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  1. Jim Tucker

    South Walton Beach Service - Rental Chairs/Umbrellas by SWBSA

    Thanks for the info. What I don't get is there are a lot of large beach vendors who used to be part of this are missing from this list - do they not get to rent at public accesses? Are they too busy with private rentals to bother with the public accesses?
  2. Jim Tucker

    New photos: beach restoration progress

    welcome back 14 years you been gone? This county has issues and beach erosion is one of them. The BCC is resurrecting the issue now.
  3. Jim Tucker

    Curfew in Seaside/ Watercolor?

    Gettin out of control back at the rental house.
  4. Jim Tucker

    5G in SoWal

    I assume it's not widespread yet. Anyone know when AT&T powers up all their new towers? Might be time to switch? What about Verizon 5G? I'm on Google Fi now but don't have a 5G phone yet - anyone on Fi get 5G? How is it?
  5. Jim Tucker

    Wanted Home near 30A , ready to buy

    Naturewalk at Watersound Origins is on east end - adding a town center, publix, etc and has trails, lake access, golf, etc.
  6. Jim Tucker

    Over Development Alert: Forman LSA (Large Scale Amendment)

    Most of the property was approved for purchase by the Walton County BCC for wetland protection, trails, and roads.
  7. Jim Tucker

    Pedestrian Tunnel Construction at East Scenic 30A & 98 Inlet Beach

    This project includes constructing an 8-feet tall, 12-feet wide, and 136-feet long underpass beneath U.S. 98 with safe-way lighting. Other improvements include: • Installing lighted access points at the northeast and southeast corners of the U.S. 98/C.R. 30A intersections. Construction will...
  8. Jim Tucker

    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    Does this mean local pharmacies like Publix can vaccinate this group?
  9. Jim Tucker

    Wanted Leads on any homes coming to market

    Have you looked at some of the new home subdivisions that are actively building like WaterSound Origins? Or are they sold out also? Thought about buying a lot and building?
  10. Jim Tucker

    Misc South Walton Minimum Wages

    I see a lot of job postings offering $10/hour. I think from what I've seen over the years South Walton employers pay a little more becasue they have to when labor pool is short. Rent is higher but the cost of living is very high here and tourist pricing for lodging and food and goods is crazy...
  11. Jim Tucker

    Misc Custom builder

    Pay no attention to the name above it is a joke. Builders are extremely busy in South Walton. Some will not call you back, much less have time to meet and quote your project. Beware the ones who are not busy. Check with the state of FLA to make sure they are licensed and insured. Check...
  12. Jim Tucker

    Misc Rental projections for NatureWalk

    I would not want to buy a home in a sub that allows short term rentals. Unless I wanted to rent one day. Anything near the beach without secure deed restrictions and covenant restrictions will all become short term rentals. Restrictions not recorded with deed or subdivision will probably change.
  13. Jim Tucker

    Walton County Schools Closed Tuesday Due to Weather

    Am I the only one wondering why school is closing for barely freezing temps?
  14. Jim Tucker

    Beachfront Owners Lose Customary Use Dismissal Request

    By DOTTY NIST Arguments by Walton County property owners alleging that customary use is unconstitutional have been denied in a Jan. 27 court order, with the […] Court rules against property owners’ argument that customary use is unconstitutional [PREMIUM] – The Defuniak Herald & Beach Breeze...
  15. Jim Tucker

    New photos: beach restoration progress

    Interesting thread from back in the day when people welcomed beach nourishment - by the way the majority of people have always known it was necessary but it was blocked by beachfront owners who are worried that their "private" beaches would be stolen from them.
  16. Jim Tucker

    Beach Vendor Issue Public Hearing 2/16/21

    We are all now about to be in the chair rental business. Walton County - Meeting Information Request to consider an ordinance amending Walton Code of Ordinances Chapter 22, the “Walton County Waterways and Beach Activities Ordinance” Request approval of the Vendor Permit Applications...
  17. Jim Tucker

    Perfect in South Walton 2021 Winners

    Last year they only let people vote once and the results were real.
  18. Jim Tucker

    Walton County Florida Real Estate Report for November 2020

    Buyers are getting desperate and realtors even more so.
  19. Jim Tucker

    For Sale Huckabee’s House...

    Status: Pending 756 Blue Mountain Road Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 $9,495,000 Price 6 Bedrooms 7 Full Baths 2 Partial Baths 8,277 SqFt
  20. Jim Tucker

    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    This forum has been shown again and again to to be the tail that wags the dog.
  21. Jim Tucker

    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    I would expect commercial pharmacies to take over the bulk of vaccinations. As for any government action we will need to wait until we have competent, pro-science people back in charge.
  22. Jim Tucker

    Round Structure being built across from WaterSound Origins on 98

    The entire eastern end of SoWal and Bay County will be one "city" soon with the addition of the parkway over the canal to the airport and hundreds of thousands of new housing units and all the commercial development that comes with it. Much the same will happen in SoWal on the north side of the...
  23. Jim Tucker

    Misc 256 apartments and 33,500sf commercial on 98 and 393

    A proposed mixed-use development comprising 256 apartments and 33,500 square feet of commercial space on U.S. Highway 98 has been forwarded to Walton County's Design Review Board for consideration. The development proposal, from a company called 30A Lofts LLC, calls for a grocery store to...
  24. Jim Tucker

    SoWal Vision / Strategic Plan?

    4/5ths as it is.
  25. Jim Tucker

    Walton County Regulation of Development Along U.S. 331

    We have a limited window of opportunity to shape our future from the beach to our quaint northern city. Development will explode along the corridor and it we don't want it to be like every other commercial area in America with parking lot after parking lot now is the time to act. Very sensible...
  26. Jim Tucker

    DR Horton project on 36 acres on Draper Lake

    Community Coalition Helps Send DR Horton Project Back to the Drawing Board A coalition of neighbors, businesses, and environmentalists today announced that their work to stop a proposed development by mega-developer DR Horton to pack up to 1,000 people in 138 units on a small...
  27. Jim Tucker

    Dune Allen? Someone building a fence?

    Fences, signs, chains! Oh my! I hope they put in a gate. :lol:
  28. Jim Tucker

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    America is clutterd.
  29. Jim Tucker

    Misc Any Draper Lake or Watercolor Year Rounders?

    See this thread and join in! - DR Horton project on 36 acres on Draper Lake
  30. Jim Tucker

    Misc The Lodge 30A - A Boutique Hotel in Seagrove by St. Joe

    This one will fly right through. Almost every day a new project starts in SoWal (beach to I10) with dozens to hundreds of units - single family homes, townhouses, apartments, and yes more than a few hotels. A 76-room hotel was just approved by the TRC to move to planning commission. In the near...
  31. Jim Tucker

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    Responsible would be single family homes or a small Inn with maybe 20 rooms.
  32. Jim Tucker

    Apalachicola Bay to be Closed for Wild Oysters through 2025

    Apalachicola bay is dying because the river is choked by users in Georgia.
  33. Jim Tucker

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    America’s COVID warning system Walton County, FL Walton County is either actively experiencing an outbreak or is at extreme risk. COVID cases are exponentially growing and/or Walton County’s COVID preparedness is dangerously below international standards. We have made improvements to how we...
  34. Jim Tucker

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Experience Walton County Total Positive: 654 New cases since yesterday: 40 Total Deaths: 10 New deaths since yesterday: 0 Healthcare for cases: - Admitted to ER: 74 (12%) - Admitted to Hospital (in-patient): 40 (7%) - Died: 10 (1.60%) Deaths in long-term care facilities: 9...
  35. Jim Tucker

    Underwater Museum Dive Tips

    The reef in inlet is kind of far without a kayak or boat. Same for Grayton. The one in Miramar is closer to shore. Mark Thompson - Fishy Booty Charters | Private Fishing Charters 30A Don't know these guys but maybe someone else here does - Scuba Diving | Destin | 30A | Panama City |...
  36. Jim Tucker

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    Good point. Details matter in leadership and governing. Another question: since golf carts / LSVs were approved by this BCC because family members are in the business, who will get this and future contracts for the county run/approved shuttle business?
  37. Jim Tucker

    Help Me Find

    I would love to see the revenue from tourism benefit and lift up DeFuniak Springs. Very few small southern towns have the advantage. I suppose the first step would be for city and county leadership to clean house and get competent, professional people in place and then focus on bringing in real...
  38. Jim Tucker

    Tanney Design: Custom Residential Design & Renovation Design

    Welcome and congrats on your first post. It only took you 6 years. :lol: :welcome: :sowal:
  39. Jim Tucker

    Help Me Find

    A good start. I just hope that when the town of SoWal Beach is made that we put protection of our environment first and foremost.
  40. Jim Tucker

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    We have space for it but weather is a problem now.
  41. Jim Tucker

    Plans Announced for Historic Santa Rosa Landing

    Board of County Commissioners Meeting Agenda Date: Tuesday, May 26,2020 Time: 9:00 AM Location: Defuniak Springs 25. ASF-029-Pdf Gary Shipman - Historic Santa Rosa Beach Landing Consider receiving donation of real property for use as a public park, subject to conditions stated in Contract 9...
  42. Jim Tucker

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    May 22 As of today's Florida Department of Health – Walton County update, Walton County has 3 additional positive cases. This brings Walton County's to a total of 1,418 total tests conducted resulting in 100 positives and 1,314 negatives. As of today's update, 54 cases are either residents or...
  43. Jim Tucker

    Traveling to the Florida Panhandle? Tips & Advice

    Sorry but a pic of traffic doesn't make me afraid or angry.
  44. Jim Tucker

    Congrats to Walton Grads 2020!

    Congrats seniors!
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