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    For Sale Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

    thanks! I will start with it here but hoping my 84 year old MIL will consider putting it in her den in DFS. She's amazing and rides her bike daily but I'm getting a little nervous about her falling or getting hit. She'd have a fit if I suggested this but maybe the idea will grown on her.
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    For Sale Schwinn Airdyne Exercise Bike

    Thinking about this one. Have truly enjoyed the wicker furniture I bought from you even though it's been a wet summer. Really need to get your husband to put a roof on that deck. Will get back to you Friday if it hasn't sold.
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    injured seabird

    Some friends found an injured seagull near Eastern Lake a couple of years ago so we put it in a large dog kennel/crate and delivered it to the Veterinarian office on Panama City Parkway(Back Beach Road) It is across the street from St Bernadette's. I think I was referred there by calling FL...
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    Inexpensive/Reliable Used Car Needed Please

    Becky Saltsman is selling a 1996 Ford Escort that belonged to her husband. She has homes in DFS and Blue Mt Beach. Phone would be listed as John Saltsman in DeFuniak Springs.
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    For Sale One man kayak

    Sorry, accountant, but I can't find the thread where you were selling the toolbox and ladder racks but I checked the measurements and I would love to buy them this morning or late this afternoon. I will send you a message with my phone number. I will also call this morning. Thanks!
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    For Sale Ladder racks and tool box

    Do you think these would fit a 95 GMC Sonoma pickup? I'm interested.
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    yard, bush, & tree trimmings???

    If these big, heavy limbs are oak, ray, I would love to get them for my fireplace next fall. I will come to pick them up.
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    Where to drop of toy donations?

    I have seen requests in the past for the visitation centers where the children of divorced parents meet. It may be operated by the Children in Crisis program. Channel 7 often has a lady(Christie ?) who coordinates the foster parent program in Bay County(I recently read they have the highest...
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    South Walton TDC pursuing new visitor center site

    I thought the idea when they built the Visitor's Center was that it would be moved. Maybe there are some back issues of the paper that would explain the plans for that building before the BP windfall became available.
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    Good Places to Eat at Panama City Beach

    Can't beat the meals and prices at Mike's Diner which is just east of Thomas' Doughnuts(same family) but it's only breakfast or lunch.
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    Need to dispose of picket fence...

    Please try some of the animal rescue groups. Most are on Facebook. Alaqua Animal Refuge, Seapaws Animal rescue, Joseph Cook(Scavengers has the SAINTS thrift shop, I think.
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    No Grayton wedding?? Denied!

    You sound so much like the developers in the mid-90's who assured this county that by limiting the height to 50 ft or 4 stories was just going to kill this economy. Not a realtor but it would seem the values of lands here have held their own compared to our neighbors to the east and west who...
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    Very Surprised At How Many Places

    I knew limeade, a blender, ice, and spirits was great to have ever since my days at UofAL many years ago. Lots of visitors must have been with me back in those days!
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    July 4th Trash Haul Breaks Record

    Also, a big thank you to Waste Management guys. They were out there in all that traffic working to keep the roadside bins emptied and making 30A stay "scenic". I really appreciate them and the bed tax dollars that keep them coming!
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    Bike accident on 98

    I have to leave early many mornings to travel east on 30A and while I am courteous to bicyclists the sun rising in the east often blinds me around areas like Deer Lake. The same is true when you hit the curve of 30A just past Resort Quest office traveling west in the afternoon when the sun is...
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    Found Springer Spanial, Young Male White and Brown

    Will foster for short term.
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    SoWalMart Grand Oening Wednesday June 15th, 2011

    Thanks for letting me know that Big Lots is in Destin now. Try to stop at the one on 15th and Lisenby in PC pretty often. I just neve seem to go up there unless I'm going to see Frankie at Pet Smart.
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    Dog Found in Seacrest... Do you know this dog?

    Please give Danielle Snyder at Seaside Animal Rescue a chance to find his owners. She posts on FB and her posts go around the Panhandle.
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    Looking for an interior decorator

    Gary Cooper has done many of the designer showhouse events in the Panhandle. He lives on Eastern Lake in Seagrove.
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    Screen Repair needed

    Oasis by the WinnDixie at the intersection of Front Beach Rd and 98 did some great work for me. Not sure if they handle pool enclosures.
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    Beach fishing?

    Does Cliff Cox still captain the Sweet Jody?
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    Just In: Walton County Beach Permit Lottery Information

    And I think they need to quit letting people drive on the beach at all anymore. There are great boardwalks and accesses available. Grayton is beginning to look more like a parking lot than a beach. BTW, I had one of the first permits issues in this county.
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    Wanted Looking for 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, carriage house, or studio for relocation

    I understand that a home on N Lake Drive on Eastern Lake is going to be available after May. Single family neighborhood with dock and garage.
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    Shooz at the Shops of Grayton - fantastic selection!

    Tim's experience really shows in his inventory. Absolutely love to shop with him.
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    For Sale Cement Pavers

    Are these still available?
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    South Walton Fifth Graders Might Be Moved to Middle School

    I hope that you will consider your idea for "change in the school administration" very carefully. I remember quite well the superintendent from 96-2000 who was crucified for building schools that didn't have enough students. I believe it was your political party members who pushed the campaign...
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    new Cowgirls kitchen and 723 Whiskey Bravo

    Do have to wonder about the traffic concurrency studies for that area of 30A. Damn, I can hardly get to the intersection of 30A and 395 now.
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    moving here in april...i NEED some info on apartments!!

    I would query rentals at Beaches of So Walton instead of Walton Co.
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    Monster Blue Signs Are Now Black.

    Personally, I love that big blue sign near County Line Rd on 20. It lets me know I'm in Walton Co(lots of people don't seem to know where Walton starts and Okaloosa ends on the west end). Just wish people had paid more attention when Gene Wesley advised that they needed a third lane on 30A in...
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    Proposed Rental Ordinance Update?

    Read the opinion piece very carefully and was sad that the writer was so unaware of the Bay, Walton, Okaloosa benefits of the military installations and the contractor employees that truly are the mainstays of our local economies. To say we are 100% dependent on tourism was definitely over the...
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    Eastern Lake fence jumpers

    Two lab mixes that we're fostering jumped the fence about 10:30 last night. Have walked and driven around most of the night and early today. If you know someone who perhaps is keeping them confined for safety please post. One had red collar and the other a black collar. Each has a green rabies...
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    Anyone know any Eden brides? ASAP, tight deadline!

    Alicia Delaney had a wonderful wedding and reception there but it may have been 2 years ago.
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    Irrigation Well Needed

    Can you get an irrigation well without a permit from Water Management District? I would love one!
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    Lost Black Lab Pt. Washington

    Have you checked Walton Co Animal Control? My friend just sent me pictures today and there was a black lab that they estimated to be about 4 years old. Picked up as a stray. I can try to send you the pictures or you can go to the county govt page and see if they are posted there.
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    Hazmat Disposal

    So Walton Mosquito Control District office on 393 N is the place I go. Think the county has an upcoming Hazmat day pretty soon. Will try to get the info and post.
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    Need Painter for a day

    Richard's number is 850-865-6242. He's a great guy and I hope he can help you out.
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    Need Painter for a day

    Richard Davis actually helped me out just doing the muttons on the windows and the cornices and exterior doors. He's good and he's fair.
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    Need siding repaired

    Richard Davis is an excellent repair/painter. He has been doing houses here along the beaches for many years.
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    where to donate books?

    Panama City Beach has a new library but they are short on books.
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    I Need carpets!

    Kilgore Carpets on PCB Parkway helped us out a few years ago. Good job in tough circumstances.
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    Eastern Lake Nursery closing

    I have purchased many unique gifts there through the years and will miss the convenience of their presence.
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    Adoption: Need Home ASAP for Lab Puppy!!! Please Help

    Check with KitLit. Would consider keeping her while you continue to seek a home if she gets along with the other 4 dogs. I live pretty close to you.
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    Turkey dinners-Publix

    My sister-in-law in Palm Beach County has served Publix Turkey Day dinners for years with great success. May try it myself this year! Publix used to have the best ads with the family traveling to the Keys and having dinner on the grandparents' boat.
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    old movies transfered to dvd

    Bill Hudson Video Productions in Panama City does this I think. He is the guy that comes on at noon on WJHG with Joe Moore and shows all the old footage from NW FL.
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    Found: Dog White with light brown spots - Hawthorne ave on tag

    I noticed on FB that Alaqua was trying to help find a dog of this description that was a recent adoptee from there. I think I saw the post yesterday.
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    More pix of Polly's Puppies

    They are so precious! Reminds me of our experience with Madeleine's pups about 12 years ago. I cried each time my husband found a home for one of them.
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    Zumba, hip hop aerobics, bellydance classes?

    I know that a whole lot of folks in DeFuniak Springs are doing Zumba classes there. It is about 25 miles from Grayton if you don't find anything closer.
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    Thyroid issues

    I'm going to encourage my husband to mail you about the synthoid stuff. He had a wreck in about 2000 and started gaining weight, falling asleep, etc. Turned out the thyroid shut down b/c of the wreck. They had to start from scratch to reestablish the proper levels with the synthoid. Long process..
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    Walton Co Animal Shelter

    I remember that in years past some realtors would sponsor a pet of the week ad in the Herald-Breeze. Does that still happen? They work hard up there to rehome animals. There are just so many at this time. The rescue groups have a wonderful ability to network and find owners who are "breed...
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    Walton Co Animal Shelter

    Alicia, Talked to the staff up there and they had a rescue group coming to see them. Indicated I would keep them if they needed me. Just hope the two can stay together and be in a loving home. My heart goes out to folks who must give up pets b/c I know it must be just emotionally heartrending.
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