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  1. jodiFL

    Weather for Today, April 10, 2021?

    oh yea.....about to get real nasty..
  2. jodiFL

    Beachfront Owners Suing to remove County Public Beach Access

    Pretty sure it was a woman from those condos that got all offended when I pointed out that she was posting a picture (complaining about people leveling a dune "next door" to her) from a place where they literally did the same thing to build HER place.
  3. jodiFL

    Another Big Reason to Hate Golf Carts in SoWal

    Florida laws are very specific on the issue. They have very strict definitions of what is a golf cart and what is a LSV and where they can be operated. I think it comes down to holding the owners of the things financially responsible and making the fines high enough to get their attention. I met...
  4. jodiFL

    Florida State Parks Offer Free Admission for EVERYONE on Veteran's Day Nov 11

    Starting today they get it for life.....Trump Administration Grants Gold Star Families and Military Veterans Free Entrance to National Parks, Refuges and Other Public Lands Starting Veterans Day
  5. jodiFL

    Hurricane Sally

    Well you know what they say about the foolish man building his house on the sand. I hope/think they should let you build there but once Mother Nature takes it out to sea its just gone and they move the construction line even further back. They straight up tell you that the taxpayers are not...
  6. jodiFL

    World Wide Interweb?

    Not sure about on 30A but over here in Pt.Washington it has been sllloooowwww since about that time.
  7. jodiFL

    Primary Election Tuesday August 18, 2020

    You can also drop your completed ballot (in the envelope provided) at the annex in SOWAL. Sup.of Elections office (first door on left unless they moved it recently). They will initial where the envelope is sealed and give you a sticker too!
  8. jodiFL

    Feral cats and kittens

    You can call the sheriffs dept. They are in charge of animal control and have alot of kittens on the website right now.
  9. jodiFL

    Lost Missing Cats- Clareon Drive $300 Reward

    Sorry to hear this. But the WCSO site has photos and locations of all the ones they have picked up.
  10. jodiFL

    Where's the Beach?

    Rising sea levels associated with climate change? If so,this could be just the beginning of what our beaches will look like.
  11. jodiFL

    Wanted Looking for Owner Financed lot in Santa Rosa Beach

    I always was told they were "canals" not ditches. Most of the ones originally dug do run to the bay. But they do need to stop developments from using them for storm drainage. From what I can tell they have been making new developments build retention ponds that can be managed by SWMC using...
  12. jodiFL

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    I wonder who is responsible for and how much the liability insurance is to run a service like this. County has mandated it but La Dolce is the one running the service. Is the county getting a discount for all the free advertising La Dolce is getting? What type of business license does La Dolce...
  13. jodiFL

    Publix to require customers to wear face coverings for all stores

    I am really glad to see the people (retailers) that can mandate this are doing so. It gets dicey when government tries it but businesses have every right to say what happens on their property. Kudos to those doing it.
  14. jodiFL

    Golf Cart on US 98

    I saw 2 young girls on a LSV in the "fast" lane of 98 near the entrance to Sandestin last week ....I hope they made it back home.
  15. jodiFL

    The "I hate golf carts" thread

    Florida laws are very specific about golf carts/LSVs. Enforcement is the problem. I personally think the speed limit on 30A was lowered to accommodate them.
  16. jodiFL

    The "I hate golf carts" thread

    There is no way it would work here. Not enough real estate. Some developers/land owners could find some way to put a couple of houses on the amount of land used for the "cart roads". The bike path here abuts right up next to private property lines along 30A.
  17. jodiFL

    BCC Candidate Survey Responses Primary Election

    The ones that did not speaks volumes.
  18. jodiFL

    Wanted North of the 98

    Keep in mind that traffic on 98 is extremely heavy most of the year and drivers are usually going 55/65 mph. It is a 4 lane divided highway. It gets hairy crossing in a car, at a light sometimes, I personally would not think of riding a bicycle to the beach from my home north of 98, much less...
  19. jodiFL

    Job Wanted Anybody know any jobs hiring at the moment?

    You're kidding right? There are about 15 threads right below this one and "NOW Hiring" signs in just about every business in SOWAL.
  20. jodiFL

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    And this just in from WCEM.... Walton County Emergency Operations Center - Joint Information Center COVID-19 Case Update Today, Walton County has 8 additional positive cases. • 52-yr-old male non-Florida resident • 50-yr-old female non-Florida resident • 20-yr-old female non-Florida resident •...
  21. jodiFL

    Plans Announced for Historic Santa Rosa Landing

    Something is up with this and I guarantee it wont work out well for those living in this area. First will come the dredging for the "marina" and the filling of the land that is notorious for flooding which will affect the dynamics of the bayou, then will come the lack of access through the...
  22. jodiFL

    Contested County Office Races

    Well thats interesting. Sealed my vote for anyone else.
  23. jodiFL

    Man dies west of Walton Dunes

    You are probably wouldnt be the first person (the name Aldean comes to mind). I heard that a woman with her children walked right by the responders into the water in the area they had just pulled the man from.
  24. jodiFL

    Criminal Tree Clearing at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

    Sounds like Cypress Dunes just doesnt want to take NO for an answer regarding a walkover for their subdivision THROUGH the state park.
  25. jodiFL

    Criminal Tree Clearing at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

    I cant believe no one has posted about the vandalism that occurred by these people this past weekend. It was also filmed but due to language I wont post here but it is readily available on FB. They were caught cutting down several trees&bushes in the state park. The WCSO was notified and there...
  26. jodiFL

    Help Me Find

    Never even got that far from what I remember....
  27. jodiFL

    Help Me Find

    This has been discussed for decades and the majority of residents dont want/need another layer of government.
  28. jodiFL

    Grayton Beach State Park Named Best Beach in USA

    I kinda wish he had never heard of Grayton Beach. Things were so much simpler before his "outing" of Grayton back in the 90s.
  29. jodiFL

    Traveling to the Florida Panhandle? Tips & Advice

    That looks like Hathaway (PCB) coming west.
  30. jodiFL

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Exactly. That is the way I feel about the people I work with everyday. None of us or our family members have gotten sick so .....
  31. jodiFL

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    As one that has worked in both of these professions, currently the retail end of it, I can say I am more worried about the masses of people that are here on vacation that I have seen in just the last few days that refuse to wear a mask, dont know what 6ft. is, and think "hey lets see if we can...
  32. jodiFL

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Am I correct in saying that there is NO access until the 29th. Everything I have read says that and it seems like the reservations with Cabana Man dont start until then.
  33. jodiFL

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Pretty sure you read that correctly. They will have to limit the number of setups to ensure the 6ft. rule. And from the previous posts they didnt make it clear that there is NO beach access this week until the 29th.
  34. jodiFL

    Louisiana Folks Pack Heavy (Prepare To Quarantine)

    You forgot to give credit for that quote to Daniel Henninger at The Wall Street Journal........
  35. jodiFL

    Vacation Rental News & Info Regarding COVID-19

    For more information or if you have any questions, please call Walton County's COVID-19 hotline at (850) 892-8392.
  36. jodiFL

    Plan for Florida's Recovery: Phases for Reopening

    I really feel bad for all the places (stores,restaurants) that just recently got the word they could open to limited capacity,(meaning they are NOT fully staffed) being told "hey here ya go....Memorial weekend with full occupancy!"
  37. jodiFL

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    After this article this morning I dont think will will ever know the true numbers. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CBS12) — As Florida starts to reopen, the architect and manager of Florida's COVID-19 dashboard, announced she'd been removed from her position, Florida Today reported. Rebekah Jones said in...
  38. jodiFL

    Vacation Rental News & Info Regarding COVID-19

    I want to know where all these folks doing the /cleaning/sanitizing are going to get their supplies. Because they arent going to get any gloves/masks or hand sanitizer at any of the stores around here. And I seriously doubt most of these rentals have an extra set of comforters/shams.
  39. jodiFL

    Plan for Florida's Recovery: Phases for Reopening

    As one whose husband is in the construction industry, I can say that the majority of those workers are coming from the north end of the county and that is where the most recent cases have been. I also know of some that are sick and not going to the doctor/hospitals due to their immigration...
  40. jodiFL

    Plan for Florida's Recovery: Phases for Reopening

    I agree. There is ALOT more that is going to be discussed with the affected businesses but after reading Plan for Florida's Recovery: Phases for Reopening']post #16[/URL] I am not so sure they are doing more than that. Or are they just going to go to the FDPR/Gov. with a plan that looks good on...
  41. jodiFL

    Plan for Florida's Recovery: Phases for Reopening

    I am thinking its probably more of a "copy/paste" of the CDC guidelines...
  42. jodiFL

    Plan for Florida's Recovery: Phases for Reopening

    I am wondering if our county "lobbyist" has spoken to any of the cleaning companies that clean these rentals and found out how much is involved in "sanitizing" a mega mansion that sleeps 20? Are all the homeowners ready for that bill when it hits? And what if it isnt properly done and someone...
  43. jodiFL

    Plan for Florida's Recovery: Phases for Reopening

    This sentence scares the crap out of me.....
  44. jodiFL

    Vacation Rental News & Info Regarding COVID-19

    I would be willing to bet that when the sheriff has to go to a residence concerning a illegal rental that they would take the owners information down then forward that to either the state or the TDC. I would like to know how far back they would audit for it because he said something about them...
  45. jodiFL

    Ending to Suspension of Vacation Rentals ?

    No they arent allowed to rent to FL residents yet. The governor said that WHEN he opens the rentals up (possibly in Phase 2) that it MAY only be to FL residents. The rental ban has a date of "indefinite" right now. So they are breaking the law and can be reported to the sheriffs office and he...
  46. jodiFL

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Its sad but its is also the way alot of people now living in the area are. They brought their rudeness and disregard for others with them.
  47. jodiFL

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    I just got a response on another site that said the additional person worked in but did not live in FL. No answer yet about the other 3 or the one in Freeport.
  48. jodiFL

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    I am not buying the "they are all at the nursing home" stuff anymore.. The non-resident count has gone up by 4 in the last week. Freeport has an additional one.
  49. jodiFL

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    It says they are all at the nursing home but the non-resident number has jumped up by 2.......
  50. jodiFL

    Beach Access Watch

    The BFOs all say the county should get more "public" access... NIMBY for sure. The county has owned this property for a while havent they?
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