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  1. steel1man

    Private/public beach

    You obviously do not of what you speak. These accesses you speak of are only for “Old Blue Mountain “ resistance and guess. Prove me wrong.
  2. steel1man

    Rampant development in South Walton

    Please don’t count on BCC... they are looking out for #1 as the saying goes...
  3. steel1man

    Misc St. Joe partners with Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville for ‘active adult community’

    Buffet has the lead on this project NOT Joe....
  4. steel1man

    Race Track Proposed in DeFuniak Springs

    Money shifted to SOWAL Beach Vendor Mafia.. to clutter the Most Beautiful UMBRELLA BEACHES
  5. steel1man

    5G in SoWal

    ATT and new towers powered up? That’s a joke..right? .. one by Franks in Grayton that’s it......
  6. steel1man

    Misc "The Washaway" in Grayton Beach Renovation

    Thanks to Walton County BCC...... they must be so proud of RUINING YOUR DREAMS
  7. steel1man

    Private/public beach

    That’s your rebuttal?????? The LAW means nothing to you? Going through the legal process in Tallahassee means nothing to you? Well Karen you and your little snowflakes can melt away America Doesn’t Care
  8. steel1man

    Private/public beach

    Check the neighborhood ordinance registered in Tallahassee.., why do you think there are So many No Parking signs. Any owner can call for a tow away. If you live in Old Blue Mountain Brach read you closing package
  9. steel1man

    Private/public beach

    BMB accesses are private for home owners ONLY..... public MUST us public access 50’ at end of South Highway 83..... HOMEOWNER.....
  10. steel1man

    Private/public beach

    Get use to it.... Walton County could care less..... they and the beach vendor mafia created it... Navarre beach is nice
  11. steel1man

    Pedestrian Tunnel Construction at East Scenic 30A & 98 Inlet Beach

    Will they use removed sand for beach renovations
  12. steel1man

    For Sale Freedom Boat Club Membership For Sale

    Where is the closest boat/dock/gulf access availability to 30A?
  13. steel1man

    Just Now

    What is the name of the new garden homes building on 393? Horton building???
  14. steel1man

    Heads up to Brickyard residents.....

    I’d say build the gate and answer questions later...... Government Has NO Control.....
  15. steel1man

    Spring Break 2021 - canceled?

    Great folks those atlantan’s
  16. steel1man

    For Sale Huckabee’s House...

    Your jealousy is showing
  17. steel1man

    For Sale Huckabee’s House...

    Pending records show DJT signature... Welcome Mr.President G.O.A.T.
  18. steel1man

    For Sale Huckabee’s House...

    For sale... who wants it? 861585
  19. steel1man

    Fried Chicken Lunch Special @Old Florida Fish House

    KFC-Popeyes-Bojangles wanta be $25.00. NOPE
  20. steel1man

    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    Persons who have had a severe allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine or to an injectable therapeutic may not receive the vaccine...... scary, plus what ingredients stirred into this stuff?
  21. steel1man

    For Rent 2 bedroom 21/2 bath townhouse

    Pets? ( small breed Frenchies
  22. steel1man

    Goatfeathers Annual Seafood Sale

    Normally Sunday after Thanksgiving.. Fill your Freezer Day. Any word on this year???
  23. steel1man

    Hurricane Zeta

    Zeta Girls!! It ain’t Spring Break.
  24. steel1man

    Before Chiringo?

    New Grayton corner cafe ( gone surfing) still open but Hurricane oyster bar?
  25. steel1man

    Before Chiringo?

    Fantastic fried shrimp.. miss them a lot
  26. steel1man

    Hurricane Delta

    Cat 3 to Cat 4 in 20 minutes!!! BREAKING: Explosive intensification. 20 mins after becoming Cat 3, #Delta catapults to Cat 4, w/ 130 mph winds. 90 mph increase in wind in under 28 hours. Strongest Greek-named storm on record. Update:
  27. steel1man

    State of Florida moves to Phase III

  28. steel1man

    State of Florida moves to Phase III

    NEW: Gov. Ron DeSantis lifts restrictions on restaurants and other businesses, moving to completely reopen Florida economy. (@ap)
  29. steel1man

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Per age group national CDC numbers just released New COVID-19 survival rates in age groups per CDC: 0-19: 99.997% 20-49: 99.98% 50-69: 99.5% 70 & over: 94.6% AMAZING NEWS!
  30. steel1man

    Scenic 30A Traffic Report

    The West End is the Best End of 30A... aka Quiet City
  31. steel1man

    Hurricane Sally

    Hearing BMB beach at access S.83 gone? Anyone seen this or have pics?
  32. steel1man

    Costco Coming Soon To Freeport

    But will the Paxton beach front owners let the government renourish “for almost free” the new beaches?
  33. steel1man

    South Walton Hurrican Season June through November

    #Bertha Sooner than Later.... inside 10 days possible GOM....
  34. steel1man

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Sandestin Saturday
  35. steel1man

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Stay Away.., better more friendly places
  36. steel1man

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

  37. steel1man

    Lakeside at Blue Mountain Beach

    Still in buisness... getting ready to build in Beach Highland on the private beach
  38. steel1man

    Louisiana Folks Pack Heavy (Prepare To Quarantine)

    Louisiana Connecticut NY and NJ..Banned WALTON COUNTY BCC APPROVES LIFTING OF SHORT-TERM RENTAL BAN During today's Emergency Meeting the Walton County BCC voted unanimously to lift the short-term rental ban effective immediately under guidelines approved by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. To...
  39. steel1man

    Louisiana Folks Pack Heavy (Prepare To Quarantine)

    Also includes NY,NJ and other states..
  40. steel1man

    Vacation Rental News & Info Regarding COVID-19

    Maintain adequate time between the conclusion of a guest stay and the check-in of the next guest stay for appropriate cleaning and sanitation. EO 20-86 Louisiana travelers MUST quarantine.....
  41. steel1man

    Louisiana Folks Pack Heavy (Prepare To Quarantine)

    EO 20-86 Vacation rental reservations, from areas identified by Governor DeSantis as high risk, through Executive Orders EO 20-86, Louisiana must be for periods longer than the quarantine period established in that Order. (14 days)
  42. steel1man

    Wildfire in South Walton: Updates - Arrest Made

    Appears may have been a flare up from a controlled burn a few days ago.. Anything to stop it with the heavy winds until the gulf ?
  43. steel1man

    Ending to Suspension of Vacation Rentals ?

    Spoiler Alert: You want be happy with this... Florida Phase 2 Rentals If the governor agrees with the task force recommendations for Phase 2, though, vacation rentals will be allowed to begin limited operations. According to the task force report, that would include: Open but operating for...
  44. steel1man

    Ending to Suspension of Vacation Rentals ?

    Even when rentals return.. there will be a 72 Hour wait before new guess can check end... so rental periods will not be every Sat.-Sat.
  45. steel1man

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    The new @IHME_UW model for Florida moves our projected peak from May 3 to April 21. Projected deaths per day also increased to 221 per day. Good news is that we are projected to need less ICU beds.
  46. steel1man

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    Did you report him? BBB, WCSO, try calling PCB TV investigation teams. If they want they can get your money back or fine evidence for a conviction
  47. steel1man

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    Unless you where paying cash for construction.... every bank I’ve contacted for construction loan have told me the builder MUST be on their approved lenders list... was this guy on any banks approved list?
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