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  1. SGB

    Black Labradoodle Lost in SRB last night

    Still searching for Rudder. He could end up anywhere on 30 A between Gulf Place and Blue Mountain Beach by following the trails. Please keep an eye out for him.
  2. SGB

    Free Moving Boxes

    Boxes are gone. Thanks!
  3. SGB

    Free Moving Boxes

    We have small, medium, and large Home Depot moving boxes. Most in great shape. Free to good home. Don't want to add to the landfill problem and Walton Co doesn't seem to recycle them. Text (850) 830-4940 if you want them.
  4. SGB

    For Sale Clavinova CLP-130 Piano for Sale

    Looks new, acts new. Is new except for the years it sat gathering dust after our son stopped playing piano. Seriously, this thing doesn't have a scratch on it. It is a great deal! $1000 and it's yours. Call 850 830-4940 if you are interested.
  5. SGB

    For Sale Garage Sale 6/25 Mack Bayou 9am

    We are moving so we are selling! Come by and get some great deals on furniture, artwork, lamps, camping gear, garage stuff, linens, and other stuff for the house. No early birds please! Follow the signs on Mack Bayou that will be out in the morning. Our street is about 2 miles up Mack Bayou.
  6. SGB

    Where can I buy really good quality furniture for our cottages?

    We updated our rental house a few years ago and had the dining table, bench, and sofa table custom made by Will at Kathleen's cottage. Very reasonable prices and they have held up great. They are distressed wood so nicks don't show and finished so that placemats aren't required. No water rings...
  7. SGB

    Golden Retriever Found in Blue Mountain

    I think Shaggy to Chic knows who the owner is. Please call them at 850 714-3723.
  8. SGB

    Found In Old Seagrove - cute tan/white dog. Is it yours?

    This dog was found in Old Seagrove a few days ago. It was taken to Walton County Animal Shelter. If you recognize it, please let the owner know where to find the little cutie. I hate to think someone is missing their pet.
  9. SGB

    Bruno's Pizza in WaterSound Beach

    The owner of Bruno's continues to support the high school. We asked for a couple of gift cards to give to seniors as part of their graduation celebration. We were hoping for $15 certificates and when asked he immediately gave us several substantially higher dollar gift cards. It was the...
  10. SGB

    Vacation Rental Company in Seagrove Beach?

    Sunburst Beach Rentals has a lot in Seagrove.
  11. SGB

    Dog training for golden

    Canine Consulting. They are located in the plaza by the post office.
  12. SGB

    Free Dog or cat who needs a home

    Great! They have several new small dogs that might be perfect. Check out Xavier, Wednesday, or Krewe on their website.
  13. SGB

    Free Dog or cat who needs a home

    Please consider going to Alaqua Animal Refuge to find your perfect dog or cat. We have several adorable small dogs right now available for adoption. Alaqua is open every day, except Monday, from 12-5.
  14. SGB

    Found: Small brownish red dog in seagrove

    Any photo?
  15. SGB

    Help with South Walton High Schools

    SWHS - Have one child that graduated a few years ago from SWHS and now attends UF, her dream school. Although we desperately wanted her to go to the Collegiate High School in Niceville, a week before school started she begged us to let her go to SWHS and had good reasons. We caved. It was the...
  16. SGB

    looking for pug puppy

    Alaqua has a ton of very cute and friendly small dogs and puppies right now. I know at least one is a pug mix and is the friendliest dog known to man. Go take a tour - it's fun even if you're not looking for a dog. Maybe one of the little cuties will find its way into your heart.
  17. SGB

    Panhandling at stop signs

    I've always just put up with the panhandling at intersections as a total annoyance, but after today, I think it should be illegal. There is a team panhandling today at the corner of 30A and 393 in front of the Ed Walline beach access. It's a summer weekend and as we will see every summer...
  18. SGB

    Wanted Wanted: Built Furniture

    Check with Kathleen's Kottage on 331. I know the owner's husband makes some really nice wood headboards. He also makes tables but I'm not sure if he makes dining tables.
  19. SGB

    Job Available Companion/adult sitter needed for parkinson's patient

    I have a wonderful woman help me with my mom. She is more than just a sitter, she has fun with my mom and engages her in activities. She is really great with the elderly and especially those with dementia or Alzheimers. Her number is 850 502-6858.
  20. SGB

    Need a caretaker or two

    I have a great person that works with my mom. She is really wonderful, gets my mom engaged, and my mom loves her. And my mom doesn't like most people! She's more than $10/hour but totally worth it. PM me if you'd like her number.
  21. SGB

    Criolla's Coming Back Under a New Name????

    Heard the same thing from an extremely reliable source. More casual than Criollas was.
  22. SGB

    Volunteer at Alaqua Animal Refuge – They’re Counting on Us!

    I've been a volunteer dog walker for about 6 months now. It is incredibly rewarding. I've met so many wonderful fellow dog walkers and the dogs are always so happy to see you. I've seen so many positive adoption stories and it's so heartwarming every time I see one of my favorite animals get...
  23. SGB

    Washer/Dryer Repair

    I bought the large capacity, no agitator, top load LG washer and matching dryer last year and LOVE them. Four years earlier I had made the mistake of getting a front loader kenmore washer and dryer set. I was so excited about getting the front loader and ended up hating it. Had all the mold...
  24. SGB

    For Sale 2005 Toyota Sequoia 4x4 SR5

    Oh dear FL Dawg, just saw this and just sold the car this morning. Sorry! So glad you are recovering! If you need an 18' powerboat as part of your therapy, that's the next thing we're selling.
  25. SGB

    Good fish sandwich around seacrest area?

    Love all the above mentioned places, but I'd like to add Shades at the Loop to the list. It's been a while since I've been there, but I've had the fish sandwich twice in the past and it was wonderful with a huge piece of fish.
  26. SGB

    For Sale 2005 Toyota Sequoia 4x4 SR5

    This a great SUV for carting the kids around in style. Rear seats can be removed for more cargo area. Must see to appreciate.
  27. SGB

    Accident at 98 and 395

    The driver of the SUV is a wonderful local and is in the hospital in Pensacola with a broken neck. Just heard that they don't think surgery will be needed. He will be in a neck brace for a while. Let's all hope and pray for a full recovery.
  28. SGB

    For Sale 2005 Toyota Sequoia 4x4 SR5

    $13,200 Original, non-smoker owner, garaged. Loaded with almost all optional equipment. 133,000 miles. Leather heated seats, 17' Alloy wheels, newer tires, tow package, convenience package, power everything, homelink, trip computer, 115v power outlet, front & rear side curtain airbags...
  29. SGB

    WCSD Superintendent Race

    I have now met both candidates and have some personal experience with Carlene over the years. I think we need a write-in candidate. I attended the meeting on Wednesday and it was an education. I finally realized how screwed up our system really is. A list of employees that the board was...
  30. SGB

    SWHS Parents & Students - New Honors Classes, June 7th Meeting

    Thanks Jenny for writing up a summary of the meeting. I was too tired to do it justice! For those that are interested in updating their course selections for next year, there will be 2 dates in the next 2 weeks where you can go in and talk with an adviser and sign up for classes. The...
  31. SGB

    Grand Isle Seagrove Beach

    That is so funny! We used to live near the owner and joked with him about how he used his leaf blower twice a day for his own yard! He is a perfectionist and a very nice guy. I agree with jdarg - great location and very nice building.
  32. SGB

    SWHS Parents & Students - New Honors Classes, June 7th Meeting

    For all SWHS parents and students - There will be a meeting at the high school on Thursday, June 7th at 5:30pm, in the media center. Carlene Anderson and Mr. Preast will be there to discuss next year's course offerings and get input from parents. They are adding back the English III Honors...
  33. SGB

    98 closed due to oil spill?

    The whole right, eastbound lane, is now covered with sand and is closed. It's going to take a while before it's done its job and been cleaned up. This is from just east of Mack Bayou and I'm told goes a ways towards Sandestin.
  34. SGB

    98 closed due to oil spill?

    There was a multi-car accident on 98 at Mack Bayou. By the time I got there there was sand on places on the road and the right eastbound lane was closed. Perhaps that's it?
  35. SGB

    Looking for pool furniture

    Ours are all in the sun and I haven't noticed mold on them. The oldest set has more of a wood look texture and the dirt does get trapped in the small grooves. We just wash with a brush. I don't think the newer ones have that issue, but we do spray them off and wash them down occasionally.
  36. SGB

    Looking for pool furniture

    We have the oldest chairs out on our dock, and I haven't noticed any rusting. The other newer furniture is at our rental house, 100 yards from the beach, and we get lots of salt damage to metal there, and I haven't seen rusting there either. I think the bolts are stainless steel. The only...
  37. SGB

    Looking for pool furniture

    I don't think this is the style you are looking for and it's not cheap, but we've tried many types, styles, and materials for the outdoor furniture at our rental and the only stuff we've found to stand up to guests and salt air is polywood furniture. We've ordered a ton from here...
  38. SGB

    Needed: Seaside School Half Marathon Volunteers

    Yes, we have first aid personnel along the race course that can transport anyone that is injured.
  39. SGB

    Needed: Seaside School Half Marathon Volunteers

    We still need a few more volunteers to help on Sunday morning, March 4th. If you'd like a free T-shirt and be part of the excitement of the race please email Jessica Duggan at: Thanks everyone! We've had a great response from SoWallers!
  40. SGB

    Wanted 2012 Seaside Half bib

    Seaside School Half Marathon and 5K entries are not transferable. Please don't do it. It messes up the results and puts the school in a horrible liability position. Also note that this year bib packets must be picked up in person and an id shown. No matching ID, no bib.
  41. SGB

    Seaside School Half Marathon entry

    Packet pickup is the day before the race, on Saturday between 12 and 6 pm.. Pickup is in the 3rd building od the school. The expo will be in the amphitheater this year. See you there!
  42. SGB

    Seaside School Half Marathon entry

    Thanks! Also, for all you runners out there - remember that bib packets must be picked up in person and an id shown. No matching ID, no bib.
  43. SGB

    Seaside School Half Marathon entry

    Seaside School Half Marathon and 5K entries are not transferable. Please don't do it. It messes up the results and puts the school in a horrible liability position.
  44. SGB

    Needed: Seaside School Half Marathon Volunteers

    The 10th annual Seaside School Half Marathon & 5K race is quickly approaching on Sunday, March 4th. We need lots of volunteers, which means we need you! We are so grateful for the many volunteers that give us their time year after year. Many of you have been volunteering for all 10 years! We...
  45. SGB

    rental on/in Grayton Beach-walking distance town & beach ..

    Grayton Girl - You're welcome! birdie - It really is a very cool house in a grayt location. Walking distance to everything. I think you and your friends would love it. Grayton Girl will take wonderful care of you
  46. SGB

    rental on/in Grayton Beach-walking distance town & beach ..

    The Smith House in Grayton sounds perfect for you. They are on VRBO and the owner might chime in here.
  47. SGB

    suprised nobody's mentioned the massive crowds in sowal.crowds at seaside like summer

    This is for a house in Seagrove that sleeps 10. We use VRBO and a great management company, Sunburst. Last year was our best year ever and I think our summer was totally booked by end of January/beginning of February or so. We currently have 5 weeks booked for Spring Break and 6 for Summer...
  48. SGB

    suprised nobody's mentioned the massive crowds in sowal.crowds at seaside like summer

    Based on our bookings so far for the spring and summer, it will be a busier year than last year, and last year was our best in about 9 years. We even increased our rental rate for spring and summer.
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