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    St. Joe Company Cleans House

    certainly all that land can be used for least growing switch grass for Bushie fuel, or maybe if there was a weed used legally for medicinal purposes. Imagine the Value Jump Joey !!!
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    from foreclosure to affordable housing

    Try contacting the Walton Community Development Corp. I think a very small portion of the $50 million stimulus that Walton received went to a few individuals as affordable loans but I'm not aware of any large projects in the works.
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    Sen. Gaetz wants to Close the Department of environmental Protection and the DCA

    Sorry about that Mr. O. you are right that the issue is of great importance. I went back and read Richards/SWCC post from 2005 between the county and the DCA in regards to the dismantling of the comprehensive plan. It is a very good piece as is the photo journalism piece done during the seawall...
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    Sen. Gaetz wants to Close the Department of environmental Protection and the DCA

    FEMA is making rumblings about not wanting to issue flood insurance in areas seward of the cccl. Currently you can under insure a beach front condo building at a rate of $250,000/unit. Good coverage for a beachfront manch is about a $30,000 annual bill including extra flood insurance. And every...
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    Sen. Gaetz wants to Close the Department of environmental Protection and the DCA

    Really all the senator is trying to say is "it's a matter of simple justice" How dare a lesser taxing authority try to out tax his taxing authority!
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    Article - JOE: A tale of 2 developments | Einhorn?s presentation

    I think Joe just gave over daily ops to the homeowner's association at Watersound.
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    Walton County Taxpayers Association Annual Meeting

    i found the lack of specific ways to cut spending very informative indeed. when revenues and spending return to 2000-2003ish levels I'll pay for the banner that says mission accomplished. also did anyone notice the county had a supplemental $50 million from stimulus in 2010? I know where that...
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    Sale price per sqare foot question in Rosemary Beach

    855, 778, 697, 548, 417...if you just want to look at average per square foot prices on sold homes since 2006
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    Google to drop property for sale or rent from Google maps

    or maybe they just cleared the space for more porn.
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    St Joe stock plunges over 20% in two days

    nah but that would be hilarious. They are being investigated for possible insider trading in regards to other now defunct/defunked companies, as you already know I'm pretty sure.
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    St Joe stock plunges over 20% in two days

    no Lynnie but the hedge funds that are shorting Joe heavily are.
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    St Joe stock plunges over 20% in two days

    also once you know how the bubble "system" works it is easy to swoop in after the crash and pick up individual stocks that are favored by the ibanks and thusly guaranteed profits with their relationships with the fed. Plus you can pick up a few other honest companies that just happen to loose...
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    St Joe stock plunges over 20% in two days

    there is an ogoing interesting bit of "reasearch" being done by the justice department on insider trading and other wall street activities and guess whose name keeps on popping up?
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    queen bee cupcakes

    Run out of business by walmart eh?:lolabove:
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    About the Walton County TDC

    TDC in NOT funded exclusively through the 4.5% bed tax. Don't they take additional tax $$$ for beach restoration from state and federal?:idontno:
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    Schools to Reduce Reading Coaches

    While I will mostly agree with your IMO I only wish to point out that school taxes doubled in the state by 81% or so from 2000-2007 to $13,231,257,749 and over 100% in Walco. In 2009 Walco schools taxed $65,896,308. Year after year the cash rolled in. Is there none in savings? Must taxes and...
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    Schools to Reduce Reading Coaches

    With all due respect I truly can not figure out how the school board is out of money after how much they collected from 2000 to 2007 alone. Where does it all go? free lunches? transportation? lost by bad investments? over spent on building? paying for legal defense?
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    BankAtlantic has been plying the secondary loan-sales market for about $187 million in distressed loans on Florida properties. This transaction made the buyer successor to the $52 million foreclosure in progress. BA probably will provide recourse or nonrecourse financing later. Either that or...
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    Coastal Vision 3000 Bought by FRLA

    I think what it amounts to is that the lobbyist and biggest of developers have finally convinced the politicians that they could give them more "perks" (serve the public) if the pols give the lobs and devs tax money directly. You know it is just so messy trying to collect voluntary donations...
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    BCC Votes To Pay New TDC Director $125,000 per year

    There is no way to measure and give credit to a TDC director for rental occupancy. My vision of the future is for smaller government with less money. What makes anyone think that a government can do better marketing to attract tourist than the owners of the property for rent. In this age of...
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    BCC Votes To Pay New TDC Director $125,000 per year

    Haas Center says Walco collected $10,583,218 in bed taxes in 2009. 7 of the 12 months 09 collections were a little less than in 2008 and the other 5 months 09 collections were a little up.
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    BCC Votes To Pay New TDC Director $125,000 per year

    Just a quick question please. How can you measure how much $$$ the TDC brings into the county?
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    Nature Walk Part Deux? :biggrin: Did I detect a deed transfer on the neighborhood?
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    Interim-Director Agreement for TDC

    Just a thought but hopefully the ongoing oil spill should put an end to the discussion of hiring another person to the TDC payroll. All funds for marketing and advertising that are not already allocated should be used for beach clean up.
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    Florida #1 in Mortgage Fraud

    We're number 1, we're number 1, Whoohooo! Caveat emptor! Thanks for the consumer protection y'all! If the comp does not work for you just don't use it. It's working for banks and governments alike. we're number 1, we're number 1, whoohoo!
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    TDC and EDC Incorporated into the Chamber of Commerce?

    historically chambers lobby governments on behalf of their largest member contributors. The National Chapter seems to be doing lots of bank "reform" lobbying on behalf of the banks. On a local level now might be a good time to do a 2 column TDC and Chamber list and do the old line drawing to...
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    SB6 Punishment of Teachers Bill Passed in the Middle of the NIght

    Or better yet just go back and check since 2000 the increase in $$$ spent vs the increase in achievement.
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    SB6 Punishment of Teachers Bill Passed in the Middle of the NIght

    You are so correct. May we agree that we we could reduce spending on education by half or $6.5 billion and still have same student achievement results? We did that in 2000.
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    SB6 Punishment of Teachers Bill Passed in the Middle of the NIght

    Florida Public School Taxes levied more than doubled in the eight year period from 2000 to 2007, from roughly $6.5 billion to $13.2 billion. Compare the student achievement to that and most people would suggest everyone on every level would be fired if held accountable.
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    Alun Osborn Beats County

    understandable why walco can't even hire a full time county attorney.
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    SB6 Punishment of Teachers Bill Passed in the Middle of the NIght

    You tend to have draconian laws when you are facing draconian budget cuts. Taxes would nerver support Aristotle in the class room. He would cost a fortune with this new law. But then I'm sure they'll find a way not pay him what he's worth.
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    Walton County Taxpayers' Association Annual Meeting 3/4/10

    Any comments about last nights meeting here or on the wcta website would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    What's up at the Seaside Post Office? [update: new Seaside Stage]

    the folks from lsu love that big purple wall...:biggrin:
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    Mortgage contracts and moral obligation

    You guys may want to start paying attention to the battles between elizabeth warren and christopher dodd. There are articles attached to todays huffington post and reuters...
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    Tourist Development Tax Seminars

    BH: (I Know everyone hopes you are right on that.)
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    Tourist Development Tax Seminars

    Looks like Jan. through Sept. 2009 Walton county bed taxes collected dropped about 6.5% or $666,000 over the same time period 2008.
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    New Short Sale Guidelines Encourage Sweeping Changes to Short Sale Process

    Banks are hiring "servicers" to handle their sh%t sales, I mean short sales. That's another job created by the new admin in Washington and another middle man to the transaction, and another guaranty that the re debacle will continue for several years to come. A free market seeking an...
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    New Short Sale Guidelines Encourage Sweeping Changes to Short Sale Process

    so which part of the pimp-ho relationship did you not understand?:lol:
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    Join Bud & Alley's Local's Club If you live in 32459 - 32461 zip code and get 15% off

    why not have locals just present their id's to get the discount?
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    Is anybody making any money around here?

    2008 year end unemployment rate was 4.4% for Walton. underemployment rate was 95% i just made up that last stat but the first line is probably just as useless.
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    Taste of "THE Beach(TM)"

    if you combine information from another thread about what pooches have been "leaving behind" in the sand, tickets for Taste of the Beach should go like hot cakes.
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    Walton County Raises Milage Rate

    the cost per capita for Walco is closer to $4500, highest among panhandle counties. Average per capita income is about 2/3 rd of state averages. For all Florida counties property taxes levied in 2002 were $17.77 Billion by 2006 they were $30.4 Billion a 71% increase. Walco's increase was more...
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    Walton County Raises Milage Rate

    According to PA's from around the state they will need to cut at least another 8 million again next year. Walco levied almost $139 million in total property taxes alone in 2008. I'm pretty sure they can deliver servies with a take of a mere 130 million. Wasn't long ago they could deliver the...
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    Walton County Raises Milage Rate

    Ah, it's only death by 1000 cuts. Without the millage increase they would only have a $100,293,000 budget to work with. And that would just be to sad to think about.
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    Publix at South Walton (Store #1258) opening 8/26/09

    note to self...don't open a coffe shop, or video store, or real estate office or consignment furniture store or science toy store candy store or cup cake shop or...:wave:
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    Coastal Resort Mrket - How did we get here?

    okay now i see what you mean. there were "those 3 years" that they were hard to find. Let's never speak of that time again.
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    Coastal Resort Mrket - How did we get here?

    actually that never stopped happening. Wonder why someone would sell a cash positive re asset? Tired of making $$$?
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