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  1. Sherm

    TDC 2016 Beach Vending Meeting 9/6/16

    then why did you bring heritage up
  2. Sherm

    Congratulations To Primary Winners

    I understand they made some phone calls originally. Please do tell how they put the plan together and worked with the fed ex developers and county staff.
  3. Sherm

    TDC 2016 Beach Vending Meeting 9/6/16

    I am native american. Do you feel better?
  4. Sherm

    Cindy Meadows, Why you gotta be so rude?

    got out the car lookin more like Freddie Jackson
  5. Sherm

    A Better South Walton Town Hall Meetings: Aug 23 & 25

    I'm for incorporation, but people seem to be confused. There will be no more control over the 90% if a city is formed.. The 90% will still be county ad valorem. To provide new services, like planning, code enforcement, infrastructure changes, etc., there will be new city taxes. So the new...
  6. Sherm

    TDC 2016 Beach Vending Meeting 9/6/16

    Love how none of you are from here, but think you should be able to control what happens. Why don't yall just move back from where you came.
  7. Sherm

    TDC 2016 Beach Vending Meeting 9/6/16

    Sounds like a good idea. How is this different than any other type of beach vending service?
  8. Sherm

    A Better South Walton Town Hall Meetings: Aug 23 & 25

    I agree with Andy, this just doesn't make sense. Destin is millions in the hole. Can we not use our neighbor as an example? The county is just going to go along with funding most of this new city's needs in the form of interlocal agreements? Has anyone spoken to the county about that...
  9. Sherm

    Chapman joins the mud slinging race

    I think yall have it wrong about Chapman. From the employees I talk to, he is the most respected because he doesn't go along to get along, he values employee input, and he stands for what he believes in. Can't say the same for his opponents because I don't really know them. Interesting how it...
  10. Sherm

    Meadows Misinformation

    What time do the poles close? I'm confused.
  11. Sherm

    Walton BCC District 5

    I also just joined, because I cannot sit by and see this paid for support ruin this county. Tony is Cecilia's boy. Her money, her campaign strategy. She will control two districts and beach vendors will run crazy. Ask any County employee what they think about Cecilia and if they will tell...
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