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  1. Truman

    Wanted First time renter-any reasonable options?

    A lot of young people share apartments or houses in SoWal. Less expensive options can be found in Panama City Beach or Freeport / Defuniak Springs. Ironically, Inlet Beach was once considered inexpensive. North Santa Rosa Beach north of 98 between 393 and 331 has some cheaper places - old...
  2. Truman

    Starbucks on 30a?

    Locals already kicked their ass once they'll do it again. Brands will always pull but locals and toursits want AUTHENTIC experiences.
  3. Truman

    Private/public beach

    I just drove through Blue Mountain Beach and saw several public accesses with signs, parking, flags and Walkovers for everyone to use. Lots of public beach and large homes for rent and condos and townhomes. Someone is trying to wish them away.
  4. Truman

    Do you know Pompano Jim?

    Last I heard he was living in Tallahassee.
  5. Truman

    Misc Property Taxes

    If your assessed value is around $500k figure about $5,000 per year with $50,000 homestead exemption if you qualify. Seniors - Check with tax collector to verify - Walton County Tax Collector - Contact Don't forget any subdivision fees.
  6. Truman

    Private/public beach

    This page is helpful to locate accesses and get info and photos - South Walton Beach, Bay & Lake Accesses
  7. Truman

    Private/public beach

    Old Blue Mountain is good, there are several neighborhood accesses that are walk up with no parking but not too many houses and there is some public beach along there. Old Florida Beach is gated and not too many houses with lots of beach. Seagrove is slim pickens with no crowds - you can look...
  8. Truman

    Private/public beach

    If you like the towns like Seaside and WaterColor, and don't mind a lot of people then they are good places to be to have your access and other amenities. Some of the county public accesses are problem places with a small bit of public beach sandwiched between "private" property. Meaning some...
  9. Truman

    Misc WaterSound West Beach

    If you take the long view it is steady growth for SoWal - meaning all the way up to I-10. The 98 and 331 corridors are entering a boom in commercial. The 30-A corridor is getting more built out and more exclusive. Prices on the Gulf and bay and bayous are sky rocketing. We are getting a surge in...
  10. Truman

    Dark water

    Probably just runoff from the flooding. It will last until the runoff slows.
  11. Truman

    Grayton Beach Shuttle Workshop Sep 15, 2020

    They are open spots.
  12. Truman

    Grayton Motor Lodge

    Seaside Motor Court is undergoing renovation and will re-open with a new name and a cafe where the real estate office is.
  13. Truman

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Reservations are required. Contact Cabana Man - Club Cabana Man Every Pavilion is restricted exceptf or Coleman, George’s Gorge, and Club Cabana Man-Restricted Pavilions require an Access/Promo Code, not for a discount;rather, permission to rent chairs in the restricted areas reserved for...
  14. Truman

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Welcome back. See the post above yours. And also Seaside | Seaside Commercial Beach Access As our beach access reopens on May 29th, we have asked Cabana Man, who has 34 years of beach service to our locals and visitors, to manage our beach. They will provide two service levels. Cabana Man...
  15. Truman

    Patrones Hideaway in Grayton Beach Memories & Photos

    Grayton Beach was amazing when the roads were dirt.
  16. Truman

    Beach Access Watch

    Beach Highlands Access is the one outside the gate you refer to. Stallworth Preserve Access is inside the gate. South Walton Beach, Bay & Lake Accesses The county still has Stallworth Preserve Access in inventory but it is inaccessible. Perhaps the gate should come down. I am glad we have...
  17. Truman

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    If they hadn't shut down when they did in the frenzied thick of spring break a lot more people would have died. People congregate there no matter where they stay in SoWal. A hard choice to close but very necessary.
  18. Truman

    Locals Helping Locals

    Restaurant people are locals too. Almost everyone I know is hurting. I've never known a better time than now to practice empathy and kindness. And besides there are a lot of locals with a lot of money and also many other people are hanging out here in their 2nd (or 3rd) home.
  19. Truman

    Sherriff Ran Us Off Grayton Today!!

    Some people have a habit of criticizing Seaside but they did the right thing and did it first.
  20. Truman

    Alys Beach COVID19 Town Updates. Spring events paused. See closures

    And that is how you do it. Kudos to Alys Beach.
  21. Truman

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Even though you are under stress try to be respectful. Be Nice or Leave applies to locals AND tourists. :benice:
  22. Truman

    Septic to Sewer

    I hope they also include septic tanks on the beach and their poop drain fields under kids are playing and digging in Gulf Trace, Inlet Beach, and more beaches in SoWal. If I was an owner, manager, realtor, TDC, or county, I would not want that liability of making people sick or even killing...
  23. Truman

    Spring Break 2020 AKA Spring Broke

    In case anyone is wondering, SoWal is very crowded with spring breakers this week.
  24. Truman

    30A Beach Trolley - Hop On, Hop Off

    About a 90% discount. Not sure the owners would consider that low but a season pass for locals is a good idea.. Since trolleys have been tried and failed surely the long term plan has to be some kind of sponsorships(s) and/or public funding. If public funding is hoped for then a low-cost pass...
  25. Truman

    30A Beach Trolley - Hop On, Hop Off

    What would you be willing to pay for a season pass?
  26. Truman

    Red Fish Taco Closed

    If it is not leased out then Redfish Taco will re-open for Spring Break. It is a cool place with topnotch food and service. The owners got spread a little thin to Auburn and Baton Rouge so it has been a tough go. That building is a tough nut with a huge upstairs space. If there is a problem with...
  27. Truman

    Topsail visitor inquiry - things to do, bike rental, bus?, food, things to see

    Today was a beautiful day with a high of about 65.Our spring is early but we could get a bit of a cold snap but rarely cooler than 50 with seventies possible. Figure on long sleeve or sweater weather. Drive east on 30A from Topsail and you will have a huge selection of great dining and shopping...
  28. Truman

    Red Fish Taco Closed

    It is this attitude that is ruining our community. That has ruined most of Florida. There is no ugly scrub in SoWal. Every plant is precious. Do you think we need to get rid of the ugly dunes? The ugly lakes? We have way too much clearing and destruction of our environment. A good restaurant...
  29. Truman

    30A Beach Trolley - Hop On, Hop Off

    Several have come and gone I don't know if there will be one this year.
  30. Truman

    We all share in the ownership and destiny of 30A, North and South Walton.

    Thanks for posting Dave - our community has always been positive overall and will shine through adversity! While we are headed down a path of over development like other place in Florida, we will do our best to protect and preserve the environment and people's right to enjoy nature. I urge...
  31. Truman

    Foodie Advice

    Fish Out of Water at WaterCcolor Inn, Paradis, Pescado, The Bay
  32. Truman

    Golf Cart & Beach Acccess

    No parking at that access, drop off only. You can park at accesses with parking.
  33. Truman

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    This should have been your first post. (Seaside is not the place to judge anything except the current fashions and morals of Atlanta) The people who own across the street are the ones who suffer greatly from "private" beaches. Often they go to the nearesst access and only have 50 feet of beach...
  34. Truman

    Construction in downtown Rosemary?

    The condo/commercial building isn't finished yet. But it's topped out so probably not as bad as when you were there.
  35. Truman

    Transforming Communities Through New Urbanism Symposium at Seaside Institute Sep 14-16

    It didn't start that way or intend it to be that way. The principles are valid even if Seaside is not a typical example. Tourist destinations create something aberrant. Always have.
  36. Truman

    Looking for Pottery Studio Space

    Check with Cultural Arts Alliance they have new pottery classes and equipment.
  37. Truman

    Keep Topsail Hill Preserve Intact!

    No thanks we don't need to carve up our state parks or invite people in to sensitive, hard to reach areas. We need habitat that is protected.
  38. Truman

    Late October 25th anniversary recommendations

    45 Central has closed and been replaced by Ji Shi ki-chn - serving small plates from 7am to 10pm.
  39. Truman

    Late October 25th anniversary recommendations

    Paradis Edward's Pescado Cafe Thirty-A Bud & Alley's Fish Out Of Water The Bay & North Beach Tortilla next to each other Basmati's Stinky's And on the 2nd day .... :lol:
  40. Truman

    Air Navigation Marker Returns to Grayton Beach

    Very interesting.
  41. Truman

    Debris on Beach

    There's a theory that it is Kurtbot.
  42. Truman

    So excited!

    Sushi - Shaka and Sushimoto Basmati's has some good sushi but their dinner entrees are the thing. Also good lunch menu. You'll enjoy Stinky's close to you, tourists and all it's great. As is the sister restaurant Redfish Taco in BMB. :welcome:
  43. Truman

    E-scooters in SoWal?

    This forum IS YOUR community, sorry you feel out of place. Not everyone is chasing dollars or bowing down to the almighty tourist. You can do business here and help us to preserve the quality of live and preserve what makes SoWal special. Be discriminating.
  44. Truman

    New Connector Road Between 30A and 98 East of Seagrove

    South Walton Community Council Phone (850) 314-3749 Website Facebook
  45. Truman

    New Connector Road Between 30A and 98 East of Seagrove

    Unfortunately times have changed. Back in the day (not too long ago) most people who lived here were passionate about preservation. Now most people who live here are chasing the buck, or just living a "normal" American life - busy and distracted. I urge people who are passionate about...
  46. Truman

    Happy Fourth!

    Great pics! Happy Birthday America!
  47. Truman

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    haha - Keep SoWal Charming is the traditional phrase.
  48. Truman

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    Good list but please use "South Walton" or "SoWal" - "30A" is too limiting and too touristy. We need to protect all of South Walton, not just the coastal road, or just the beach strip. We have wonderful rivers, creeks, bay, forests, wetlands, etc. Also "South Walton" covers Inlet Beach and...
  49. Truman

    Is it really behavior that caused the CU vs Private beach issue?

    I thought your proposal was a good one, and reasonable. Why didn't they implement?
  50. Truman

    Is it really behavior that caused the CU vs Private beach issue?

    Let's try and keep it civil on this thread please (good Behvior). :clap: Dave - as many on this forum have lamented for many years there is no enforcement. And can you really enforce behavior? Maybe somewhat, but I believe it is more of a standard that has to be set from the top down. Leaders...
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