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  1. UofL

    Curfew in Seaside/ Watercolor?

    Being crowded and bad behavior are two different things but the crowds weren't what we signed up for years ago when we first starting staying there. The bad behavior has made it nearly impossible to enjoy it. I've enjoyed the communities along 30A instead of one tower after another. If it's...
  2. UofL

    Spring Break 2021 - canceled?

    October was awful. I made a note years ago to not come down in October, but with other vacations postponed & other Seaside trips moved, we decided to come down. It was awful Like Spring break might be. I complained on FB to Seaside and we finally got security to head to the pavilions to...
  3. UofL

    Another Big Reason to Hate Golf Carts in SoWal

    As a visitor, I believe the golf carts should only be used in each neighborhood and only go across to 30A if there is parking available. It's time to adjust to the number of people who now visit 30A. If they want to drive golf carts, put in a big golf cart track/shopping retail area somewhere...
  4. UofL

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    We were there the first two weeks of October. Seaside was full of teenagers on fall break. We wore our masks each time we walked to town center. Most people seemed to keep them off unless a business required them. We got our food to go until we tried Great Southern's special bar section in...
  5. UofL

    Seaside is Busy in October

    It's like being at a Friday high school football, trying walk through the kids around the track. Not a fun beach trip. Fun for them. Not for us. If they want March, April, and October, 30A is theirs. We'll try May, August and/or September. If goes on.
  6. UofL

    Seaside is Busy in October

    I had made a note 5 years ago to not return in October but this year, we had a cancelled trip, so we came. Will never return to 30A again in October. We've avoided March and April spring breaks for a decade. We were here in August. Just busier than usual. Below is what I posted on Seaside's...
  7. UofL

    Double Red Flags - Stay out of the water!

    We are at Seaside. Had life guards, code officer, fire drive through the beach telling people to stay out of the water. At one point, a family who had a child playing at the edge getting water for sandcastle, told them people could only be on DRY sand. I thought that was very helpful. I...
  8. UofL

    Dune Allen? Someone building a fence?

    Dune Allen Beachcam Ellen
  9. UofL

    Seaside construction crane?

    We check the google all the time. Thanks. And webcams. And we are down there a couple times a year. Just hadn't seen the construction next to Pizza restaurant. We were there last year when the house next to Tupelo pavilion was torn down. Now it is lived in. Owned by the guy who built the...
  10. UofL

    Misc "The Washaway" in Grayton Beach Renovation

    Early 2000 we stayed at Grayton Duplex (East) behind it. So many changes at Grayton. We ride our bikes over there from Seaside each visit. So many new big houses each time. We take photos each time we visit 30A never realizing how much would be torn down and replaced. Ellen
  11. UofL

    Seaside construction crane?

    Thanks. Seldom saw anyone using the space. Too valuable. As bad as it is at Seaside with homes being torn down and rebuilt, it's worse in Grayton. Mexico Beach and south of there would have been our next beach vacation (after 30 years of visiting 30A - 20 years of staying) but after the...
  12. UofL

    Seaside construction crane?

    Checking the beach cams nearly everyday, we've noticed a construction crane just west of the Coleman pavilion. Something being built on the (valuable) petanque park land? Thanks, Ellen (counting down again, October)
  13. UofL

    Double Red Flag Violators

    A first step? Replace the second red flag with the 'no swimming' symbol? The wind is usually blowing enough to reveal the whole flag. At each beach entrance add signs that state, a fine if in water ($200?) AND a rescue will be charged $10,000. (Your family won't be fined if you die, unless...
  14. UofL

    Misc For those looking for a laugh

    That's been in progress for a long time. Ellen
  15. UofL

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    I've been disappointed that the Seaside Motor Court has never reopened. That we could all agree on? Otherwise, you hate to see anything added. And that Jimmy Buffett development? Oh my. Ellen
  16. UofL

    South Walton Area Restaurants: Food & Dining Updates [COVID19]

    I think it's the people in the dining space, without masks, are the concern. We last ate in a dining room on Friday, March 13th. We get food to go a couple of times a week. Go to the grocery once a week. We had our first covid tests last week - negative. No symptoms. Just old. Thought it...
  17. UofL

    Where's the Beach?

    In the middle? I'll have to ask if between 395 and Seaside or east of there, Montgomery Street area? Ellen
  18. UofL

    As seen in a house for sale in Norton Commons (KY)

    Looking at pictures of homes for sale in our neighborhood (Prospect KY), it was funny to see this picture as part of the neighborhood. We do have shops. We do have a post office very similar to Seaside. We have a bocce court. A restaurant with a Modica like interior but our shopping area...
  19. UofL

    The "I hate golf carts" thread

    They should be limited to neighborhood roads and to any connecting neighborhoods. Not on 30A. Seems simple enough to me. That's enough cruising. Our neighborhood has golf carts. neighborhood folks on either side, come over. No one is ever on the 45 mph road or the 30/35 mph road except to...
  20. UofL

    2001 June first time to stay on 30A

    Yes. Roughly the lake area in Grayton behind Hibiscus. There's a private road near there that we might have used to get to it. There have been about 6 or 8 big houses built there.
  21. UofL

    The Red Bar: Updates & Info

    We head over to Grayton every time we stay on 30A. We ride our bikes there and love to eat at the Red Bar. But if there isn't any parking we go somewhere else or head to Louis Louis. It's all good. Wonderful part of 30A. (We very often stay parked on whole vacation except to drive for...
  22. UofL

    2001 June first time to stay on 30A

    We had been visiting since the late 80s/early 90s but finally found our first place to stay. Ellen
  23. UofL

    1991 June 16 article about Seaside

  24. UofL

    June 15 1986 Seaside article

    I have loved Seaside since the beginning. Picked up this newspaper when we went to Disneyworld then beach vacation at Treasure Island. (I know I've probably posted this before. Understand if you delete. I search my records everyday.) Ellen See you in August.
  25. UofL

    2005 June 9

    Seaside. Shades
  26. UofL

    Seaside June 2004-pictures later

    I give up. Here are a few of the pics. The others I deleted because of their orientation.
  27. UofL

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Seaside | Seaside Commercial Beach Access It's not 'open' yet with the reserved seating is it? They've got something different going on until the 29th? There would be all the cabana umbrellas/chairs maybe tents? Ellen
  28. UofL

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Just saw that. Also saw someone working the fence/gate at Seaside. Looks like when someone leaves the beach, he is letting others go to the beach. I guess until the new rule goes into effect, they are limiting - at least through that portal - the number of people. What about the Bud & Alley...
  29. UofL

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    B4 the virus, anyone could use the Coleman pavilion access (or the public beach access with parking, between Seaside & Watercolor). There has been a code for the 'street' pavilion bathrooms for years - each one different, then a few years ago, the pavilions were gated - but the same code for...
  30. UofL

    For Rent $1050 Bargain Near the Beach

    Stones throw to 30A? It's off Front Beach Road on the other side of Carillon toward the 'Y'. Of course it's a lot closer to 30A than I am now.
  31. UofL

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Hi, I was very upset about people not wearing masks, but I'm trying to assume that some are those that have asthma & other breathing problems that the masks are almost impossible for them to wear. Also, there are folks who suffered abuse who feel like they are suffocating & reliving terrible...
  32. UofL

    Do You See Violations Of The Governor's Suspension Of Rentals?

    FYI We would have left Louisville this morning, driving toward Greenville, AL to spend the night, before heading to Seaside, Saturday morning. We booked this May vacation last year. We moved it to May 2021 a month ago. Booked our August 2020 Seaside vacation in 2019 also. Waiting to see how...
  33. UofL

    Wildfire in South Walton: Updates - Arrest Made

    And near there is Louis Louis. Hope everyone will be spared. Thinking of you from the Ville.
  34. UofL

    Do You See Violations Of The Governor's Suspension Of Rentals?

    I'm confused about the ban. Is it ban on all short term rentals? Before it was a ban on new short term rentals? We moved our May 2020 vacation to May 2021. But we still have a August 2020 reservation. There is still time to see if opening so much will cause more illness and we would of...
  35. UofL

    Walton County Moves to Open Beaches May 1

    In ky the department handling the claims had to hire up to 1200 people to answer the phones. Normally it would be 10 or 12 people. Huge amount of claims to work through in most states. (But we do have the most popular governor.) Ellen
  36. UofL

    Sunburst Beach Vacations, Inc. Sudden Closure

    Yes, I didn't think that this sounded like the nice people we worked with up until 2010.
  37. UofL

    Sunburst Beach Vacations, Inc. Sudden Closure

    Search on the Walton County PVA site. The owners will be listed with their mailing address. Ironically, years ago, Sunburst took over from a closed agency, and we contacted the owners who honored our down payment & vacation. I would write the owners. Walton County, Florida Ellen
  38. UofL

    Big Daddy's Bike Shop Update

    When we visit from Louisville, we usually wait to get anything repaired, when we get to 30A. Unfortunately, haven't found any service in the Ville as good as Big Daddy's. Good stuff. Counting down to August now. Ellen
  39. UofL

    Misc Thank you to (Garrett) Benchmark for letting us reschedule

    I called 'just now' because our reservation was for May 9th and I don't see a miracle that soon. So, we booked for next May, 2021, a little later in the month. We still have our August, 2020, reservation which, I hope will happen. (We like to do 30A beach trips, other trips, and UL trips...
  40. UofL

    Do You See Violations Of The Governor's Suspension Of Rentals?

    Can you tell if they are rental cars? Folks who can afford a second home on 30A might be flying in and renting a car which could have different tags?
  41. UofL

    Do You See Violations Of The Governor's Suspension Of Rentals?

    We book our vacation one year in advance. How can you tell if they ate ‘new’? Just asking. (We are scheduled for May 9. Will call this week to reschedule. Probably May 2021. Fingers crossed for August but will try to reschedule that for 2021 if we have to. Too much money to lose.). New...
  42. UofL

    Vacation Rental News & Info Regarding COVID-19

    Hope I can get a refund or a reschedule. May 9th arrival. Haven’t planned on this vacation for a couple of weeks. Staying home of course. Ellen
  43. UofL

    Spring Break 2020 AKA Spring Broke

    'Our' rental agency has had this at the top of the rental pages. Ellen
  44. UofL

    Misc Losing Another Classic Beach Cottage?

    I knew it would be a challenge to move a fairly big 2 story house plus another one with a loft. Plus the porches. Would have had to be dismantled. We are counting down to our May vacation, but I have a feeling it will be May, 2021 instead. Hoping rescheduling will still be an option.
  45. UofL

    Misc Losing Another Classic Beach Cottage?

    Love riding our bikes to Grayton when we visit. Have seen this cottage and story in either Southern Living or Coastal Living, a few years ago.
  46. UofL

    Misc Losing Another Classic Beach Cottage?

    A Seaside resident claims he was going to have his 2 Seaside homes moved, but then tore them down. I guess moving is a big production. Also, there have been other Seaside houses torn down and rebuilt. 10 years from now, will we still recognize it? Grayton is the biggest change.
  47. UofL

    Misc Our Garrett May rental rate increased $100 per night

    I guess, the tone in the responses of the employees has since changed. Same management agency?
  48. UofL

    Misc Our Garrett May rental rate increased $100 per night

    We've stayed in the same house since 2010. Since 2015, we've been there in the month of May plus other weekly visits. It's always gone up about $20 or so a night each year but never $100 a night. Never. The rate is now the 'in season' rate. No notice when we booked the year before. No FYI...
  49. UofL

    Sunburst Beach Vacations, Inc. Sudden Closure

    Wow! We have been renting through Garrett Realty for 10 years (same house) and they were recently taken over by a management firm. Increased our rate by $100 a night in the off season! We had been using Sunburst before that when the house we had been renting for about 5 years changed...
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