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  1. Bdarg

    SoWal Incorporation

    There has been an exhaustive focus by multiple groups for the past twenty years or more to get the county to adhere to the existing land development code and the existing comprehensive plan with no result ( there is no zoning in Walton County. In theory it is only guided by the the comp plan...
  2. Bdarg

    SoWal Incorporation

    Andy, With all due respect, you must have missed the very concerted effort about 3 or 4 years ago by a highly qualified, in fact very prestigious, group of local architects, planning professionals and others who developed a plan and gave a number of presentations to the public and to government...
  3. Bdarg

    SoWal Incorporation

    Danny, Hog farm and concrete plant are metaphors for whatever you would not want as a neighbor. Those are two things are extreme examples of that which most all people would agree not want next door to them, that is the stench of a hog farm, or the noise and heavy traffic of a concrete plant...
  4. Bdarg

    SoWal Incorporation

    NotDeadYet, I am not exactly sure what your point is concerning the SWFD. I am very happy with the SWFD, in fact I praised them several times in my posting. I am well aware that those of us south of the bay pay for the SWFD. I am also aware that those of us south of the bay pay most of the...
  5. Bdarg

    SoWal Incorporation

    Andy, I would normally agree with you, however the portion of the county south of the bay pays roughly 86% of the taxes in the county and only gets about a quarter of that back in the form of services (those numbers vary from year to year, however, that is the range historically +/- 5 or so)...
  6. Bdarg

    SoWal Incorporation

    Mr. Glidewell, there is no requirement that a city provide police service over and above the county sheriff and the state police. The Florida League of Cities covered that question in their informational presentation in February. That goes for the fire service as well. You can see the video...
  7. Bdarg

    SoWal Incorporation

    In reading this thread I realize that people are confused about what incorporation is about. I saw someone mention that they were happy with the garbage and sherif services and therefore saw no reason to incorporate. Incorporation of a city into a city does not remove the city from the county...
  8. Bdarg

    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    Yes, you are correct. The holiday season is always the best time to slip under the radar. That is an often exploited trick at multiple levels public, and as an extra benefit if things go south, the holidays minimize the gossip circuit.
  9. Bdarg

    Lost keys

    Found. Thanks!
  10. Bdarg

    Lost keys

    Lost a set of keys at soccer this morning at the Boys and Girls Club.
  11. Bdarg

    Scenic Hwy 30A Re-opened Between CR 83 and CR 283

    I have stopped by a few times to look at the site. I was looking at the fill toward the end of last week. From what I saw it looked like the red clay/sand mix that we often see used on roads around here. From what I saw of the old road bed a few days before they started placing the fill, it...
  12. Bdarg

    Scenic Hwy 30A Re-opened Between CR 83 and CR 283

    It is unfortnate that they were in such a rush to slap up a repair that they used red clay to backfill this dam which is on one of our coastal dune lakes. As a protected coastal dune lake there are restrictions on the material that can be used; red clay is not one of them. If a storm washes the...
  13. Bdarg

    Scenic Hwy 30A Re-opened Between CR 83 and CR 283

    There is a lot of speculation and panic about the road failure on 30A between CR283 and CR83. I have seen a lot of photos and have seen the site in person. As a civil engineer I have dealt with similar situations over the years. Similar in the sense of slope failures, road failures...
  14. Bdarg

    South Walton Sports Complex Update

    i appreciate your enthusiasm, however the first sentence in the proposal sums it up, that is, "Every coastal county competing for affluence has a sports facility driving tourism." That is the thing with 30A, it is not competing for affluence, it has already won it, look at Seaside, Rosemary...
  15. Bdarg

    Biophilia Center says " Thanks" for the offer but "No Thanks"

    I will miss taking my kids and others to the Biophilia Center. I went with my daughter's class the first time, then started going when they opened to the public on weekends. The minimum staff to open the center is relatively large since the center and its grounds are so spacious, so while I...
  16. Bdarg

    What's with the dead birds on the beach?

    Not sure about the why, but as for what they may be, the Cornell Ornithology Lab is a good resource for identifying birds that may not be in the local guides. Browse for a bird by name and shape, All About Birds, Cornell Lab ofOrnithology
  17. Bdarg

    Wanted Designers Know Where I Can Get a Raw Edge Slab Conf. Table?

    There are many providers of hardwood lumber depending on your area. Do a web search in your area for Hardwood Lumber. You can also check with mill-work shops in your area. The lumber provider will have the wood slabs as well as mill-work shop that can turn the slabs into what you need to it...
  18. Bdarg

    Point Washington Manhunt Over

    Think about that one for a minute.
  19. Bdarg

    Point Washington Manhunt Over

    I just got a call from Kurt. He was out in the neighborhood talking to the deputies. They said that the trail has gone cold. Roads are now open. Road blocks are gone. Now the deputies are in their cars patrolling the neighborhoods.
  20. Bdarg

    Walton County School Boards Votes to Approve Religous Neutrality in Schools Manual

    Agreed that the school board should practice as it preaches, and rearrange their prayer schedule as well, or else, probably more appropriately, provide for a moment of silence. The federal judge's injunction is directed at district officials and school officials. It does not concern the case...
  21. Bdarg

    Senior Mojito's -- closed permanently

    Fish taco, burger and kids hot dog were great! Service was excellent as was the live music. We were sorry that we had to leave early because of it being a school night.
  22. Bdarg

    Telluride Mountainfilm at WaterColor Nov 7 & 8

    I was trying to remember the same thing. After some googling
  23. Bdarg

    Artists For Obama, Thank You

    Kevin did advertise them as tattoos. :bang:
  24. Bdarg

    Cecilia Jones

    I removed my post as it did not come across as intended. If it helps, all that I have ever heard about her was that she was the north county candidate in the 5th district. I have notice her hundreds of signs, often placed ten and twenty at a time, being knocked about by the wind.
  25. Bdarg

    Artists for Obama?

    In case there are any young children, or accident prone adults, I am bringing plenty of drop cloths. :biggrin:
  26. Bdarg

    Driver Pulls Gun on Cyclists This Morning

    As a former cyclist I can tell you that many drivers wave their 4000 lbs cars around at cyclist in much the same way at this guy waved around his gun, not realizing that it can be just as deadly, unfortunately most people are not as outraged by that, although we all should be. A little common...
  27. Bdarg

    Who's going to pick up all the campaign signs after the election?

    Why don't you tell us, since most, if not all, of those signs are the signs of those "Thinking" Republican Candidates. :funn:
  28. Bdarg

    Driver Pulls Gun on Cyclists This Morning

    Unfortunately because fair and balanced in Walton county is much like fair and balanced on Fox News.
  29. Bdarg

    Driver Pulls Gun on Cyclists This Morning

    At first I thought this was a case of a driver, who was running late for work, trying to figure out where in a pickup truck he could legally lock his gun up while at work, then, in a potential stoke of brilliance, he thought to just toss it out the window. Then, on second thought, maybe he was...
  30. Bdarg

    Republican Victory Center opens in SoWal

    Wrobert you are a nice guy, well intentioned, and follow the party line well, but give it up, the "Victory Center" does reek of all the things that seem to be turning the old guard republicans off; not to mention Brave New World, Animal Farm, and 1984. Not your fault, it just sounds like...
  31. Bdarg

    The Intern Show!

    Greatest Intern Show Ever!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: :clap:The interns were wonderful tonight!!!! The performance was hilarious. :clap: They definitely have figured out how to finish the season with a BANG! :clap: Fortunately for us, it runs three more nights...
  32. Bdarg

    The Intern Show!

    See you all tonight! :D
  33. Bdarg

    The Intern Show!

    THE INTERN SHOW! Get your tickets early and often!!!!
  34. Bdarg

    I just saw a bobcat...

    Who saw what?
  35. Bdarg

    Site upgrade on Sunday 4/27/08

    Re: Site down on Sunday 4/27/08 I just logged on. with firefox. No problems.
  36. Bdarg

    Irrigation pipe "super blue" needed?

    A 100 foot coil is only $35. If you have to have the same pipe, you might check with a local irrigation company and see if they will sell you a short bit of it. There are most likely other brands that are compatible as pipe sizes are standardized. Cut a short piece and take it to the hardware...
  37. Bdarg

    The WATCHER is Back !

    Does not always work. I am not an attorney so I cannot sight specific cases, but I have read plenty of cases in the newspapers where the government takes a position of sovereign immunity only to loose. I suppose that, as with many things, who wins depends on how good the lawyers are and...
  38. Bdarg

    Real Estate Bubbles

    I can hear that whistle blow...
  39. Bdarg

    Real Estate Bubbles

    Apparently not many.
  40. Bdarg

    Walton Sun compares Removal of Blue Signs to Widening Hwy 331

    True. Cost of project per benefited person is usually a VERY large part of the consideration calculus. SJ is right in that the airport most likely was factored into that cost/benefit calculation, whether or not it tipped the balance who knows, however until the area south of the bay gains...
  41. Bdarg

    Code Words

    or how often they attend their own meetings!!
  42. Bdarg

    Be very nice to fellow employees, starting July 1.

    Why do people need to arm themselves for protection when they come visit you?:idontno: :lol:
  43. Bdarg

    Be very nice to fellow employees, starting July 1.

    Wasn't there something in the pappy gun totin? lessons about keeping a nice cool down distance between the argument and the gun? With road rage being all the rage, I think it would be a good idea just to leave the guns at home in the first place.
  44. Bdarg

    Be very nice to fellow employees, starting July 1.

    Apparently we are in that society now. If people feel the need to 'pack the heat' then let them take the chance, why encourage it by making it legal. If they behave themselves then no one would be the wiser. If they do not behave, then everyone would immediately know that a crazy was armed...
  45. Bdarg

    Sliding Barn Doors - Where to buy?

    I thought it was 'shut the barn door'. :floor:
  46. Bdarg

    Sliding Barn Doors - Where to buy?

    Supermom26.2 If you are just looking for a functional sliding door, i.e. not antique etc., they are very easy to build whether fancy or simple. PM me, or stop by and I will help you design or build. I have built my fair share. To find a used one would likely be difficult, especially if a...
  47. Bdarg

    New big blue signs in SoWal

    His job is to represent his constituents; their rights and interest. He could have done his job and argued for the desire of the voters who put him there to be rid of the signs. Then maybe, just maybe, he could have swayed one of the four negative votes over from the dark side to make a...
  48. Bdarg

    New big blue signs in SoWal

    The truly beautiful ones are.
  49. Bdarg

    What enviromental initiatives is local government taking?

    wrobert, if you are asking for ideas beyond just saving energy then, the county needs to work with the other agencies to enforce current environmental laws and scrutinize permits so that we are not paying billions of dollars down the road to restore what should have been truly protected in the...
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