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  1. Mike Jones

    Need fill dirt

    Where can I get about 6 loads of dirt and what should I expect to pay?
  2. Mike Jones

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Not sure about coolers but yes, Rosemary, Alys, WaterSound, etc have a single beach service you must rent from. Just my opinion but one of these resorts is not a bad choice right now because they have some control over the amount of people on the beach. Especially Seaside and Alys Beach...
  3. Mike Jones

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    China reports no new coronavirus cases on May 22, first time since pandemic began.
  4. Mike Jones

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    You should defer to your rental agency / property owner. They handle access to the street pavilions. Seaside (SCDC) does not handle rental units or control access to the non-commercial areas outside of town center.
  5. Mike Jones

    Seaside Commercial District: Updates Summer 2020

    Seaside does not own or manage rentals. Seaside Development Corporation (Robert & Daryl Davis) owns most of the town center and leases to merchants, who have an association. Ruskin Place has their own association as does most every street marked by a pavilion. There is also a Seaside Town...
  6. Mike Jones

    30A Beach Trolley - Hop On, Hop Off

    Buses from Defuniak Springs to SoWal and back as a priority might be a good argument. I believe that is in the works. However if we use your logic then the businesses should pay for it because they need the labor. The trolley serves tourists (and locals), and reduces congestion and pollution. Or...
  7. Mike Jones

    30A Beach Trolley - Hop On, Hop Off

    Public transportation is not, and should not be, all or nothing.
  8. Mike Jones

    SoWal Photographer Molly Parker Rest in Peace

    Molly loved everyone and her zest for life was most obvious around holidays - thinking of her and her family especially on this day.
  9. Mike Jones

    Signs in Blue Mountain Beach

    Eyesore for sure. But I bet the residents are exasperated with reckless drivers. I bet a few signs with the outline of kids playing would work better though. Even cute handmade ones. Nothing is as bad as the humongous realtor signs though. Totally ruining Scenic 3oa.
  10. Mike Jones

    For Rent Treetop Carriage House 3 Miles from Grayton Beach

    I'm confused. Is this a short term rental?
  11. Mike Jones

    New Connector Road Between 30A and 98 East of Seagrove

    I wasn't able to make it. Any news?
  12. Mike Jones

    5G Service in South Walton - 30A - SoWal

    Well that will be interesting since they don't even have sufficient cell service here. Thanks for letting me know. Anyone else have info please post.
  13. Mike Jones

    5G Service in South Walton - 30A - SoWal

    I see towers going up that are reportedly for 5G service - anyone have details, know what company will provide service?
  14. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    I think 30a is too narrow - please consider broadening your interest to protect our way of life to all of South Walton .
  15. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    Sorry I was lumping you in with beachaffront owners. From other posts on this thread apparently every single one is at war with the county. Surely that's not simply propaganda. :dunno:
  16. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    I have no trust that we will have any competent or willing leadership that could change the way we do business in SoWal, what we expect of our visitors. But if you're ina war with the county why would anyone want to listen to you? I believe to make effective change we have to raise expectations...
  17. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    While I agree visitor behavior and quantity have crossed a point we would like, we can't turn back the clock. To pound this forum with such an idea is nonsense. And what you describe are extreme examples. The beach is quite often enjoyable at different places, times of day, times of year. I bet...
  18. Mike Jones

    New Connector Road Between 30A and 98 East of Seagrove

    Don't count on it. Greed will take state lands if we don't fight for them.
  19. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    This is the most depressing post I have seen on this forum in 16 years since it started. All I can say is what I have tried to teach my son. Being kind is often more important than being right.
  20. Mike Jones

    Beach Wheelchair Rental Beach access page has all locations.
  21. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    I am referring to the piling on persons by name. Two in particular. One of whom is not here to defend himself. Personal attacks. Against the rules. Attacking issues or even a fro8is totally different. The invasion is on this forum. Anyone can see it. And I don't think calling you a snowflake is...
  22. Mike Jones

    Beach Wheelchair Rental

    SWFD has some free for use.
  23. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    There is a difference between sticking to the issue and responding respectfully, and cyber bullying. I am assured that what has been going on here will not be allowed to continue. If your aim is to get banned and cry fowl then carry on. Our constructive forum here has always been an asset to...
  24. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    The economy is an issue, locals care about it. So do second homeowners, rental owners, including most beachfront owners. I don't get from your post that anyone is trying to make the economy part of the legal debate. But rather a practical part. Every issue your opposition brings up doesn't have...
  25. Mike Jones

    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    Don't allow yourself to be bullied. The bullies on this thread don't realize (or probably care) that they stand out like a sore thumb in the garden that is the SoWal forum. I've seen it before. They leave as victims when they realize that bullies can't exist here. Typical pattern for bullies on...
  26. Mike Jones

    Job Available NOW hiring Bike Service Technician at Big Daddy's Bike Shop

    One of the best places to work in South Walton.
  27. Mike Jones

    Golf carts on our roads

    A golf cart is a golf cart. Call it whatever you want but it is a golf cart. And don't give in to the dark side.
  28. Mike Jones

    Golf carts on our roads

    County Highway 30A, 283, 83, 393, etc. I believe golf carts are allowed on any highway or road in Walton County that is rated 35mph or below. Which is stupid because I've yet to see a golf cart top 15 mph.
  29. Mike Jones

    Golf carts on our roads

    What other places in America allow golf carts on public roads? I don't mean small towns or resort towns. I mean places with hundreds of miles of roads and highways like SoWal.
  30. Mike Jones

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

    Happy Chrismakwanzukkah!
  31. Mike Jones

    June 2018 Bed Tax Numbers

    I've heard a lot of businesses are down 20 percent for year. Wonder If bed tax is up because of new collections or some other factor.
  32. Mike Jones

    Beachfront Property Owners: No More Garbage Pickup on Private Property

    Dear Beachfront Property Owner: It is our understanding that you have a garbage collection station on the sandy beach portion of your property. This garbage collection station was installed and is currently maintained by the Walton County Tourist Development Council (“TDC”). As you may know...
  33. Mike Jones

    Misc State of the South Walton Real Estate Market

    Gotcha - I'm not a realtor just a bystander - things have been red hot for a few years and I don't see it slowing down. Inventory is down a bit but often in the summer people are focused on vacations and a lot of available inventory are booked rentals so not unusual to see a summer pause.
  34. Mike Jones

    Misc State of the South Walton Real Estate Market

    If you look at latest report there are some numbers that declined compared to same month last year. It will be interesting to see if it is a trend. Rare to see numbers go down in Summer. Saw a report yesterday about southern california market down a bit and they said that area is usually an...
  35. Mike Jones

    Vendor Mafia alive and well

    You are talking about Cecilia Jones - VOTE OUT JONES! Decent people have courtesy and beach etiquette. That vendor was so rude ... If somebody set up an umbrella in front of me blocking my view and access you better believe I would ask them nicely to move and prepared to go to any length to...
  36. Mike Jones

    SWFD June Activity Report

    Not sure what happened. There may not be much known. Pretty insensitive of you to bring up conspiracy instead of honoring the man at this time. Do you think someone is trying to cover up the fact that people drown here? Like every where else in the world where there is water? It's common for...
  37. Mike Jones

    Testing the sand for Customary Use

    There will also be plenty of new development along 331 to I-10 and east/west along 98. The limiting factor for access to SoWal beaches is going to be parking.
  38. Mike Jones

    McRae Home next to the Hilton Home in Seacrest

    Graceville, Florida couple’s unsolved killings getting fresh look
  39. Mike Jones

    Web Page Designer Needed

    Take a look here - 8 Best Non Profit Website Builders - Non Profit Blog - Donorbox Or just have a domain name that points to your Facebook page.
  40. Mike Jones

    Interesting Editorial in today's paper

    Speaking of eminent domain, could case be made?
  41. Mike Jones

    Just Now

    Someone hitting the dunes with silly string?
  42. Mike Jones

    Good places, if any, for shelling

    Are there any shell in South Walton on the beach? Is there shelling along 30A?
  43. Mike Jones

    When is water clear in South Walton, Destin, 30A?

    The gulf water in South Walton all along 30A is extremely clear right now. There is a little bit of June Grass but not spread out because water is so calm.
  44. Mike Jones

    What the heck bit me at the beach?

    Good possibility for sting or bite from something on the beach.
  45. Mike Jones

    Can You Eat Ghost Crabs?

    Spiders are high in protein. I've never tried eating ghost crabs. Reminds me of Tom Hanks in Castaway when he tries to eat that gross crab with orange slime in it.
  46. Mike Jones

    Yellow Fly Bites! I'm allergic....any remedies?

    Vinegar does help yellow fly bites. Anyone else have advice for yellow fly bites?
  47. Mike Jones

    Yellow Fly Bite Remedies?

    Bumping this thread on yellow fly bites / aka deer fly bites ... because although yellow flies have died off a bit, we will get a second wave of yellow flies soon. The first wave of yellow flies are smaller, quicker, and more aggressive although they don't seem to bite as much as on the second...
  48. Mike Jones

    Need a contractor

    Steve, use search feature and input "handyman".
  49. Mike Jones

    State Atty. says he will prosecute trespassers

    yes State parks and county parks and accesses. And sometimes beaches adjacent South Walton Beach And Bay Access |
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