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  1. JustBeachy

    Name the restaurant - $50 Gift Certificate For Winner!!!

    Seagrove Sandwiches Just don't cut through Seaside to get here!!!
  2. JustBeachy

    Dogs on the Beach in Fort Walton Beach

    :lolabove: oh my, funniest thing I've read today. All the more funny, because it's true...
  3. JustBeachy

    Stir crazy?

    shhhh, don't let my kids know, I've convinced them that with the rain, it's a good time to do a little interior painting. ;-)
  4. JustBeachy

    blue mountain beach restaurants

    Oh that makes me sad to read, singinchicken. Thanks for letting me know though.
  5. JustBeachy

    blue mountain beach restaurants

    So, whatever happened to PJ's, did it go the way of Lee's? I hate that, because it was always a quick breakfast grab for my kids.
  6. JustBeachy

    30 places along 30a 7ft drawing - want your suggestions!

    :lolabove: Yes! Major landmark for my kids.
  7. JustBeachy

    30 places along 30a 7ft drawing - want your suggestions!

    Sowal & Blue Mountain Beach beach cam locations What a cool idea, btw!
  8. JustBeachy

    Point Washington Manhunt Over

    Chick is an amazing person. Sold us our home. I don't know why, but it doesn't surprise me that he found himself in the middle of the story. :D
  9. JustBeachy

    Hit and run in Watercolor Publix parking lot

    I tend to lurk, but I just wanted to pipe in with how happy I am for Jeff, that this guy has finally been caught. Hope the evidence collected will keep him a guest of the state for quite a long while.
  10. JustBeachy

    Tropical Storm Claudette

    Not that I really need the excuse to head down to Sowal, but it would probably be the wise thing to head down and put up the shutters tomorrow, right?
  11. JustBeachy

    help with interior design?

    Sounds like you need a 'home stager' or interior redesigner. There are quite a few of them in the Sowal area. Just drop by the ACE Hardware on 98 and look on the counter. I've seen several cards for stagers/redesigners there. They use what you already own to 'restyle' your home and they can...
  12. JustBeachy

    Publix at South Walton (Store #1258) opening 8/26/09

    Oooh, a Momma Goldberg's would be nice.
  13. JustBeachy

    Large(12 Foot) Bull Shark at Blue Mountain Beach Today

    I like sharks. They are beautiful creatures. I also like to admire them from the beach, about 5-10 feet from the waters edge. ;-)
  14. JustBeachy

    South Walton Sports Complex Update

    Synchronized Snowbird Water Aerobics...;-)
  15. JustBeachy

    Large(12 Foot) Bull Shark at Blue Mountain Beach Today

    :shock: Boy oh boy, BMB gets all the action these days...
  16. JustBeachy

    South Walton Sports Complex Update

    Slips out of lurkdom to add my 2 pennies worth. This sounds like a great idea. A nice pool complex and baseball/softball fields could bring in extra revenue (as if Walton Co needs more tourists) in the form of tournaments and swim/diving meets...and honestly the more structured recreation...
  17. JustBeachy

    Risa's Interiors

    Hey Risa, if you ever need a summertime independant contractor/staging assistant I'm a member of the SDP.
  18. JustBeachy

    New & eager to Meet People

    Sharon, welcome to paradise!
  19. JustBeachy


    Hi yourself! Tell us more, tell us more...
  20. JustBeachy

    Hello from longtime lurker

    Awww, such wonderful memories...and then we used to never have any trouble getting a table at the Red Bar! I remember those days! :)
  21. JustBeachy

    Seaweed-don't miss it!

    Maybe around lunch time, so you can enjoy a nice beach 'salad'? :lol:
  22. JustBeachy


    pshawww, thanks ya'll. LadyD and TooFarTampa I do remember you both. Maybe it was during the fast and furious postings during Hurrican Ivan?
  23. JustBeachy

    Matthew Christ Live-Johnny Earles of Criollas, Paradise Cafe, and 30A Resorts Fame

    Matthew! Good luck at UF next year. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of you in the coming years. I will sure miss reading your column. ps: thanks for the gentle reminder of what a treasure teachers are, to their students and the parents of their students.
  24. JustBeachy

    Seaweed-don't miss it!

    Awww, it's not too bad, really. Although as mentioned above, there has been some sea-trash mixed in, but also some pretty neat stuff...found a watch that had been 'out to sea' for a while. The band was in bad shape, but the watch is the kind that 'takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. Also...
  25. JustBeachy

    I am sooo nervous!

    cutest puppy! :) Gotta love someone who loves doggies :)
  26. JustBeachy


    I'm a lurky-loo, I suppose. :chill: I've been a member for quite a while, but I sporadically post, as I am intimidated by all of the deep political and intellectual discussion. :biggrin: We've had a place in Blue Mountain for several years, which is shared with other families, but last...
  27. JustBeachy

    Kid Friendly Dining

    Old Florida Fish House, just past the Cafe 30-A is kid friendly. Not sure how long it's been open, but we stumbled on it the other night with our kids and were seated fairly quickly. There is a game room for kids and the food is great! :biggrin:
  28. JustBeachy

    4th of july

    Whew..I've been AWOL from SoWal boards, since the great computer crash. We'll be down for the 4th and I can't wait for the parade. (I'm talking Grayton Beach, not Seaside). My kids want to know if they can participate this year. :lol:
  29. JustBeachy

    Hurricane Katrina - IV

    Looks like one of those Star Wars at-at walkers. So, how's everyone doing?
  30. JustBeachy

    Geo tubes will save homes and dunes and make the beaches better

    Took the words right out of my head, right on down to 'hazmat jellyfish'.
  31. JustBeachy

    Curious over this spectacular house

    Spectacular? Not if you had said Craptacular... :cool:
  32. JustBeachy

    Okay, where is this Red Bar everyone keeps talking about?

    Bring cash or your ATM card! And enjoy your meal!
  33. JustBeachy

    My Vacation

    Drive carefully and enjoy your time with your family! Oh and :welcome:
  34. JustBeachy

    Nominees for most 'courageous' asking price

    Has it been condemned??? ;-)
  35. JustBeachy

    Missing Cat Help!!!

    Ryan, any sitings yet? We looked around Grayton yesterday afternoon..
  36. JustBeachy

    Sowal Gear

    While I was unpacking everyone, hubster ran to the store for milk..and he brought me a SoWal sticker for my car..which promptly went on the rear window of my gas guzzling car pooling all-wheel drive automobile! Sending him for more later! :clap_1: My husters is a sweet man, who knows what...
  37. JustBeachy

    Dennis - Beach Accesses - post here

    Re: Beach Accesses - post here Yep..we're here, and the best access is Dune Allen or Grayton. And be prepared to walk a ways! We had kids sliding down what was left of someones bluff to get to the beach last night :bang: I sat out there until they came back up and patiently explained why...
  38. JustBeachy

    Dennis - damage reports & requests - merged to this thread

    My oldest kid just asked me if The Back Porch, in Destin, survived..I told him I'd ask, but I'm not hopeful.. Smilin' Joe, thanks for all your photos! For the first time ever, I am glad to not have a house on the beachside of BMBeach Road! Of course, if the erosion keeps up, I guess we will...
  39. JustBeachy

    Dennis - damage reports & requests - merged to this thread

    sunshine, thanks for all the information. I know you answered a lot of questions!
  40. JustBeachy

    Dennis - damage reports & requests - merged to this thread

    I heard all the steps are gone, again, but not that the whole pavillion fell..anyone know for certain?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ;-)
  41. JustBeachy

    Sowal Gear

    :clap_1: :clap_1: :clap_1: :clap_1: :clap_1: Oh, yes!!! I also want to be able to purchase that Squall photo that Kurt took! Awesome pic, did you see it??
  42. JustBeachy

    photos - Hurricane Dennis approaches - 7/9/05

    Thanks Landlocked, and because it just can't be said enough..WarEagle! ps: just heard from my cousin and Red Bluff was untouched!
  43. JustBeachy

    Dennis - official notices and info

    the alcohol sale and consumption ban has been lifted. Oh boy..
  44. JustBeachy

    Hurricane Dennis

    Hmmm, this would be something to post in the real estate thread.. :floor:
  45. JustBeachy

    High Surf

    Whoa! My kids are NOT going to see that..they're already itching to get down and do some surfing!!! :shock:
  46. JustBeachy

    What is this Fish ?

    Looks like trashfish, fit for the crab trap! :blink:
  47. JustBeachy

    photos - Hurricane Dennis approaches - 7/9/05

    Thanks LandLocked. Know of any links to Magnolia Springs, AL or Perdido Bay, near Lillian, AL? My grandfather's house is on Red Bluff there, and we just got it fixed up from Ivan, and now..well..I'm fearing the worst!
  48. JustBeachy

    Missing Cat Help!!!

    I hope he turns up soon. Cats are resiliant, but I'll keep a good though for you all, because yes, pets ARE our children. Let us know when he returns home! Anyone old enough to remember the Disney movie "The 9 lives of Tomasina"?
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