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    Motorized Vehicles

    On a somewhat similar note, on Sunday I saw a golf cart driver get cited for driving on the bike path just east of Blue Mountain Creamery. It was neither SWPD nor the Posse, but a different type of patrol car. I'm sorry I can't remember. The guy look surprised and I was so happy to see it.
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    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    Please register! I just got my call today for my 1st shot on Wednesday. I was happily stunned to be contacted. It works!! I used
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    Curfew in Seaside/ Watercolor?

    How can you card people and send those under 25 away? On public roads? This makes no sense. Life, liberty, etc. It's not for the local governments and police to make sure those under 25 don't rent lodging or cars. You do realize that there are people living here who are in that age group...
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    Heads up to Brickyard residents.....

    From what I understand, this gate is on hold for now. Does anyone else know more? Thanks.
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    Heads up to Brickyard residents.....

    I know the Village does through the HOA. I'm raising this issue for Brickyard residents to check their deeds. This access will be fob-controlled. Easier to address before gate is built.
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    Heads up to Brickyard residents.....

    This is going to get messy.
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    Heads up to Brickyard residents.....

    I think you're right, on the deed. I wasn't clear at all, sorry.
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    Heads up to Brickyard residents.....

    Apparently the condos at the Inn at Blue Mountain Beach will be putting up a gate on Blue Lupine Road to keep people from using the access between them and the Retreat. It's happening...look at your closing papers and see if you have anything about deeded beach access to that point. I suspect...
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    Sound of Freedom?

    That's probably the BUFF that flew over the Super Bowl. At the end of the national anthem, a B-52, a B-2, and a B-1 flew over the stadium. The numbers add up to 55. Get it??
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    Miramar Beach Fast Food Pizza

    Lost Pizza. Just did a quick Google search and they're hiring, as of Jan 5. I'm not familiar with it but looks like a southeastern chain with the closest one in Pensacola. Log into Facebook
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    Abandoned Boat at Gulfview Heights

    Yes, same boat but it's at the water's edge and half full of sand. Depending on the tide it's partially in the water as well. The people who own the home clearly know the situation; I'm just curious as to what happens next. It has a couple of beer cans in it, too. How people haven't raided...
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    Abandoned Boat at Gulfview Heights

    I've been meaning to post this for a few days. Does anyone know anything about the boat on the beach between Gulfview Heights and the Ed Walline access? I know which house it belongs to and there have been people there within the last week or so. Just curious when it will be moved, etc. It's...
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    Double Red Flag Violators

    Thank you for your actions. Sadly this is getting more common. People routinely ignore double reds. A man recently told a lifeguard he was a doctor and that she was more than welcome to drag his dead body out of the water because he was definitely going back in. True story.
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    Feral cats and kittens

    I have a trap and this problem is being solved. Just don't know how to delete thread!
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    Need to borrow live animal trap

    Does anyone have a live animal trap I can borrow? Need one about the size for a raccoon (but will be used for feral cats/kittens). The delightful folks I spoke with at WC Animal Control do not trap or lend traps in the heat of the summer. I would have it in my backyard and watch it...
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    Feral cats and kittens

    Thanks. They were very helpful but don't trap in the heat of the summer. I'll try myself.
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    Feral cats and kittens

    We have a feral mama cat (at least one or two adults) and several kittens on our property. They're living under our porch, shed, etc. About 6 in all (?). The kittens are probably third generation and are surely inbred. Does anyone have any idea how to get them trapped, spayed, neutered, and...
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    Golf Cart on US 98

    Crazy and not in good way
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    DR Horton project on 36 acres on Draper Lake

    Good grief! How many times are they going to reschedule this? I hope this is a sign that they are re-evaluating their project, but I have nothing to support that. Let's keep up on this so we can continue to show our disapproval of this proposed development.
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    Criminal Tree Clearing at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

    This is also all over NextDoor. The link for the petition is...
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    Blue Mabel doing ribs all day today

    Just walked by and the cookers are fired up! No other info but sounds just perfect for today.
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    Bike path "spreading"--please be more mindful!

    Not a fan at all. Need to be on roads.
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    Bike path "spreading"--please be more mindful!

    I am amazed at how some people are hogging the bike path, either walking or biking. All I ask is that if you see someone coming in the other direction, please try to go single-file, if possible. People are walking 2 and 3 abreast, taking up the entire path, while I have to walk onto the grass...
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    Thai Elephant open...

    Thai Elephant by the SRB post office on 98 is open for dine-in (restricted number of diners) and take-out. Just had lunch there and it was yummy as usual. Please consider it!!
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    Sunburst Beach Vacations, Inc. Sudden Closure

    I know very little about this matter but here's the latest from the Walton Sun. I assume many people may be happy to see a mugshot..... Oklahoma man arrested in Walton County property management scheme
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    Serious injury in Seagrove near Live Oak/30-A

    Saw it in the Walton Sun, too. If anyone has updates, please post. Horrible.
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    Shifting Sands

    California's beaches are public. Don't know about Massachusetts. Really, do your research, girl!
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    Signs in Blue Mountain Beach

    Y'all must not know that there was a fatality in Blue Mountain Beach earlier this year and residents finally got the attention of local police to start ticketing speeders. The signs are another part of the campaign to get folks to slow down. I applaud the resident who got the signs printed up...
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    E-scooters in SoWal?

    Yes yes yes yes!! It would be much worse. They're left strewn *everywhere* when people are done with them. Driveways, front yards, parking spaces, and of course littering sidewalks & paths. Walton County does NOT want these!
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    E-scooters in SoWal?

    These would be a huge huge detriment on our area. Atlanta is having so many problems with these, from what I understand. The CDC has asked local ERs to start documenting injuries. And they would be all over the bike paths. Atlanta has resorted to using geofencing to halve the speeds on the...
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    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    Library opens at 9am
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    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    Good morning, Blue Mountain Beach Vagrant. I'm worried about you. You are on the site ALL THE TIME. It's summer so go outside and enjoy your beach-front property. Honestly!! Get a hobby, read a book. Coastal Library branch has some good selections in the New Arrivals section; I checked out...
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    Where do the locals work out?

    I do yoga at 30-A Fitness at 30-A and North Spooky just east of Gulf Place. There is a full gym upstairs. Really nice people!
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    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    She has bought here. Don't know if she's moved or not. Happened earlier in the year.
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    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    Mike Huckabee's epic fight to keep beachgoers off his patch of Florida sand Not long after his failed 2008 presidential bid, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee bought a beachfront plot in the Florida Panhandle and built a three-story, 10,000-square-foot mansion, with six bedrooms...
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    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    No matter what you think, people will stop coming to our area and spending their money. Period. Why go to the beach for a week if you're not welcome and you can't actually *get* to the beach? As a result, restaurants and other retail outlets will suffer. They will not be able to hire workers...
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    Nanbu Noodle Bar is OPEN in Grayton Beach

    I went to Nanbu last night and I can't recommend it enough! The food is great--I had the dumplings and the spicy tuna poke bowl with a Blackberry Farms draft beer. Just perfect. Also, it's a jewel of a place, design-wise. There are several different seating options, from couches to bar...
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    Closed Gift Shop on 30A

    Where on 30-A?
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    Customary Use Affidavit Events Sunday Aug 26

    Thanks to all for making it easier for people to fill out affadavits. I went to Bud and Alley's today and my husband did his at Red Bar. Very, very helpful.
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    Testing the sand for Customary Use

    Thanks to Daniel and Justin for doing this. They are definitively doing what I think is right and I have been doing the same, on a much quieter level. I am proud to know them both!
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    Next week is really going to be a mess...

    Was this at the Blue Mountain beach access at 83 or at Blue Lupine? Because I was at Blue Lupine from 6 am today to about 12:45 pm and all went remarkably well. Color me happily surprised! More to come, potentially. Very sorry this happened, of course.
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    Next week is really going to be a mess...

    Easternlakelady, this happens pretty regularly in Blue Mountain, and you're right about the cameras. The homeowner lives in Louisville, Atlanta, Nashville, etc (you pick) and while at work/at golf course/wherever checks the cameras for activity and then calls the security guard or sheriff...
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    Federal Lawsuit Could Bar Public from Beaches and Recreation Areas

    I am really just trying to promote the whole "why can't we all just get along" line of thinking. I just got back from a long beach walk and hit the trifecta--saw several sharks and rays but also a turtle (near Huckabee's} and it made my day. I rarely see turtles; it was awesome! Luckily it...
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    Federal Lawsuit Could Bar Public from Beaches and Recreation Areas

    I'm sure you meant principal, but I understand what you meant, FloridaBeachBum.
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    Federal Lawsuit Could Bar Public from Beaches and Recreation Areas

    FloridaBeachBum, I have only ever seen the TDC vehicles being driven slowly and with the utmost care. No, I *don't* mind the tire tracks. I honestly just think we should all be better beach visitors and that you might think hard about things you learned in kindergarten, specifically about...
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    Federal Lawsuit Could Bar Public from Beaches and Recreation Areas

    FloridaBeachBum, you don't want tire tracks at all?? No lifeguard ATVs or turtle watch people can cross your property? Have you figured out how to keep the turtles from nesting? Come on, dude.
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    Beach rights/it's going to be a long month

    The Retreat in Blue Mountain has restarted sending their security guard out to ask people on beach to move. It started last week sometime but I only witnessed it today. I know I've posted about this before; humor me. I know he's just doing his job, yadda yadda yadda. He is both asking people...
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    EMTs west of Gulf Place on beach this afternoon...

    There was a swarm of lifeguards and EMTs working on a man on the beach around 1:30 pm Tuesday near Gulf Place. Does anyone have an update on the gentleman? Thanks
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    Shrimp n Grits

    I had them at the Red Bar on Sunday and they were fabulous!
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    Electric Powered Bicycles

    I do not think they should be allowed on the bike paths. I have seen people on the electric bikes FLY by people; it's not safe. Just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Forget about keeping up with "changing society"--they are motorized vehicles, period.
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