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  1. Seasider

    Lack of human presence on the beach

    More tire tracks than ever
  2. Seasider

    Transporation Options from Northwest Florida Regional Airport (VPS) to Seaside

    I recommend Beachside Express: 850-685-3586. $68 for up to 3 people. Not sure how much for two extra people.
  3. Seasider

    Enforcing Beach Ordinances - Revenue Opportunity?

    I remember more enforcement against glass bottles and dogs on the beach before the lifeguards were present. There were more frequent patrols of the beach by the sheriff's officers back then. You could not have glass bottles on the beach without getting caught back then. There is not the same...
  4. Seasider

    Lowering the speed limit on 30A?

    How about improving and widening the multi-use path along the 45 mph stretches so that it could accomodated both low speed electric vehicles and "high speed" bikes that would ordinarily be on the road?
  5. Seasider

    Bicyclists on 30A

    If I am in a hurry, I will drive Highway 98. Scenic 30A is better enjoyed at a relaxed pace and the cyclists never bother me. What's the rush? Why stress out?
  6. Seasider

    Updates about Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (NWFBIA)

    SW cannot direct connect into Dallas until 2014 when the Wright Amendment expires. Houston can be a direct connect, but Dallas will be a one stop at best.
  7. Seasider

    South Walton Sports Complex Update

    Don't need it. Don't want it. Bed taxes should be going to maintain the beaches, not diverted to other spending.
  8. Seasider

    Seaside Chapel Changes

    The Seaside Chapel is NOT closed. I received an email this week which I post below: "We have made a change in our management of the Chapel and have begun a summer series of visiting pastors....we will make those announcement as those are arranged and post them on our web site, Seaside...
  9. Seasider

    fishing guides launching from beach

    Isn't Grayton Beach a fishing village?
  10. Seasider

    Speed Limit Grayton

    How is it that they can be "unaware" of the new speed limit? The signs have been there for several weeks. I can see the potential problems of cars backing out onto 30A from Borago at night, but 15 mph is too slow and begs to be ignored.
  11. Seasider

    Speed Limit Grayton

    Any further word on the 15 mph limit? It is really too slow to comply with, even though I try. 25 mph seems to be the lowest, reasonably enforceable limit on 30A.
  12. Seasider

    Turtle Traps in Seaside

    Big shovels should be banned from the beach during turtle season.
  13. Seasider

    Another good reason to rent from Big Daddy's

    Big Daddy's is the only place to buy. They carry the best bikes that will hold up in the coastal environment. They are great people and take care of their customers.
  14. Seasider

    Speed Limit Grayton

    The speed limit signs are very unobtrusive. You really have to look for them. They should at least have signs warning of an uncoming speed zone. Or at least "Congested Area Ahead". If you are not on the lookout for the signs, you will probably miss them like I did the first few times. If I...
  15. Seasider

    seaside walkovers

    Savannah and Pensacola have aluminum walkovers. East Ruskin, West Ruskin, Odessa, and Natchez have had wooden walkovers installed this week. Tupelo is the only street without a walkover.
  16. Seasider

    Charlie Modica, Sr.

    Good news on Mr. Modica: Yesterday afternoon (Friday), Mr. Modica had an additional angioplasty procedure. The main coronary artery was opened up successfully and stints were placed into this artery to make it as permanent as possible. He tolerated the procedure very well. Most likely...
  17. Seasider

    Seaside - sand

    Sand is being placed against some of the dunes in Seaside and Watercolor to protect them. In Seaside, Seaside Commumnity Development has bought sand to protect the dunes in the center of the beach. Some of the gulf front owners have bought sand to protect the dunes in front of their homes, and...
  18. Seasider

    Allow private seawall on a public beach?

    What's up with all the "emergency" walls on vacant lots?
  19. Seasider

    Second Homes.....NY Times

    I am a past subscriber. NYT is a rag. Entertainment value only.
  20. Seasider

    Where do you buy/store bikes in SoWal

    I have been told never to use WD40 on a bike, that although it displaces water and provides some lubricant, it attracts dirt, hence salt and sand in a coastal environment. It is better to use a wax based lubricant such as White Lightning. I would be interested to know if anyone has found...
  21. Seasider

    Where do you buy/store bikes in SoWal

    I recommend the Jamis bikes from Big Daddy's in Blue Mountain. They may cost a few bucks more than WalMart, but hold up great in this environment. They also carry the correct lubricants to properly maintain your bikes. You can't use WD-40 in the sand.
  22. Seasider

    Bud & Alley's has a new chef

    I've heard great reviews of the new food. Can't wait to get in and try it out!
  23. Seasider

    Inclusionary Zoning?

    Forcing developers to build affordable housing does not necessarily solve the problem. What happens on the resale of the affordable units? Do they stay affordable? Or do they adjust to market values? Perhaps a development, north of 98, with adequate density, could be built affordably if land...
  24. Seasider

    Best place to buy a mattress

    Sleep to Live, in Destin, was a good source for me.
  25. Seasider

    Is a one night stay possible on 30-A?....

    Try the Seaside condos or guest houses. Dreamland Heights or 25 Central Square are great. They always have one bedroom accomodations available. Don't bother reserving, but just check to see what is available when you arrive and ask for a well priced unit. I have done it many times and have...
  26. Seasider

    Cell Phone Reception

    Have any of the cell services improved their coverage lately?
  27. Seasider

    Seawalls, Geo-tubes, Beach Scraping and Beach Nourishment. What is the answer?

    I understand that the beach needs 50 yards of depth and 10 years between hurricanes to allow the dunes to rebuild naturally.
  28. Seasider

    Seaside Review -- Oct. 1-8

    The sand for the dunes was the expensive part. The Natchez stairs cost closer to $20k. $80k was an early estimate.
  29. Seasider

    Seaside Review -- Oct. 1-8

    Great review! The Seaside dunes and walkovers were perfectly restored after Hurricane Ivan last year at a cost close to $1,000,000. I am sure that once hurricane and turtle season is over, restoration from this year's destruction will commence. Most of the money to do the repair work must...
  30. Seasider

    What's in your beach fridge?

    Plenty of Stella. Shrimp and Key Lime pie from Shrimpers. Champagne.
  31. Seasider

    Spray windex on jelly fish stings?

    Meat tenderizer seems to work ok and it is easy to carry a small bottle of the powder in a beach bag. For chiggers there is a product available at drugstores called Chiggerid. It is a liquid that you dab on and it hardens up stopping the itch.
  32. Seasider

    Franchises and Chains

    I appreciate the decision that Robert Davis made to exclude chain stores and restaurants from Seaside.
  33. Seasider

    Beach Pavilion at Seaside

    The steps were washed away by Ivan and not recovered. They were completely rebuilt using Juniper wood as originally constructed by the Jersey Devils. TS Arlene damaged the steps and the bottom couple of sections were washed down the beach. Dennis came in and finished the job, completely...
  34. Seasider

    Sales on 30A for July/Aug 2005

    Could it be that the market was undervalued in 2004?
  35. Seasider

    Sales on 30A for July/Aug 2005

    The houses sold this year closed at prices substantially higher than last year. The rapid runup in prices is indeed slowing the market, but I have not seen any evidence of market wide price pull back in Seaside.
  36. Seasider

    Sales on 30A for July/Aug 2005

    I counted 17 closings in Seaside through July. There were two more houses pending to close in August. All have been over $1mm. Most were substantially more. Seaside has the good fortune to be above the flood zone and behind the dunes.
  37. Seasider

    How's the beach?

    The water was perfect today. Very clear and warm.
  38. Seasider

    How's the beach?

    The beaches at Seaside are as good as they were Pre-Katrina and Post-Dennis. The water is clear and calm. The first sandbar seems bigger and shallower. Only knee deep yesterday afternoon. The sky is clear and the weather is fine. We expect to have another perfect day at the beach today.
  39. Seasider

    If You Read This - You're hair stands up

    Good coverage. Thanks.
  40. Seasider

    If You Read This - You're hair stands up

    Does anyone know of alternate coverage to TWC coming straight out of NOLA? The simulcasts on were invaluable during the landfall of Dennis. They had much more objective coverage and better radar graphics than was available from the national coverage. I can only hope that the...
  41. Seasider

    Hurricane Shutters

    Agreed. The impact glass is designed to withstand the impact of a 2x4 shot at 100 mph. Standard storm rated windows and glass will not do that. If a window is busted out by a flying object, the structure itself must be designed to withstand the internal pressure introduced by the hurricane...
  42. Seasider

    Hurricane Shutters

    The code requires windows and doors to be storm rated to 130 mph 3 second gusts. If the structure is designed to withstand internal pressure, impact glass or shutters are not necessary.
  43. Seasider

    Hurricane Katrina - II

    I heard that Jim stayed over in SoWal last night. I'm glad he moved west early this morning.
  44. Seasider

    When do YOU evacuate?

    If you are going to go, it is best to go early and beat the traffic. The north/south routes get heavily congested and fuel supplies can disappear. On the other hand, after leaving for Ivan and Dennis, many people will stay put to avoid the hassle of returning to their homes.
  45. Seasider

    Hurricane Katrina - I

    Re: Hurricane Katrina It is going to be a long weekend watching the computer tracking models as the march of this thing turns northward towards our beaches.
  46. Seasider

    photos Seaside / Rosemary Aug 25 2005

    Scrapings by the county only. No sand has been trucked in. Fortunately, Seaside has not rebuilt any walkovers.
  47. Seasider

    Wi-Fi or Internet access

    Fermentations has closed, but Rendevous recently opened where Studio 210 was in Ruskin Place. It is a very cool place to have a glass of wine.
  48. Seasider

    Wi-Fi or Internet access

    Sundog Books in Seaside has an open hotspot that works well sitting at a table on the front porch, or if it is too hot, they have a comfortable computer/reading lounge upstairs. I used it last weekend. There were several laptops going and the signal was just fine.
  49. Seasider

    Dennis - damage reports & requests - merged to this thread

    The weather is great and the crowds are down. The beaches look like they did after Ivan, but the dunes are more heavily scarped. Lack of access points is a nuisance, but not too much trouble. I am happy just to be here; grillin and chillin...
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