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  1. Seagrove Lover

    Job Available Need a cleaner!

    Small Vacation rental company needs a house/condo cleaner. Weekly Sundays and potentially other times but not on Saturdays. Needed immediately. We pay promptly and have inspectors. Please have information included and references available. Myer Properties. contact us at or...
  2. Seagrove Lover

    Job Available House and Condo Inspector Saturdays $150 for 5 hours work

    No cleaning work required. Inspect homes and condos in the Destin and Blue Mountain Beach area. We are looking for a responsible person who needs additional income working on saturday's and occasionally Sundays in the early afternoon. Our cleaning crews begin and 10 and need to be finished...
  3. Seagrove Lover

    For Rent Beach Front Sugar Dunes Seagrove 3 Bedroom

    Special Pricing for one week only JUNE 4 to JUNE 11. Beautiful penthouse condo available for one week only for excellent price. $2,950 all in price. This is a true beachfront condominium. Located right over the dunes that offers fabulous unobstructed, panoramic views of the Gulf from the...
  4. Seagrove Lover

    Job Available Property inspectors/reviewers needed

    JOB DESCRIPTION Review all 30A and Destin properties at each turn. Be available between turns to run errands. 2 or 3 openings available. Will consider a team. REQUIREMENTS: Honest and dependable Excellent verbal, text and email communication skills Customer Service Oriented Ability to...
  5. Seagrove Lover

    Post your Facebook Business/Organization page here

    Property Management Company - Myer Properties, LLC Vacation Rental Property Management Company called Myer Properties. We have been in business for over 15 years but have not posted our facebook page.
  6. Seagrove Lover

    Cleaning Company or cleaning individuals needed for 3 to 5 Gulf Front Condos on 30a

    We have decided to make a change and need a dependable cleaning company to clean our vacation rental condos each week. It requires Saturday turnovers, but we pay top rates for good dependable service. Willing to break them up if you can only do one or two of the rental properties. Must have...
  7. Seagrove Lover

    Job Available Cleaning Inspector needed for summer 2013 - Saturday part-time work

    My wife and I own and run a small property management company on 30a. We are looking to hire an inspector/errand runner for our business. The inspections will be for saturday primarily and will take 4-6 hours. We plan to pay $150-$200 (per saturday) for the inspections. We have several...
  8. Seagrove Lover

    78,000 sf Walmart coming to SoWal [opening June15]

    I agree woth Geo. We are talking about 98 right....not 30a. I remember just recently (last 5 years) when I had to drive 7 miles to grocery store in PC instead of near 30a at Watercolors. I love that we are going to have better convenience for stuff, that we all need. Or would you all...
  9. Seagrove Lover

    Christmas in SoWal

    If you like NO then Fire is the place for you. "Fire" - :D A great eatery, with truly up-scale cuisines.
  10. Seagrove Lover

    Subway relocating to Seagrove Plaza

    Good food ...good prices I am happy they are coming to Seagrove.......too far for me to go to BMB but here it will be great for lunch. Good change for me..not for some.
  11. Seagrove Lover

    Cafe Bouchee (@ the old Yanni's in Sea Grove)

    Do we know where the owners went? I miss Cafe Bouchee, does anyone know if hey left town to open somewhere else? I need their eggs benedict or a new place.:bang:
  12. Seagrove Lover

    Spring break rentals vs snowbirds

    As a regular and seasoned landlord for vacation rental, you want the best of both. We cut off snowbirds around March 15th because Birmingham and Nashville spring break is in March most of the time. Atlanta is almost always in April. You do not rent to teenagers or college kids, you rent to...
  13. Seagrove Lover

    Cafe Bouchee (@ the old Yanni's in Sea Grove)

    Cafe Bouchee Closed I went to Cafe Bouchee on Saturday looking forward to my Eggs Benedict? But they are gone. I know our market is tough, but I loved their food. Where has John and Kerrie gone? I would like to follow them. I will miss my breakfast place:confused:!
  14. Seagrove Lover

    Cafe Bouchee

    Eggs benedict - the best I've tasted Hey dinner is great but for breakfast and lunch the Eggs Benedict are to die for.....I can't wait till Saturday morning when I will be their and having (what) you bet!:clap:
  15. Seagrove Lover

    What would you do

    Wait a minute, isn't their laws about renting. The business you are in as a landlord has a lot of risks, as I have found from personal experience. You cannot necessarily pick good renters. Know the laws of discrimination. Cost of doing business is IMHO careful credit history review and...
  16. Seagrove Lover

    Cafe Bouchee open for dinner

    Will be there this weekend! Reba and I will plan to come this weekend. I bet it will be good, if breakfast is an indication! :D
  17. Seagrove Lover

    Cafe Bouchee Menu Online

    Love the new on-line menu, food will bring you back! I have eaten breakfast here 3 times while I was down 2 weeks ago. I just love the eggs benedict with fresh sauce. It is the best!:D The web site is great and the menu will be handy for folks to know what you have. Go try this place...
  18. Seagrove Lover

    family of 5 with 3 kids would like to escape WI - April 5-11

    Atlanta Spring Break The week you request is Atlanta's spring break so all of our properties that would fit you are rented. Just thought I would tell you about the spring break becasue Atlanta is large market that comes heavily to this area. Good luck in finding a stay. It is nice down here...
  19. Seagrove Lover

    Job Available Cleaning Person - Individual/Couple wanted for 30a vacation Rental - Saturdays

    We are looking for an individual and a couple or 2-person team who would like to clean almost every saturday during the spring and summer. We want non-smoking individuals who live in the area. We have found that our properties are best cleaned when the cleaning person is the same each week and...
  20. Seagrove Lover

    Baby/kid pull behind for Bike

    I have a new grandchild and I sold my kid carrier for my bike. You've seen them usually yellow and red with big flag stick. Anyone got one to sell. I'll sell back if you have grandkids. Every little bit helps. :D
  21. Seagrove Lover

    Updates about Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (NWFBIA)

    Knew you were out there Shelly! Just want to acknowledge you have predicted a lot of the mess, maybe even doing a service by warning the newbies. I can make the payments on my properties, so I guess I am still "right side up." Glass half full! Just know I think 30a and property along it...
  22. Seagrove Lover

    Next absolute auction

    Thanks I would appreciate it!
  23. Seagrove Lover

    Next absolute auction

    When is the next absolute auction for properties on 30A?
  24. Seagrove Lover

    Updates about Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (NWFBIA)

    Thanks people for the updates. So much bad news, I tend to look long and see the glass half-full. Respects to Shelley as leader of the half empty outlook. :wave:
  25. Seagrove Lover

    Next best site (after VRBO)? Opinions wanted...

    Also I also use both Home away and VRBO. VRBO owns Homeaway or vice versa however you want to look at it. Easy to set up rentals transfering to one another. I guess they don't merge for percieved competition and they make more money?:blink: Watercolors uses...
  26. Seagrove Lover

    Updates about Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (NWFBIA)

    Thanks - Still hoping this will help in longrun I like good news that things are going well with NW Florida! Hopefully gaining value and growing in the Long run. The airport and new road from the airport is news we need to focus on for long-term value to our beloved 30a area and property...
  27. Seagrove Lover

    Cleaning inspector for weekly vacation rentals

    Looking for a responsible individual to be available on Saturday afternoons to inspect the cleaning jobs on our vacation properties. Would like someone that lives on or close to 30a to be available to also meet maintenance/delivery persons some evenings and weekends. Serious inquiries only...
  28. Seagrove Lover

    Maybe the sky is not falling after all?

    Hats off to dune! I knew Shelly couldn't resist with talking down to you about doom and gloom. You are of course right, given time the economy of real estate returns to those that were not flippers or doom sayers. If you like the place stay invested, it will come back and banks will...
  29. Seagrove Lover

    What's Up at Prominence?

    For a developer that was so concerned with "GREEN" he sure cut down a lot of trees, huh! This was only one of several things you will find on the web site. "Geothermal heating and air conditioning is required in all homes and commercial businesses within Prominence. Hydro-Temp Earth Coupled...
  30. Seagrove Lover

    Large Beachfront Tract up for Auction

    Good old Shelly. Always looking for the Black Cloud to any situation. :floor:
  31. Seagrove Lover

    Flip Flops Breakfast & Hours

    :bang:I tried to have a burger on Sunday but someone told me they are closed on Sunday's! :(:cry: Were they Right?:lie:
  32. Seagrove Lover

    flip flops - hog heaven!

    Where is this place?:blink: Would like the basic menu.
  33. Seagrove Lover

    Living in SoWal/Realtor?

    Now this is refreshing....everyone talking about the great qualities of SoWal. No fighting and actually new information. Thank you Beach Girl for starting a good thread. Even Shelly is positive. Is he/she sick?:lol: I miss not being down there during these quite times.................:roll:
  34. Seagrove Lover

    Feel sorry for these people?

    I think we are encouraging defaults and irresponsibility when people are able to spend money they don't have and not made to repay it. I agree with CAP, that this family will not probably pay even the lower amount as they have no control on spending. These folks are not credit worthy and...
  35. Seagrove Lover

    Foreclosure Filings Nearly Double

    Bobby J is a least real and knows most things turn around or have silver linings. The Bubble was real, but was not the end of the world for most. Just as the bubble developed, before 2004 things were relatively normal for growth. I expect after the crisis which was only for a few folks, the...
  36. Seagrove Lover

    Did the Proposed Angelos development pass?

    As an owner at Sugar Dunes, we have ben given the drawings. It looks pretty good farther away from the beach and with access on the western side by one walk over. It looks like they leave a lot of the dunes in place. I am not opposed based on this drawing.
  37. Seagrove Lover

    Are we headed for an epic bear market?

    I believe Das is on to something. Things spiral down just like they spiral up. Hang on to your umbrellas if he is right.:roll:
  38. Seagrove Lover

    Is JOE worth buying ???

    Shelly , got caught with that one too on my last post. Well Shelly are you a man or women? I mean no harm. Just don't want to address you improperly. I disagree with you most of the time but enjoy your comment and total respect your right to your opinion. Wether man or woman? Yes I am a...
  39. Seagrove Lover


    Shelly, Can you quantify your avitar. Imminent! I don't think I need to in my comments. It is general statement that I am sure yours is too.:funn:
  40. Seagrove Lover

    "Fire" -- a new restaurant

    Went for dinner right after they opened. Owner spoke to everyone. Nice lady. The dishes were all excellent. I had snapper and the flavors were out of this world. Dips a fantastics as appetisers. Highly recommend. :D
  41. Seagrove Lover


    I believe Shelly is very smart alot of the time, but.....she is not really seing this place for what it will become very shortly. I believe prices will grow exponentially as the area is on course to be an oasis on the beach in the high rise jungle on the beach (which will still be nice and...
  42. Seagrove Lover


    Doom and gloom Shelly: Show her some good news and she says its a fairytale. If you ask me she is living in her own depressed world. Shelly: we shall see, we shall see. Love the area and others will love it too. Seagrove Lover:D
  43. Seagrove Lover

    Level Dunes...insert more condos

    Yes shelly I suspect we will look at most things on opposing sides. Is that ok?:blink:
  44. Seagrove Lover

    Level Dunes...insert more condos

    Good Discusson: Lets me disclose I own a unit at Sugar Dunes. The ones next to the development. So I am affected. The land was always going to be developed. I knew that when I purchased. The property would be lovely not to have anything developed, however lets understand why "this...
  45. Seagrove Lover

    Level Dunes...insert more condos

    Dear Shelly, Where do you live? In one of those house or condo's that does not belong on the beacheach. Or are you are just a citizen from afara that just love an unspoiled beach. I suggest at one time your house or condo was not there also and you destoroyed someone's paradise. Give it a...
  46. Seagrove Lover

    Crab Cakes

    Thank you all. I will try them all. :lolabove: I am from PA and I so miss the Maryland Crabs and cakes. Never too much OLD BAY! Thank you, :clap_1: :clap_1: :clap_1:
  47. Seagrove Lover

    Seadoo manual roll-cart for SALE!

    Think I got it sold thanks to this blog. It works.:clap_1:
  48. Seagrove Lover

    The dollar slide making U.S. real estate a bargain to foreign investors.

    Shelly I am surprised you are still with us as I am sure you thought the end would be in 2000 with the flip over of a year. Guess doom is next year or right around the corner as you seem to think. Yes I believe this current market is a correction from something that went up too high, too...
  49. Seagrove Lover

    Should 30-A rental rates increase?

    As a rental property owner I agree with some of Shelly's observations about internet price comparisons and competion for the renters: however, I do agree that rentals will be too hard in South Walton. The area's reputation continues to grow and those of us from Birmingham(me), Atlanta...
  50. Seagrove Lover

    Seadoo manual roll-cart for SALE!

    I have sold my Seadoos last year but have a very good 4 tire manual (hand pull) roll-cart to transport seadoos over the sand or gravel. Of course you can't use this to launch a Seadoos in South Walton but you can at some other Fla. beaches. I am hoping someone on this message board will...
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