several times. It keeps coming up on sowal. Never have had a response. I am interested. Whats the deal? karol 678.480.3448.
  29. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    still very interested. Is this still available? 678-480-3448 or
  30. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    ok, I am very interested in looking at this place. If it ever becomes availabel please let me know. I am a local looking for long term rental for 2 people no pets. excellent references. Karol 678-480-3448
  31. K

    For Rent Great cottage just off of the Bay on J D Miller Rd

    do you have to pics? Please text 678-480-3448
  32. K

    For Rent 2-bedroom Condo, Pet friendly, West End of 30A

    I'm sure this has been rented?????please text karol 678-480-3448
  33. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    is this still available? I am very interested. please reply to asap.
  34. K

    For Rent $1200 / 2br - 800ft2 - Short Walk to Beach, 30A, and Seaside (Pet Friendly)

    looks nice is there access to a pool? I am looking for a very long term rental.
  35. K

    Wanted Condo, Townhouse or Cottage

    Currently looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom long term rental on 30A or close to. I am semi retired and currently live at Beachside Villas in Seagrove. I love it but I need more room. Please email me at My rent is paid promptly on the 1st. My current rent includes some utilities...
  36. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    Have you rented? I would love to see. Currently living in Seagrove and I need more room. Don't care if it is furnished or not.I am semi retired and looking for very long term rental.Plese call me at 678.480.3448. If I don't answer leave msg I will call you back, thx
  37. K

    For Rent Two BR/Two Bath Condo

    Any utilities included? I would love to see it. Please email me
  38. K

    For Rent Steps from the beach, perfect for one person - 1 Bed/2 Bath Miramar Beach

    I'm sure this has already been taken however I am looking for something like that maybe a little less expensive or including utilities please email me I am a semi-retired woman and looking for a long long term rental
  39. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    Interested in speaking with you about this rental. Is it still available please call me at your earliest convenience 678-480-3448
  40. K

    Wanted On 30A or close to it

    Sorry can't pay that much
  41. K

    Wanted On 30A or close to it

    Thanks but that is way out of my budget
  42. K

    Wanted On 30A or close to it

    Sorry I couldn't be more help you should be able to Google Beachside Villas for the phone number
  43. K

    Wanted On 30A or close to it

    I am renting from a private owner I do not know what is available at Beachside Villas you would have to contact them. My unit is very small 2 bedroom 2 bath very small living area. Also I forgot to include my email address on my original ad don't see where I can include it now so I will put it...
  44. K

    Wanted On 30A or close to it

    Semi retired woman seeking long long-term rental on 30A or close to. Would like to have a 2 or 3 bedroom 2 bath. Currently living at Beachside Villas I need more room some utilities are included in my rent here I work part-time no pets
  45. K

    For Rent Carriage house near 30A - Point Washington

    Is this still available I would love to look at it currently living at Beachside Villas looking for a place larger semi retired woman works part-time been here for 2 years looking for a long long term rental please email me
  46. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    Sorry I thought this was a current ad
  47. K

    For Rent 3 bdrm blue mountain cottage

    Semi retired woman very very interested would love to see pictures or even make an appointment currently living at Beachside Villas been here for over 1 year need a larger place please email me ASAP pay rent promptly every month
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