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  1. florida girl

    Vintage Life in South Walton, Florida
  2. florida girl

    For Sale Huge tool sale!!

    I have a used Dewalt reciprocating saw for sale. $40. Works.
  3. florida girl

    Remove Septic Tanks on beaches and lakes

    They put styrofoam in drain fields?
  4. florida girl

    Job Available Lawn maintenance

    Call Ron @ 850-225-0713 or 850-571-8652. They are in SRB.
  5. florida girl

    Vintage Life in South Walton, Florida

    Enjoy over 90 images from the early 1900s, depicting what life was really like here in South Walton, Florida. Painstakingly compiled by Adrianne Walline Campbell, this 95-page photo book is in a large 8.5" x 11" format. All images were collected by the family of Ed Walline, known as one of South...
  6. florida girl

    Restored vintage photograph of a dog on the beach in South Walton, Florida

    Restored vintage photograph of a dog on the beach in South Walton, Florida with custom re-purposed frame.
  7. florida girl

    Vintage South Walton images

    What South Walton used to be in photo available on many things!
  8. florida girl

    How do I get rid of gas grill?

    Put a sign on it that says $50 and set it next to your trash cans.
  9. florida girl

    Enforcing Beach Ordinances - Revenue Opportunity?

    Dad, Ed Walline, used to load up the dogs and take them to the beach because the gulf water was excellent for their skin problems. He didn't have a permit, and they weren't leashed. He would have been upset about glass on the beach, and smoking pot, but then again, they've been smoking pot on...
  10. florida girl

    dryer repair?

    What's wrong with it?
  11. florida girl

    A Bit of SoWal History

    Not really. Cool breezes and lots of open windows, high ceilings, elevated foundation.
  12. florida girl

    Need Portable generator repair

    Call Ron @ 850-225-0713.
  13. florida girl

    A Bit of SoWal History

  14. florida girl

    A Bit of SoWal History

    Ed died in 1975, he was 65.
  15. florida girl

    Love bugs and biting flies.

    Dog flies have been terrible!
  16. florida girl

    Job Available House cleaner

    Have you found someone? I know someone who may be able to assist.
  17. florida girl

    I need an irrigation well dug.....Anyone got any recommendations?

    John Martin, son of Sam Martin Well Drilling. 892-3235
  18. florida girl

    Dog flies are terrible!

    They're horrible on the bay yesterday!
  19. florida girl

    Dog flies are terrible!

    Anyone noticed the dog flies? They are out in abundance!
  20. florida girl

    Old Photographs Wanted

    After the wedding of Ed and Jane Walline, 1952, on the beach.
  21. florida girl

    aerial spraying for mosquitoes

    The aerial spraying was done by the state for many years for Dog Flies, until our esteemed leaders succumbed to the pressure by those who compared it to Hitler's gas, a couple of years ago. As Vernon Bishop said, he's in his 90's and was a founding father and director of the SWMC, he used to...
  22. florida girl

    mosquito board - can someone explain to me?

    For which statement? My dad and his family contracted Malaria, and no reason was given for the termination of Stephen.
  23. florida girl

    Going to shell island with a 3.5 yr old. Who do we use to get over there?

    If you want a ton of shells, go on further to Indian Pass, or Apalachicola. You have to wear shoes on the beach over there! We have a ledge just out from the beach that catches most of the shells, but there it's diminished. Big shells too!
  24. florida girl

    one tourist chronicles

    The black sand isn't naturally occurring all over the beach. It started when the clean up workers for BP drove their vehicles through the *** and tracked it all over, particularly from the waters edge to the access. It never was like that.
  25. florida girl

    Licensed Mechanic?

    Try Sunshine Shuttle.
  26. florida girl

    Wanted: handyman

    If you haven't found someone, I have a tenant that would be able to.
  27. florida girl

    mosquito board - can someone explain to me?

    So, why did you fire Stephen? I would like to add to that article that there was an outbreak of Malaria here in SoWal too.
  28. florida girl

    A fish question for you -- Small sharks?

    Some years ago a study was done and was discovered that sharks breed in the warm waters of the gulf, particularly in the bays and inlets.
  29. florida girl

    West Bay Parkway - [Update: Preferred Route Chosen]

    Build AFTER Hwy 331 is 4-laned!
  30. florida girl

    Horse back riding through state forrest in Santa Rosa Beach

    Horses are nothing new in the woods of South Walton!
  31. florida girl

    Shell hunting and best photo shoot location?

    Great shells are found over in Apalachicola! The ridge just off shore here keeps the big shells from coming up. There's so many shells just East of us, that you should wear shoes on the beach!
  32. florida girl

    Horse back riding through state forrest in Santa Rosa Beach

    Just don't let them eat the Mulberry's, and watch out for snakes!
  33. florida girl

    Driftwood lamps

    I sure can! I have several pieces that I could make a floor lamp out of!
  34. florida girl

    Driftwood lamps

    You can check them out here. I have more lamp designs, and also working on driftwood tables!
  35. florida girl

    Driftwood lamps

    Local driftwood from the shores of the Choctawhatchee Bay, various types of wood, shown below is one of Red Cedar or Juniper, and a root of Poplar. Natural un-varnished, custom built base. One of a kind natural art! (Cat not included!)
  36. florida girl

    Art by Patricia Cameron

    Prints come with logo removed.
  37. florida girl

    Bookshelves for a poorly teacher...

    I build things out of driftwood, maybe I can help.
  38. florida girl

    Need filling home a/c refrigerant

    Clark's is good too.
  39. florida girl

    Choctawhatchee River Paddle Trail

    The Choctawhatchee River is very dangerous. The water is deep, very swift, and murky, and you cannot see what's under you. Anyone who travels this river, or it's branches, must be very skilled. It isn't Disney World folks.
  40. florida girl

    Santa Rosa Beach Community Church History

    This was taken in July on 1955 of the Community Church.
  41. florida girl

    Wanted Lawn Mower

    Call Ron @ 850-571-8652. He repairs and sells used mowers.
  42. florida girl

    Art by Patricia Cameron

    My mother bought several paintings by Patricia Cameron back in the 80's here in South Walton, and after she died, I began the search to locate information about the artist. I have found her, and she is delighted to have her work reprinted. One particular painting is called Blossoms, which she...
  43. florida girl

    Anyone know a person who can repair a lawn mower?

    LAWN MOWER & EQUIPMENT REPAIR Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Experienced lawn mower and equipment repair available and grass cutting services. Also, experienced woodworker available to repair, refinish, or build new furniture and assorted woodworking projects. Call Ron at 850-213-6355 or...
  44. florida girl

    Fishing in Choctawhatchee Bay

    Uploaded photos and Walton Sun link on the Clamming post.
  45. florida girl

    Clamming in the bay?

    ‘IT'S NOT OVER': As year ends, officials reflect on oil spill | oil, ends, totality - Local News - The photos of the Choctawhatchee Bay were taken in February of this year.
  46. florida girl

    Did you hear about the new bike law?

    Effective 09/01/10 316.2065(5) Bicyclist must remain in a bicycle lane if a lane is provided. If a specified lane is not provided, bicyclist must stay as close as practicable to the right.
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