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  1. SkinShark

    Fried Crab Claws?

    Hurricanes has them.
  2. SkinShark

    Pretty excited about first home build but have so many questions!

    Following. I am in your same boat. Looking for around the same thing. I've done lots of research on "finishes"...and have some great ideas to use inexpensive finishes in replace of high end finishes. Keep us updated on what you find. Please feel free to PM me if you have a negative experience...
  3. SkinShark


    Before I ask the question I should mention that I do have a realtor, but I want an unbiased answer... What is up with all the new construction that we have going on that doesn't include a garage? Or they have a one car garage with parking for one? Where are people supposed to park, or store...
  4. SkinShark

    Looking to build

    I looking for something 2500-3000 square feet, one story, my budget is $500,000. I have not bought a lot yet. Just curious to what it would cost to build. Or am I dreaming?
  5. SkinShark

    Looking to build

    I am looking for a builder that has experience with mid-century modern homes. Need help-there are so many builders in the area.
  6. SkinShark

    331 bridge Construction

    The new bridge is way higher than the "old" bridge. If they are planning on keeping it, it looks weird to me. I'm to young to remember the draw bridge that was there originally. But, I did enjoy reading about it in the book "the way we were". After reading the story of Clyde Wells, I had a...
  7. SkinShark

    331 bridge Construction

    My daughter asked me yesterday as we were going over the bridge, what is going to happen to the old bridge? Are they going to sink it with TNT like they do in the movies? Just curious if anyone has an answer? Fun to watch?
  8. SkinShark

    Wanted 2-3 bedrooms and/or with flex space

    Did you find something??
  9. SkinShark

    Hiya! About to become a local!

    Pm me if you are interested in a four bedroom, 2000 square foot home for $2100 a month. Cute neighborhood. Great location.
  10. SkinShark

    Why are posts so vague on this thread / long term rentals?

    I know of a four bedroom 2000 sq ft house in Eagle Bay that is about to come up for long term rental. The price is $2100. This is a great family neighborhood with a restaurant and a public boat ramp to the bay. When do you need to move in? Pm me if interested.
  11. SkinShark

    For Sale Cultured marble vanity top

    Still available-someone just come get it...
  12. SkinShark

    For Sale Cultured marble vanity top

    Any offer would be great! I really just want to get rid of it....probably will take it to Habitat if nobody needs it....
  13. SkinShark

    For Sale Cultured marble vanity top

    Countertop only-cultured marble-36w x 19deep Comes in three pieces, could be cut down to something shorter...make offer...
  14. SkinShark

    Messina's at Gulf Place Shuts Doors

    Wine World's "The Craft Bar"...or something similar. We need somewhere to watch football where you don't have to show up early to get a seat to watch your game.
  15. SkinShark

    Terra Mar Apartments Raising Rents

    If the rent is rising that is good news for me! Maybe the housing prices will go up just as equally. Supply and demand folks. I hope to make money off my house in the future!!
  16. SkinShark

    New stuff at Grand Boulevard

    I am scared of the congestion it will bring. As of this week, which is probably the busiest other than the holiday weekends I can glide just past GB before hitting any traffic. I could always count on shopping at GB without any real hassle. I hope I am wrong. I love chicken sandwiches just as...
  17. SkinShark

    Pizza in Seagrove

    The short drive to Grayton is well worth it for The Pickle Factory. It's super thin and non-oily and doesn't make you feel like a greasy blimp afterword. I don't normally eat pizza due to the fact that id rather waste my calories on chocolate cake. But the tai pizza is so good...I think it...
  18. SkinShark

    Weird SoWal Summer

    The yellow flies seem weird also. Maybe due to all our flooding...but yes, it's been a weird environmental year....
  19. SkinShark

    County Wants State Park Land at Topsail for Beach Access

    Why are we even discussing this? Let's use the money being spent on talking about it on our schools. Waste of time. Leave our beautiful parks alone!
  20. SkinShark

    Moving to South Walton, tell me about the schools

    So dramatic people!! What ever happened to being positive? Last I heard, the largest population of our schools are the parents of the children that we send there. If all the parents would volunteer and be present it would drastically change our classrooms. Let's see all of you sign up...
  21. SkinShark

    Bye Bye Seagrove Village Market Cafe

    Then it's just bad architecture. I would've somehow built something to blend in with existing buildings. "The way we were" before the new structure was built. The modern building could have easily been "old Florida design" with exactly the same square footage as the future building. People would...
  22. SkinShark

    Bye Bye Seagrove Village Market Cafe

    I get the whole impact fees. I don't get that our roads will be more dangerous for walkers and bicyclers. I also get that it was sold. I think our local govnt is not protecting what this town was built on. I think it's sad that we are selling the buildings that are considered "historic". We...
  23. SkinShark

    Bye Bye Seagrove Village Market Cafe

    Anybody out there have any statistics in how many weeks we are at 100% capacity per a year. We are not in a shortage for hotel rooms. With more rooms we bring more traffic, which we are already having a issue with. The difference is a private company comes and and builds, then the tax payers...
  24. SkinShark

    Bye Bye Seagrove Village Market Cafe

    It amazes me that Walton county does not take action to protect our historic buildings. We are not in shortage of amazing architects, you would think we would celebrate the life of Ed Walline and what he did to build our little community. He figured out how to build those little concrete block...
  25. SkinShark

    Gregg Allman to Rock Gulf Place May 28, 2014

    I think there is a more tactful way of marking down tickets. They could have done promotions through our local retailers so not to hurt anyone's feelings. When promoters do that, they are setting themselves up for backlash. The same thing happened when SEASIDE attempted the Jazz Festival with...
  26. SkinShark

    Gregg Allman to Rock Gulf Place May 28, 2014

    Ps. I kind of feel like I need a refund..
  27. SkinShark

    Gregg Allman to Rock Gulf Place May 28, 2014

    Gregg was awesome!!! Was very disappointed that the "super" VIP packages were not advertised to the general public. This included a table with chairs, food and Grayton Beach Beer. I guess we are not that important enough in sowal to have the privilege of paying extra for the "super" VIP...
  28. SkinShark

    For Sale Gregg Allman

    Sold:) can't wait!
  29. SkinShark

    For Sale Gregg Allman

    Have two General Admission tickets for this Wednesday night, in Gulf Place... Will take face value or best offer. Pm me for details. Thanks!
  30. SkinShark

    Fishing rods for Rent?

    Call Yellowfin in watercolor or Grayton beach...
  31. SkinShark

    $1850 / 3br - 3bath 1592ft² - Soak Up The Sun!

    This is the property that floods on east Hewitt road. The owners put in a new gravel driveway that is elevated above the last flood we had. Hope it fixes the problem. Great location!
  32. SkinShark

    My Wish List for SoWal

    A Trader Joe's would be great at the Sandestin Market Shops!!! I've thought that for years. I wouldn't mind an auto parts store on 98 in SRB also--I'm against all fast food, and huge big box stores. Further in Destin I wish we could get a crate&barrell or a West Elm. Maybe by Destin commons...
  33. SkinShark

    For Sale Sofa Sleeper for Sale

    Call resort resale...they will come get it from you and give you half of what they sell it for. I think you could get more than $150...
  34. SkinShark

    I rarely recommend (unless computer related),

    We always get our bread from crust when we do a seafood boil. So yummy and fresh!
  35. SkinShark

    Wanted Will dig perennials

    Also-I will not take all the plants if you don't want me to, I am willing to just thin them out...thanks again!
  36. SkinShark

    Wanted Will dig perennials

    Was wondering if anyone in the South Walton area is willing to let me come gig up some of your mature perennial plants? I am looking for things such as iris, day lilies, or daisies...I don't have anything to share, but when these plants mature, I will surely pass them on. You can PM me. Thanks!
  37. SkinShark


    SKINSHARK Sun Protection Systems is pleased to announce the launch of their 2014 summer 'revenue sharing' program. Under terms of the program and with cooperation from partner locations, SKINSHARK will install their revolutionary sunscreen spray stations at key locations including public beach...
  38. SkinShark

    Metal detecting & Disc Golf

    Ps. I believe there is an ordinance against metal detectors in Sowal...not sure, but did hear that once..
  39. SkinShark

    Metal detecting & Disc Golf

    There is no official disc golf course in SRB. I tried to get one at Topsail State Park last year, but they declined due to not having enough room?? I'm pretty sure they don't understand the game, and that trees are usually hazards in the game, and that no tree would be harmed in the construction...
  40. SkinShark

    Best deliverd pizza blue mt. Bch

    The Pickle Factory has the best pizza ever!! It's super thin, and the toppings are to die for. Our favorite is the Tai Pizza, but my daughter is all about The Laughing Cow Pizza. Good luck!
  41. SkinShark

    Kayak guy

    Follow-up.... He is as of now staying at Grayton State Park:) Let us wish him luck in his adventure, if the weather would cooperate, it sounds like a fun adventure to go on!
  42. SkinShark

    Kayak guy

    Does anyone know anything about a kayaker that was seen yesterday and today around Gulf Trace Subdivision? He said his name is Sean and he was trying to kayak from Destin to Fort Lauderdale. Yesterday he abandoned his kayak and said he was going to a hotel last night. He was back today to...
  43. SkinShark

    For Sale Dining room light

    Bump-make offer
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