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  1. just bling it

    Captain with WCSO Arrested For Assualt

    Have you happened to see any interesting court filings lately lol. Check it out.
  2. just bling it

    Captain with WCSO Arrested For Assualt

    Ohhh. Gotcha. We assumed it was the John David Pool guy. In the documents, it stated a copy was mailed to him.
  3. just bling it

    Captain with WCSO Arrested For Assualt

    If the boyfriend remains, I bet the red neck will threaten again. Read the court records in this.
  4. just bling it


    It's Spring and things happen! We thought our rescue bunnies were unable to have babies. Surprise! These baby Flemish Giants need loving forever homes. We walk ours on leashes. Great family pets. Ready for loving families in 2 weeks!
  5. just bling it

    For Rent 3 bedroom single family near Oyster Lake

    Thank you! We love it. Forced to move to care for family, but we adore the home, neighbors and location.
  6. just bling it

    Job Available Need help with landscaping

    Need someone to clean out small flower beds before Tuesday. These have been pretty well maintained so not a horrible job. Must be done before Tuesday. Hurt my arm and cannot do it. Cash.
  7. just bling it

    South Walton Sports Complex Update

    We are glad Mrs. Meadows is fighting for our children! This new complex is so terribly needed!
  8. just bling it

    Adoption Older kitten

    We have a gorgeous grey, spayed kitten for adoption. She is 1/2 Highland Lynx (more dog like personality) with long, fluffy hair. She likes to spend time outside and we have unfriendly neighbors who don't like cats. Thanks
  9. just bling it

    Black Bear Sightings

    Actually, new trash containers ARE on the way to the school. Too many looney toons live in this area who value animals over humans. I would use any one of my many guns to kill an animal if necessary! May the animals eat the loons first ;)
  10. just bling it

    Pediatric Dentist

    Hi, looking for a great pediatric dentist.
  11. just bling it

    Walking partner

    That's a great idea, I will do that!
  12. just bling it

    Walking partner

    Looking for someone to walk/exercise with after I drop my child at school. I see several people walking together on the bike path but just don't know anyone yet.
  13. just bling it

    Need a Pediatrician

    Great! Thank you all!
  14. just bling it

    Need a Pediatrician

    Hi All. Need a great pediatrician. Yes, I know I recently asked about a vet too. Please feel free to inform me of any other similar subjects as our family is trying to learn lol.
  15. just bling it

    Need a veterinarian

    Thank you all so much! Love our babies and appreciate the help from each of you for them :)
  16. just bling it

    Need a veterinarian

    Hi all, we just moved to SoWal and would appreciate your recommendations for a good veterinarian.
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