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  1. NotDeadYet

    Tents Size Allowed On the Beach in South Walton

    The beach at Emerald Hill is privately owned. If I am reading the ordinance posted above correctly then the tents are allowed. I guess tourists need to figure out how to identify the owner of a beach, county or private??
  2. NotDeadYet

    Public vs Private Beach [threads merged]

    Danny, there is a turnaround at the end of Blue Mountain Rd now. It was added a few years ago. You can see it on the property appraiser's aerial.
  3. NotDeadYet

    New Director of Walton TDC

    I agree, but beach access and parking won't do much good now since nearly all the beaches have been privatized. What's the good of an access if you get kicked off once you get there?
  4. NotDeadYet

    Next Best Cuban Sandwich in SoWal?

    Don Pedro's makes an excellent Cuban.
  5. NotDeadYet

    Any truth to the rumor?

    BCC voted to hold ONE public workshop. They discussed three possible dates and settled on either March 16 or March 30 depending on the availability of Emerald Coast Middle School which is the location. They did this to avoid having to wait until the next BCC meeting to be certain of the date...
  6. NotDeadYet

    Any truth to the rumor?

    I spent a chunk of time Saturday on the internet. Besides Beach Highlands, Blue Mountain and Seagrove, beachfront owners have also gotten title to parcels in Seacrest. There are very few lots left between Stallworth and Inlet Beach that don't now go to the Mean High Water, and all but a few of...
  7. NotDeadYet

    Any truth to the rumor?

    This was a thread about beach access. :pissed: How about a separate thread about WCSO staffing?
  8. NotDeadYet

    For Sale Heart Math emWave 2 Personal Stress Reliever

    Very lightly used, includes everything that comes with the device: heart rate sensor, usb cord, quick start manual, cd for windows or mac. Can be used as a mobile hand held device or with software on the computer. Sells new on Amazon for $199. Asking $125. Private message me if interested.
  9. NotDeadYet

    For Sale ipod nano

    Very lightly used, like new. Owned only a few months. $95. Private message me if interested.
  10. NotDeadYet

    Blue Tick Hound Puppy Free To Good Home

    Makes me think I am in the wrong business - I should be raising blue tick hound puppies.
  11. NotDeadYet

    Proposed Changes to Land Development Code - Parking

    I don't think a homestead exemption would work. What would happen if the home sold and the buyer turned it into a vacation rental? As for maximum width for driveways, if there is one for single family residential, it sure isn't being enforced. I could show use a dozen homes in a ten minute ride...
  12. NotDeadYet

    Proposed Changes to Land Development Code - Parking

    I agree that the businesses need to participate in a solution - one is certainly needed for businesses. However I do have some concerns about the requirements for single family homes on lots less than 1/2 acre. Since there is no minimum lot size in Walton County, I think a lot of existing lots...
  13. NotDeadYet

    Beach Nourishment Program Hits a Major Snag

    The extra half cent was identified as the local matching source, was it not? So if it can't be used for any other purpose does it just sit in a bank somewhere till the cows come home??
  14. NotDeadYet

    WCSO...What's next?

    Walton County is not a metropolitan area with a gym every few blocks. Expecting cops to find a convenient gym and pay for it themselves is a bit much,, considering they don't make what a big city cop makes. Try to keep your issues separate. Complain about corruption but leave the gym out of it...
  15. NotDeadYet

    WCSO...What's next?

    I'm not going to complain about a gym for the cops. If ever there was a job that deserved it, that's it. Long hours sitting in a patrol car, lots of stress.... in fact the more I think about it, the more I think it's essential.
  16. NotDeadYet

    Commissioner Harris ?

    I found Suzanne's campaign song:
  17. NotDeadYet

    Grand Jury Report on Walton Planning Department

    The developments were named in the grand jury report. For the names of the developers themselves, they will be in public records somewhere. I suppose you can ask why the county hasn't offered up that info, or you can go dig for it.
  18. NotDeadYet

    Beach Vendor Zone posts

    Nope. No change this morning. Still vendors on all of the beach at OSP.
  19. NotDeadYet

    SoWal Incorporation

    Bdar, I am not sure you understood my post. I'll try taking just a sentence or two from each of your paragraphs and try again. “I am also aware that those of us south of the bay pay most of the North County Fire District too. “ Yes, that is the case. However, if we incorporate we will still...
  20. NotDeadYet

    SoWal Incorporation

    Bdarg - A few points, if you don't mind. The SWFD is fully funded by the taxes they collect in SoWal, which stay in the SWFD. I would suggest you get up with their board and suggest, for example, that they consider adding a fire station east of Eastern Lake. There is no need for incorporation in...
  21. NotDeadYet

    Cycling Routes Near Seaside/Watercolor and 30A

    Call these people too. Not on 30A but they organize rides, I think.
  22. NotDeadYet

    Cycling Routes Near Seaside/Watercolor and 30A

    1. Paved, it's right there on the link. 2. Well, not exactly. Check a map and locate Rosemary Beach. You run out of 30A there and get dumped out onto 98. Maps may be confusing because 98 is actually State Road 30. (The "A" is for alternate.) You can pick up the beach road again after a few miles...
  23. NotDeadYet

    Cycling Routes Near Seaside/Watercolor and 30A

    My suggestion would be to NOT bike on 98, especially not during a busy week. Try this: It's a few miles east of Rosemary Beach. Alternatively check with Big Daddy's Bikes in Blue Mountain for expert advice.
  24. NotDeadYet

    Controlled Brush Fire Burn?

    Here too. (Seagrove). Seems like it was too windy yesterday for a controlled burn?
  25. NotDeadYet

    need my CAR A/C to work!!

    Frimet on Back Beach Rd in PCB fixed mine for less than $100 after someone else tried twice then told me I needed a $1500 compressor.
  26. NotDeadYet

    Mike Huckabee's House

    IMHO, when he built that home he demonstrated a lack of understanding of and respect for the beach ecosystem, a lack of respect for the rule of law, and worse yet, when he circumvented it he was happy to have the world know about it. “our destruction of nature is not just bad stewardship, or...
  27. NotDeadYet

    Beach Nourishment Opposition Lawsuit

    It does say that. But the Corps won't do it without County approval and cooperation, and the County has raised a good chunk of the money. I guess it comes down to semantics. Personally I don't think "conducted by" means the county has to do all of it themselves. The symphony orchestra...
  28. NotDeadYet

    Beach Nourishment Opposition Lawsuit

    Exhibit A Page 5 specifically exempts beach and dune restoration projects from the Ordinance. Am I missing something??
  29. NotDeadYet

    Chic Fil A grand opening in Miramar Beach is Thu, Apr 30! People are camping out...

    From their website, ingredients of the regular chicken sandwich. Make up your own mind if you consider this real food. And if you happen to be allergic to msg, forget it. Chick-fil-A® Chicken Sandwich Add to Meal Calculator chicken (whole breast filet, seasoning [salt, monosodium glutamate...
  30. NotDeadYet

    Recycling in South Walton

    Fascinating story about the shortage of sand.
  31. NotDeadYet

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    I could do without the rambo armored tank, but I'm fine with the EOC. I think they did well for the money spent. Those tv's and the internet capability aren't for watching netflix, and I have no problem imagining a number of scenarios where first responders need a shower. I guess people living...
  32. NotDeadYet

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    Please explain it to me too, because I don't understand your post. My understanding of Poppy's post is that owners don't pay bed tax out of their own pockets. They either act as a collector and pass on what they collected from renters to the TDC, or they don't collect it at all, either because...
  33. NotDeadYet

    I'm Fed Up. What if South Walton could be the model for the nation?
  34. NotDeadYet

    What was the name of that .... ?

    For Lakeview Too, this was way before there was an Uptown Grayton. I can't remember the name of the restaurant either, but I do recall that Hilda McDonald played the piano there for a short time. I think it must have been the very early 1990's. She moved over to the Red Bar when it first opened...
  35. NotDeadYet

    Stalworth and Bullard Beach Acesses get new signage

    In my opinion the county should clear ALL of its Right of Ways in SoWal. There are tons of illegal signs and obstructions that would impede emergency vehicles all around 30A. After they clear them they need to go through street by street with uniform signage and only post No Parking signs where...
  36. NotDeadYet

    Stalworth and Bullard Beach Acesses get new signage

    Not wrong. It was purchased with Trust for Public Land funds and deeded over to the county. It's in the deed, it's for habitat protection. Nothing to stop people using the beach there though as long as they don't trample the dunes. Nothing, that is, except that it's pretty much inaccessible to...
  37. NotDeadYet

    Beach Vendor Meeting

    And that picture right there is the reason the county can ban ghost chairs but it will never be enforced. One vendor has been doing this at my beach for a couple of summers now, putting a ghost set up in the prime spot first thing in the morning. A time or two he even moved my stuff! while I was...
  38. NotDeadYet

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    I'm not picking on you, Andy. I'm just trying to understand. You said "the vote should be taken with the full BCC present." But you suggest she might recuse herself. ?
  39. NotDeadYet

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    Will the attorneys be presenting their arguments again for her benefit, since she was not there to hear them?
  40. NotDeadYet

    Helpful Idea for all of us using the forum Pay attention to the dates of the posts.
  41. NotDeadYet

    Where Can I Buy Really Good Steaks?

    Modica Market cuts their own steaks. Call and ask if they can do that cut. I have gotten excellent rib eyes there, although it's been a while.
  42. NotDeadYet

    Grayt Coffee Closing
  43. NotDeadYet

    Seaside Half Marathon & 5 K Weekend Events! Feb 28 - Mar 1

    It's those persistent dips in the jet stream.
  44. NotDeadYet

    Seagrove Mansions
  45. NotDeadYet

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    Good questions. I tend to agree that the more restrictive provision was in the LDC so he petitioned to have that changed to the less restrictive provision and the county complied. It certainly looks that way. If the Comp Plan was changed in the 2011 EAR I would really like to know why. I can see...
  46. NotDeadYet

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    The relationship between the Comp Plan and the LDC is governed by Florida Statute. It's pretty much all in here
  47. NotDeadYet

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    Right of way does not need to be purchased. The Stephens family that owns the property on the northeast corner of 30A and 395 are willing to donate enough of it to make the right of way large enough to accommodate a roundabout. However, they want some input into the design in exchange for the...
  48. NotDeadYet

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    With all due respect Lake View, I disagree. The BCC has a long history of favoring development over conservation and sensible planning, going all the way back to the 80's. Walton County was the last county in the state to pass a Comprehensive Plan that complied with state law, and only after the...
  49. NotDeadYet

    Fireworks rules

    Walmart should only be selling the legal ones. Publix also. I haven't seen bottle rockets etc in either store. They sell sparklers and fountains that stay on the ground. The flying exploding ones are illegal in Florida, but the state line isn't that far away and a lot of people go buy them there...
  50. NotDeadYet

    Fireworks rules

    Here's a good explanation of Florida law: Most of the fireworks on the beach here are purchased in Alabama. The law here is rarely enforced, but one Fourth of July when there was a drought lots of tourists were...
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