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  1. beachmouse

    Another Big Reason to Hate Golf Carts in SoWal

    A couple years back, I watched a National Parks cop write a $1000 ticket to a woman who ignored the signs that said 'no LSVs' (or whatever the terminology there was) and drove one onto Cedar Breaks National Monument roads anyways and then didn't have her driver's license on her when the park...
  2. beachmouse

    Criminal Tree Clearing at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

    The feds can take conservation an environmental laws quite seriously in certain contexts. I've seen the National Park police write a $1000 moving violation ticket for taking a UTV on a paved road where they were explicitly banned and then the driver not being able to show a license when she as...
  3. beachmouse

    Wanted Treadmill

    We went with the Commercial 2450 (bigger screen than the 1750) because it seemed gentler on middle-aged knees and for the most part love it and now do 95% of our running on it. The iFit workout series(first year should be free) can be quite addicting- I had nice virtual run in Croatia and Italy...
  4. beachmouse

    Restaurants following health guidelines for takeout

    If it's your kind of food, Sushimoto is still takeout only and one person per order allowed inside for pick-up. Andy's taking this all very seriously.
  5. beachmouse

    Do You See Violations Of The Governor's Suspension Of Rentals?

    Florida has long been a disaster-prone state and the laws covering restricting movements of people within it during a disaster declaration have been well-vetted. I can remember full lockdowns in the days immediately after a hurricane followed by weeks of disk to dawn curfews including s few...
  6. beachmouse

    Sushimoto opens in new location Mar 5

    When Andy was talking about the new space last fall, the idea was to maybe slightly increase the number of tables, but not too much because he wants to keep the intimate feel of the restaurant. A lot of the increased space was about having a proper indoor area to wait during busy times rather...
  7. beachmouse

    Nanbu Noodle Bar is OPEN in Grayton Beach

    IIRC, Sushimoto is closed all of November for Andy's annual family time off and restaurant deep cleaning
  8. beachmouse

    Federal Lawsuit Could Bar Public from Beaches and Recreation Areas

    I tend to think the whole area started to go downhill when St. Joe put in Watercolor and Watersound. Seems like the money that came with it made the area a less friendly place.
  9. beachmouse

    Do utility companies know what "scenic" means?

    Annual meeting this year is April 21 at Freeport High School.
  10. beachmouse

    Topsail West PUD north of 98 from Scenic 30A to West Hewitt Rd.

    IIRC, that parcel has been 'under development' so long that the original tenant was supposed to be an Albertson's grocery store.
  11. beachmouse

    Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport Welcomes American Airlines

    The announcement says the smaller CRJ 700 planes, so you are indeed soaring with the Eagle. I've got no issues with the 700s, which are decent-sized regional jets that are comfortable enough for short haul operations. I just don't really like the E gate area in Charlotte.
  12. beachmouse

    Adoption Looking for Temporary Foster Home for Cat

    The SOCKS Facebook page does courtesy posts for people looking for help. You might try over there: Save Our Cats and Kittens - SOCKS Shelter
  13. beachmouse

    Look Out World! Here Comes Freeport!

    Freeport will do best as a middle class area that's not too far from the beach while having housing costs more in line with wages around here compared to home prices south of the bay. And IMO, nothing wrong with the usual middle class mass market shopping outposts as long as that's not all there...
  14. beachmouse

    Hurricane Irma

    He was on MSNBC earlier- got a glimpse of him when we were switching over to watch Rachel's show.
  15. beachmouse

    Free Entrance To Grayton Beach & Topsail Hill Preserve State Parks

    Because of the distance from water to parking lot, it's actually pretty miserable to get to the beach on hot days from there, even if you take the shuttle. Seems like we see more cars in the day use lot when it's cool enough to hike and bike the trails comfortably.
  16. beachmouse

    Dog Friendly Restaurants

    There are a few restaurants that encourage neighborhood cats to hang out by the back dumpster in the name of cheap and organic rodent control. Those kinds of cats are usually good at avoiding dogs that seem threatening though .
  17. beachmouse


    The Northwest Florida Track Club seems to have some group runs in the Destin-South Walton area: NWFTC
  18. beachmouse

    Sick Of Beach Chair Vendors in South Walton

    I've been here going on twenty years, and likely will be here many more, as the spousal unit's job seems reasonably stable, and it would be hard to replicate it elsewhere at this point. Hate crud left on the beach, whether it's tents or beach vendor junk or whatever. Current avoidance...
  19. beachmouse

    Sushi In SoWal: Where Do You Go?

    Sushimoto. Great sushi, will do an infinite number of special orders if you're polite about it, and do not tolerate the' do you know who I am?' crowd
  20. beachmouse

    Moving to 30A!

    Niceville HS also seems to get a good number of Walton County kids under schools of choice waivers, both for academic and athletic reasons, even though no one really wants to fess up about the more athletic-based waivers. While it's north of the bay and somewhat west of 30-A, I do feel...
  21. beachmouse

    Help! Cat In A Tree!

    I'd try calling Alaqua Animal Refuge- they might be able to get you in touch with someone who would pick up the phone.
  22. beachmouse

    Misc Shipping Container Homes

    Try getting in touch with the owners of The Gulf restaurant on Okaloosa Island. They used them in the construction of the business. Florida is going to have its own quirks with this because it's a strong building code state. It's also probably going to be a bit tricky to find land on 30-A that...
  23. beachmouse

    Bcc Vehicle Stolen

    Nah- your typical African warlord or terrorist leader prefers to buy Toyotas on the dark market because of their great reliability record. If it was a Tacoma or Land Cruiser, then it actually might end up in Somalia, since those are both close to the HiLux beloved by warlords outside of North...
  24. beachmouse

    I Do Declare...

    And Choctaw Beach and Villa Tasso up on FL 20 have long been 32578 because they're served out of the Niceville PO instead of Freeport.
  25. beachmouse

    Bay Elementary VS. Destin Elementary

    Both areas are very good at elementary education. Secondary is where you start to see more differences.If you can get into Seaside Neighborhood School it's really excellent, but in terms of traditional public schools, I'd put Destin Middle over the Walton County secondary schools. For high...
  26. beachmouse

    Emeril at Sushimoto on The Cooking Channel

    They're super nice folks at Sushimoto. Don't let the signs on the front door scare you off- it's a small space, and they've had their share of difficult customers over the years and are trying to prevent one unpleasant person from wrecking the happy mood of everyone else.
  27. beachmouse

    Favorite Seafood Dive in the area?

    If you extend the list a little further westward, Stewby's in Ft. Walton Beach and Doc's Oyster Bar overlooking the bayou in Valparaiso.
  28. beachmouse

    What are the local's favorite spots??

    For healthy counter service, we like Freshii in Inlet Beach, and Everkrisp of Destin (giant tasty good-for-you salads) has announced a second location in the Sandestin area.
  29. beachmouse

    How's the weather in June or August compared to July?

    June is still often quite hot (can hit 100F in inland areas away from the beach) but in most years, it's a little bit drier/lower in humidity, and that lower dew point does matter in terms of comfort.
  30. beachmouse

    Henderson Beach Resort Opens November 18, 2016

    There are state park boundary signs at the shoreline- Mount Sutro Gallery — Henderson Beach 'State Park Boundary' and 'Protected Sea Turtle Nesting Area' signs on the beach near Silver Shells Resort. – Destin – Road Trip
  31. beachmouse

    Elmo's under new ownership

    If you find yourself even further west, I like Stewby's in Ft. Walton Beach (the bit about it being wedged between an oil change place and a pool supply store kind of adds to the charm) and Doc's Oyster Bar in Valpariaso, which is Dewey's with better quality control and a lot fewer tourists.
  32. beachmouse

    Where to get Sushi for lunch near Grayton Beach

    Publix actually isn't bad by grocery store standards (the locations I've bought from understand how to make proper rice) but for the good stuff, I'll throw in another vote for Sushimoto. Don't let the sign on the front door turn you off- they're actually really nice folks who will customize...
  33. beachmouse

    New U.S. 331 Bridge across Choctawhatchee Bay Now Open

    We came across the most wonderful traffic law last month in Washington state- there are designated pull out areas on major two lane roadways. If you are holding up traffic so that there's a train of five or more cars behind you, you must pull into the turnout to allow them to pass. Seems to...
  34. beachmouse

    What's the best route from Ft. Walton Beach Airport to Eastern Lake Road

    This time of year, we take 20 east to 331 southi at Freeport to avoid the traffic jam that often forms between Destin Commons and the outlet mall. No traffic lights between the Blewater Bay area and Freeport, and the worst you get is stuck behind someone going about the speed limit.
  35. beachmouse

    Freshii is OPEN at 30Avenue... Sunset Soiree Apr. 2

    Just want to throw them a recommendation for anyone on the east end who is looking for a very healthy & taste quick bite at a very reasonable price by SoWal standards. So very fresh, easy to find something healthy and tastes great- we'd probably eat there several times a week if we were closer...
  36. beachmouse

    Transgender Bathrooms in Walton County Schools

    I'm a perfectly 'ordinaary' woman and I'd like to note: In the 90s, I was assaulted by another woman in the bathroom of the Pensacola Civic Center. Arena security was rather spectacular in not giving a damn about it. No conservative groups seem terribly concerned about that kind of thing...
  37. beachmouse

    Dangerous Situation Developing in Blue Mountain Beach

    Was out that way today, and it was mentioned how one of the turning points of So Wal going downhill was them putting in Watersound where the nude gay beach used to be.
  38. beachmouse

    Freshii Has Arrived at 30Avenue

    We gave them a try today and really do wish they were closer to our house. Service was friendly without being overbearing. The people making the food understand how to create an interesting flavor profile without letting any given element of it overpower the rest of the bowl or wrap, and...
  39. beachmouse

    For Sale Seaside Half Marathon Entry

    While I can't speak for the race in question, note that it's common for Race Directors to ban the selling of race entries and bibs because of liability concerns, (established case law about the person who competes has to be the one to sign the race's liability waiver) and I don't see anything...
  40. beachmouse

    Any ideas dealing with waste management???

    Quiet hours on the other side of the County line run 11pm-7am and that includes the trash trucks. They'll cheat a little by starting a few streets over from us as about 6:50-6:55. We reduced the noise by putting in insulated impact windows during a remodel a few years back and now don't hear...
  41. beachmouse

    Where can I buy really good quality furniture for our cottages?

    If you're okay with buying online, I really like Room & Board. Good quality, timeless comfortable design, almost entirely American-made except for some lamps and rugs, and ships flat rate nationwide for a very reasonable rate. They're based out of Minnesota.
  42. beachmouse

    Misc ARTICLE: The end of the luxury home boom?

    Miami is the safe haven for the affluent in Central/South America who have gotten their riches through more or less legitimate means. And there's a whole business and airline infrastructure that makes it easy for those folks to go from their homes in Brazil or Venezuela or Ecuador to their...
  43. beachmouse

    Moving to South Walton, tell me about the schools

    Niceville HS is decidedly on the military part of the Panhandle where 'What do you do for a living?' can be a surprisingly loaded question. (I've know people who worked on base whose PhD dissertations were classified.) But if you're okay with a larger school experience, it offers some things you...
  44. beachmouse

    Shorty's closing Grayton Beach restaurant/bar... Oct 18 Sunday Funday last day

    I've found Dewey's to be pretty mediocre lately. Too bad the rent's probably too high and the business too seasonal for Stewby's to make a go of it out there.
  45. beachmouse

    Walton Sheriff Deputies Working Football Game in Tallahassee

    It makes the most sense to have a way of allocating law enforcement and other emergency resources for special events in the region rather than having the host city try to go at it alone or use less well-trained rent-a-cops. You'll also get a area few firefighters who go up to work emergency...
  46. beachmouse

    Hardwood Flooring Recommendations

    For new hardwood flooring, we had a good experience with Carpet One that's somewhere around the Destin/Miramar Beach border. Lots of options and better quality at a given price point than the big box stores.
  47. beachmouse

    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    Actions sometimes have very predictable consequences. Remember how much convention and tourism business Arizona lost over the MLK Holiday flap some years back. On the bright side if you really want to reduce tourism in Walton County, you might have found a way to do that.
  48. beachmouse

    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    It was indeed our fellow voters who stuck us with a badly-written class size amendment that did not consider if research showed that limiting class size was one of the better ways to increase academic achievement and other positive education outcomes. It's passage was the usual 'the...
  49. beachmouse

    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    Florida is pretty consistent with this- religious displays on public land are okay as long as you make space available to any religious group (or in the case of the atheist parody groups non-religious groups) that wants equal time. Hence the number of counties that end up with Festivus poles and...
  50. beachmouse

    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    Can't find the original post now, but it was asked upthread why there are relatively few black people in Walton County compared to Bay or Okaloosa. Seems like the majority of the middle class black population in the panhandle outside of Pensacola is here for military ties- either current...
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