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  1. Dawn

    Christiano's Italian Restaurant to Close Sept 5

    Sad news it was a very good place.
  2. Dawn

    Where for oysters?

    Great Southern, Bud & alley's and Stinky's are usually good choices and have quality oysters. For me the atmosphere is part of the oyster experience and they are both fun to go to. Fish Out of Water in WaterColor (FOOW) has yummy ones and a gulf view.
  3. Dawn

    SOuth WALton In The News

    While the TDC is funded by heads in beds, they also do a lot more than just advertise. Although I tend to agree we could do less advertising, that is what the TDC is for. So get used to it. lol
  4. Dawn

    Seabreeze Jazz Festival April 21-25

    That would be great but it has gotten a lot bigger. Maybe do a smaller version in the fall? I'd love to have a NOLA funk/rock/soul festival here. @StinkysFishCamp are you hearing me?
  5. Dawn

    Walton County Planning Department Updates

    In a continued effort to improve access to information, the Planning Department is also now offering a Project Review Map that is open to the public. This map provides information on projects scheduled for public meetings in 2021. The Planning Department Project Review Map can be accessed at...
  6. Dawn

    Specialty Meats

    Destin Ice 30A at Inlet Beach
  7. Dawn

    Trying out new restaurants

    North Beach Social for sure - it's on the bay on 331 - some of the best views in SoWal and a white sand beach and dock to hang out on.
  8. Dawn

    Ridiculous Golf Cart Traffic Signs

    As @bentley williams said in the OP, and I can verify, even at 5mph you can't read it exccept for the one large line at the bottom. And not only is the text too small there is too much of it. And the graphics are confusing. Face it, the sign looks more like a page of rules you would get when you...
  9. Dawn

    Wanted Home near 30A , ready to buy

    Doubtful in Origins.
  10. Dawn

    Waltongate Updates

  11. Dawn

    Anyone tried The Citizen yet?

    I am looking forward to trying it!
  12. Dawn

    Seagar’s: Recommended Restaurant in Forbes Travel Guide Star Award 2021

    Great atmosphere no matter what color the drinkware - top notch food and service and you can get a room if you indulge in a tad too much vino! :clap:
  13. Dawn

    Misc Rental projections for NatureWalk

    I do. Publix and more commercial to walk and bike to coming and easy access to Panama city Beach. Plus golf and other nice amenities and lake access.
  14. Dawn

    Sandestin Gumbo Festival Feb 19-20

    There are festivals coming up you don't have to go. This site like any other will post about them and allow people to post about it whether you think it is OK or not. We've had more visitors than ever and they want information. There's a difference between this site and social media, and the TDC...
  15. Dawn

    Misc WaterSound West Beach

    Now that our "commercial" boom has started I suppose it will take half as long to buildout as similar communities in Florida over the past few decades, since 40% of the land in SoWal is protected state lands. Freeport from the bay to I-10 is going to be head spinning soon. Same for Panama City...
  16. Dawn

    Looks Like a Hotel Planned Next to Walmart

    St. Joe has requested change of land use to hotel for the parcel east of Smallmart. I imagine it will be a big one - Marriott or Hilton brand.
  17. Dawn

    Walton County Florida Real Estate Report for November 2020

    source - ECAR -
  18. Dawn

    Fried Chicken Lunch Special @Old Florida Fish House

    C'mon guys - people are going to charge what they CAN charge. People visiting here will pay. Many people who live here will pay. For the rest of us there is Hardee's. :D
  19. Dawn

    Wishing you the merriest...

    Happy Christmas SoWal!
  20. Dawn

    Misc 256 apartments and 33,500sf commercial on 98 and 393

    Wondering about a 15000 sf grocery and who would go in between 2 Publix stores. Whole Foods or Fresh Market?
  21. Dawn

    Tourism Up 69% in SoWal for October 2020

    There are more people in Walton County who are poorer and hungrier than they were last year at this time. A lot of businesses are hurting, most of them small businesses - retailers, barbers and salons, gyms, and bars especially and the people who work in them. Don't be fooled by what you see...
  22. Dawn

    Tourism Up 69% in SoWal for October 2020

    Tourist Development Tax collection showed a 68.94% increase in South Walton for October 2020 compared to the previous year. Total collections for October 2020 were $3,366,849. The Tourist Development Tax, or bed tax, is a 5% tax collected on hotels, condos and other short-term rentals. It is...
  23. Dawn

    Misc St. Joe Announces Hotel Indigo in Panama City’s Downtown Waterfront District

    I always thought Panama City downtown and waterfront had a lot of potential except that the smell of the paper plant on the bay nearby was a problem. Is it still there?
  24. Dawn

    For Sale WaterColor Warehouse Sale

    Is this by St. Joe? Where do items come from?
  25. Dawn

    Another Big Reason to Hate Golf Carts in SoWal

    To let golf carts on real roads with real traffic is insane. Real trucks, fast cars, delivery trucks, construction workers, SUVs, it's ridiculous. Time to ban them, not put up signs. Vacationers get in golf carts and right away it feels like fun. Like driving toys. No laws or signs will...
  26. Dawn

    Help Us Make A Difference!

    I don't get your reference about straws but yes they should be banned. There was a group of heroic citizens decades ago that helped to protect much of the wild lands we see around us today in South Walton. Unfortunately no one was looking, or cared before that, when all the gulf front was...
  27. Dawn

    Misc SoWal Homes Exceeding $15 Million

    For some people there is no such thing as overpriced.
  28. Dawn

    Beach Access Watch

    Do you know them?
  29. Dawn

    Beach Access Watch

    So glad they didn't get away with this shameful and brazen attempt to steal public property,
  30. Dawn

    Grayton Brewpub Expanding to Second Location in Destin

    In mid-March, Hog’s Breath Saloon closed its doors in downtown Destin after serving up food and drinks for almost two decades. The building has sat vacant ever since. Soon, Grayton Brewing Company Brewpub will move in after a total remodel. Chan Cox, founder and manager of Wine World, recently...
  31. Dawn

    For Rent Seagrove House 2BR + Bunks

    Is the studio available separately?
  32. Dawn

    Seaside is Busy in October

    Sorry you had a bad experience. I do not like fall break crowds but I guess it is good for business. Sounds like Seaside and Sheriff may need to institute some or all of their spring break measures for fall break.
  33. Dawn

    Hurricane Delta

    Surprised it is supposed to weaken in the Gulf.
  34. Dawn

    Escada Halloween?

    Going door to door is a bad idea this year. Decorate at home with kids, watch a halloween movie, tell ghost stories.
  35. Dawn

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Is this all time? What part is amazing? And has the CDC been corrupted?
  36. Dawn

    Scenic 30A Traffic Report

    Today in Seagrove looked like July 4th week! :wave::yikes:
  37. Dawn

    360 Blue Acquired by Natural Retreats

    Natural Retreats announced its acquisition of Florida-based 360 Blue, doubling its inventory to 1,500 vacation home rentals across 17 destinations. Founded in Santa Rosa Beach in 2008 by Jason and Jeremy Sprenkle, 360 Blue grew quickly to manage 325 high-end vacation home rentals on the Florida...
  38. Dawn

    Who's the celebrity in town?

    So who is it?
  39. Dawn

    Why is the water so murky and dark?

    It is from all the rough surf we had from 2 hurricanes in the gulf. The wind is finally diminishing and surf is calmer so maybe a couple of days to clear if it stays like this.
  40. Dawn

    For Sale Washer/Dryer for sale! Only 2 years old

    What are brand and model numbers?
  41. Dawn

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    Grayton Grand was going to be a big fight because of wetlands and bordering the state park. If this new project has wetlands and borders state forest or a coastal dune lake it will be a battle.
  42. Dawn

    Walton County Florida Real Estate Report for June 2020

    Wow! What is happening? I'd love to hear from buyers, sellers, realtors ... what is going on with June spike?!
  43. Dawn

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    Your attitude is why developers are allowed to continue ruining our community. It's never too late to be on the right side.
  44. Dawn

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    It is obvious we are inundated by the virus brought by visitors. Thankfully summer season will be over soon. Classes begin in Walton County August 10, 2020. Locals should work together to get back to the relatively safe environment we had before rentals were opened. I hope that we can all...
  45. Dawn

    Walton County Courthouse/Annex: Masks Required

    Please to all businesses and offices - make face coverings required and put signs up and enforce it. We have to get out of this mess. I was surprised to go in UPS store this morning and no employees masked up. They have so many people coming in where is there head at?
  46. Dawn

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    I understand the pain of residents with increase in traffic every year but closing all parking is ridiculous. And Imagine you're a small business owner and with no warning you arrive one morning to see that. If parking is to be removed from Grayton Beach then let's use the parking spaces as...
  47. Dawn

    Misc Any Draper Lake or Watercolor Year Rounders?

    Great story -thanks! Draper would be a good choice and I like the style as well - Craftsman influenced - Sharks Tooth Golf Club just over the Bay County line on Lake Powell also has that style. I know a husband and wife in Grayton who are ex navy pilots. I think she was the first woman to land...
  48. Dawn

    Misc Any Draper Lake or Watercolor Year Rounders?

    Would love to hear your story. How are you able to move to South Walton with the low jobs and high cost of living?
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