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  1. Marmot

    For Sale Mens and Womans Bikes - $75 for pair

    Would like to purchase....sent PM
  2. Marmot

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    The reality is anything in south walton costs a premium vs other counties. Supply vs demand equation.
  3. Marmot

    Fireplace & Chimney inspections / cleaning?

    Contact: They can offer referral. Hearth & Fireplace Creations, Inc. 441 Valparaiso Pkwy. Valparaiso, FL 32580 850-729-1234 (O)
  4. Marmot

    Proposed Seagrove Road Through Point Washington State Forest

    Other than bypass through state land, what solutions are being proposed??
  5. Marmot

    Misc ICF Or Concrete Built Homes

    Good point on 5" loss of sq ft in usable living space and that might be a deterrent for many as every inch of usable living space becomes critical. I think in terms of financial profit, along the coast concrete homes add value and I believe home sq ft is measured on outside of home. There is...
  6. Marmot

    Misc ICF Or Concrete Built Homes

    For a reasonable and good ICF contractor consider ABW Construction, Ron Griffin #(850) 678-8352. ICF way to go, get 6" core and save bigtime on home insurance & utilities.
  7. Marmot

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    The prices quoted are quite amazing relative to several years ago and unfortunate more reasonable pricing cannot be achieved. This is not a good sign or trend for working families in S-Walton. I have heard rumors of quality subcontractors inflating prices and sad this is affecting your dream...
  8. Marmot

    Builder Fee Included In Cost Per Sq Ft ?

    I would assume included. Personally as a homeowner, I like "fixed cost" contracts, but need to get the contract and spec sheet tight under this situation.
  9. Marmot

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    Just some input, covered porches do add to cost and affect pp sq ft, but get the largest screened-in porch you can afford and ensure that it is functional to use as a living area with maybe tv, fireplace, etc. For 9 months out of the year, you will enjoy this area as a living room.
  10. Marmot

    For Sale 2008 Honda Cr-v Ex

    Ok thanks, now showing up. :)
  11. Marmot

    For Sale 2008 Honda Cr-v Ex

    Mileage, Price, # of owners ??
  12. Marmot

    30A Rats

    Pic of my vermin patrol friend;
  13. Marmot

    30A Rats

    Just a public request, please don't kill the black racers! As John G shared, when you walk out the door they'll scare ya, but they are very important to have around. I have one that hangs around the house and always share with the next door S-T rental guests that the snake is present but harmless.
  14. Marmot

    30A Rats

    Rats & Mice are a major problem in FL, many businesses have these small black-grey boxes along their side & rear walls. These are bait stations, they go in and feed and then go off to sleep forever. Many people might object, but it does control the population. If you don't control the population...
  15. Marmot

    30A Rats

    When the snakes are run off or killed, then the rat-mice population increases. You get one or the other. :)
  16. Marmot

    Watercolor House Exterior Paint Colors

    Sherwin-Williams in grayton has some on file, or WC's HOA if they will share info. Also consider open houses in Watersound Origins and if you see a color you like realtor might share.
  17. Marmot

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    As you are probably aware, ensure allowances they are providing are realistic for plumbing & electrical fixtures along with cabinetry, flooring, solid surfaces, etc.
  18. Marmot

    Prize French Fries

    In the foodservice industry it all comes down to $$. Per commercial foodservice supplier website, "When you add a coating or batter to a potato product you do two very important things; enhance crispiness and extend the length of time it stays hot and delicious. These are the ideal attributes if...
  19. Marmot

    Builder Recommendations

    Just some advice.....before entering into a contractual arrangement with a builder, please ensure that all expectations have not only been discussed but also written down and signed. Fully understand the contract presented to you and make sure material spec sheet is very detailed. Sadly words &...
  20. Marmot

    Customary Use Will Happen On Sowal Beaches

    Not to change the subject, but the "mega wedding homes" are detrimental to the character of neighborhoods in addition to overburdening infrastructure.
  21. Marmot

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    There are the usual pertinent questions that can be googled, but upon selecting a contractor please ensure that one fully understands the contract. Based on professional suggestions, might want to consider seeking legal counsel to at least review contract and advise changes in vague language, as...
  22. Marmot

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    I think people are hesitant to answer because construction is going gangbusters in Walton county. Right now is a supply-demand pricing situation with good contractors & subs. I spoke with some electricians today and they were sharing how they can't keep up with new build-outs, nor can they find...
  23. Marmot

    Spring Break 2017

    Ah yes, the worst week of the year for SoWal.....I remember last year, absolutely terrible!
  24. Marmot

    Misc Home Owners Insurance

    Covered by Coastal Insurance....great rates and responsive agents. They are located in Seagrove. Coastal Insurance 5410 E. County Highway 30A, Suite #101 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 Office Hours: M-F 8am-5pm Tel: (850) 231-0042 Fax: (850) 837-1014 Coastal Insurance | Florida Gulf Coast | Home...
  25. Marmot

    Golf Carts - Street Legal Required in SoWal?

    Education and enforcement needs to be a priority, otherwise public's safety and welfare will be a major problem. I don't have a problem with LSV's unless they are not following the rules of the road; overloaded, improperly licensed and tagged, no seatbelts, unlicensed drivers, etc... All of...
  26. Marmot

    Golf Carts - Street Legal Required in SoWal?

    From Walton County Tax Collector website: Do you have a golf cart, low speed vehicle, or off highway vehicle? Learn the laws and requirements to driving these vehicles in the state of Florida.
  27. Marmot

    Looking for a gun range

    Bay County Shooting Range Link to flyer: Excellent staff that provides guidance.
  28. Marmot

    Need reputable Land clearing company

    Willingham Construction Co. Inc. See link: Land clearing, Hauling, Demolition, Defuniak Springs, Niceville, Crestview, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach Phone: 850-678-1874 or 850-892-4787 249 Willingham Lane Defuniak Springs, Fl 32433
  29. Marmot

    Misc 30A Trading Company: 7,000 sf Retail in Seagrove Beach

    If the one in Seacrest is any indication and the old "snappy turtle", compatibility with the neighborhood is going to be a major issue. Feel sorry for neighborhood residents.
  30. Marmot

    Cindy Meadows, Why you gotta be so rude?

    With all of the editing and snippets taken out of context, this video says more about Mr Anderson's campaign......desperation and low.
  31. Marmot

    Cam"pain" Signs

    I am curious, do the number & prevalence of campaign signs get candidates elected, thoughts? Anyone know the research on this? I suspect that in most cases this is true, especially when I speak to uniformed voters as they tend to vote for subliminal name recognition.
  32. Marmot

    Advice! Building a cottage: Dream Or Reality?

    Granite is nice but has its limitations with cleaning liquids, quartz is the best but more expensive. They have come a long way in making quartz have a natural stone look.
  33. Marmot

    Advice! Building a cottage: Dream Or Reality?

    Everything is gangbusters now, all the good builders are wide open and whatever the market will bear is the price, not sure of your time frame and when a downturn in the market will occur for best pricing. You might find someone to give you a "ballpark" but it also depends on your allowances...
  34. Marmot

    Headland Ave Beach Access Workshop 7/12/16

    This picture from a facebook post should explain everything on the need for the additional access in Seagrove. This is the Greenwood access just east of the proposed Headland neighborhood access. It is maxed out and based on facebook post, this appears to be late in afternoon. An additional...
  35. Marmot

    July is National Parks Month. Florida State Parks Suggest Excursions...

    We are fortunate to have so many beautiful state parks nearby. All are jewels in the FL state park crown. Our family kayaks at Grayton, snorkels in the high tide at St Andrews jetties, enjoys the peace at Deer Lake, etc.... Consider buying an annual family pass to enjoy the treasure year round.
  36. Marmot

    Headland Ave Beach Access Workshop 7/12/16

    Headland Ave meeting workshop was last night, vendor issues were not mentioned as it was solely a workshop for a neighborhood public access (NPA). Beachfront owners came out in force along with 723 Whisky Bravo restaurant (Moore) to thwart this proposed beach access by publicly speaking against...
  37. Marmot

    Eastern Lake Outfall Parcel Purchase

    Parking appears to have been voted on at BCC meeting 6-14 30A Parking Improvements-60% Submittal
  38. Marmot

    Eastern Lake Commercial Development With Expired Development Order - meeting 7/14/16

    TRC meeting date? Parcel numbers? Current owners? Add'l info please?
  39. Marmot

    For Sale Beach Cruiser Bikes For Sale

    Good to know as our friends are always looking for bikes. I'll store your number for future and thanks for your service to our country.
  40. Marmot

    Hello SoWal from Los Angeles to Seagrove

    :whitetrash: Welcome to the area, forum, and congrats on your home, you'll love SW and glad you chose this area as we need more full time residents along 30A.
  41. Marmot

    Headland Ave Beach Access Workshop 7/12/16

    On 6/14 BCC meeting, a workshop for Headland access was voted on (4-1) item #16-0844. There was no mention of vendor issues for the workshop.
  42. Marmot

    Headland Ave Beach Access Workshop 7/12/16

    It is my understanding this is solely a workshop for Headland Ave NPA
  43. Marmot

    Headland Ave Beach Access Workshop 7/12/16

    If citizens are having this much trouble getting a simple NPA access passed through the BCC and proposed by TDC long term planning, I could not fathom the leadership and money required to solve vendor issues, especially vendor relationship with current and candidate bcc. The county owns the...
  44. Marmot

    Headland Ave Beach Access Workshop 7/12/16

    Anyone interested in this issue, the workshop is next week. Beachfront owners are trying to block use of county owned SWTDC endorsed public beach access and their efforts were successful until a re-vote occurred. It was originally voted down (2-3) but at a later bcc meeting a re-vote (4-1)...
  45. Marmot

    We have a "first" in the D5 Comission Race!

    Living in SW and new to area, I hear and read about many concerns and political perspectives of SW residents. I am curious what are the issues and concerns of N-Walton county residents and how do they differ from SW? As the entire county votes for BCC seats, I am trying to get an objective...
  46. Marmot

    Policy on Personal Beach Chairs vs Vendor

    This new addition to rentals (12x12 cabanas with hammocks, etc...) are going to break beach communities. Hopefully voters will wake up! Vendor issues are getting out of hand and a major source of the beach problems facing the county.
  47. Marmot

    We have a "first" in the D5 Comission Race!

    Very interesting......
  48. Marmot

    Amending Ordinance to Ban Signs, Ropes, Fences on the Beach

    Notification to beachfront owners.....looks like owners will have till July 15 before enforcement. See attached.
  49. Marmot

    Publix at WaterColor - not a good development

    Just trying to be nice :) The carrot before the stick.
  50. Marmot

    Publix at WaterColor - not a good development

    You are right, but after the county's effort to educate folks, then the enforcement could occur with no exceptions.
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