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  1. Minnie

    Dave Matthews Band Tickets, Dec. 11 - Duluth, GA-Reduced

    Have two GA/Floor, Warehouse Fan Club tickets for Tuesday, Dec. 11 in Duluth, GA. Will take $125, paid, $198.
  2. Minnie

    Casual dining

    Angelina's is another great casual spot.
  3. Minnie

    What are your funn SoWal spots to get a special treat?

    The bakery at Watercolor Publix, they have some seriously good key lime pie.
  4. Minnie

    what are your favorite places at this time, I'm looking for recommendations!

    Lunch at George's, dinner at Nick's.
  5. Minnie

    Public Beach Trespassing?

    They also have a security person, we met him two weeks ago. :nono1: Also they list private beach in their real estate listings. Experience Andante. We invite to enjoy the best of beach life on 30A. Price is Reduced. Andante Penthouse 8 is a 4,300 sq. ft. luxury 4 bedroom/4.5 bath residence...
  6. Minnie

    Public Beach Trespassing?

    They are not the only ones that have put up signs, there are others.
  7. Minnie

    Pet Friendly Rentals?

    Also some listings at Old Florida Cottages and Village are pet friendly. Gulf Place Courtyard has pet friendly listings. We use VRBO when looking for pet friendly locations and use the Pet Friendly filter, makes it easy to find those that will take pets.
  8. Minnie

    Pet Friendly Rentals?

    Our favorite Pet Friendly rentals are at Camp Creek Cottages and Magnolia Cottages by the Sea. Just because you can't take your dog to the beach does not mean you can't bring your pet and still have a great time. As to unfriendly locals, ignore them, there are a few bad apples even in paradise.
  9. Minnie

    Who Has the Best French Fries in SOWAL?

    they are the best I have ever had and the sweet potatoes fries are very good too. Everything at Nick's is delicious.
  10. Minnie

    Best Pizza in SOWAL?

    Based on Tootsie's review we went to Fat Clemenza's this week and the pizza was fabulous and the service even better. Definitely worth the drive.
  11. Minnie

    Who Has the Best French Fries in SOWAL?

    I like the fries at Wild Olives and love the onion rings at Nick's.
  12. Minnie

    Best Pastries in SoWal?

    Sounds great.
  13. Minnie

    Cantina Laredo Celebrates Cinco de Mayo 2012

    Usually when we are down we try to stay on 30A for meals but this is one must have meal during our stay. The food was delicious and great service. The sangria was not bad at all either. A very pleasant place to dine.
  14. Minnie

    Best Pizza in SOWAL?

    Pizza by the Sea has always been our first meal when we arrive. However since the owner change, we tried them three times and were disappointed each time. Soggy pizza and as Skunky said, not their fault, but out of control kids, parent's fault. So we are glad to hear Amore' has made a come...
  15. Minnie

    Who has the Best Breakfast in SoWal?

    Have to agree with Great Southern.
  16. Minnie

    Best Crab Claws in SOWAL?

    Nick's and they have fabulous onion rings.
  17. Minnie

    Best Pastries in SoWal?

    This place has to die for eclairs.
  18. Minnie

    Best Pastries in SoWal?

    This is great news. Love chocolate croissants and this is just down the road from us in Seacrest. See you soon.
  19. Minnie

    Seacrest Sundries Has What you Need

    Thanks for sharing, this is close to where we always stay and will check it out soon.
  20. Minnie

    [Petrino fired] Greased pig to be hog-tied?

    What I could not figure out from any of the news releases was she hurt from the accident.
  21. Minnie

    [Petrino fired] Greased pig to be hog-tied?

    He has been fired.
  22. Minnie

    NCAA Battlezone

    More importantly Pete Boone is leaving too. I have never played college football so I would never presume to know how to coach a team, but he was a class act off the field. I wish him the very best.
  23. Minnie

    Think you have a good dog?

    Sadie our British lab helps with the laundry, her speciality is socks. :) She is looking forward to our trip down to Sowal next weekend.
  24. Minnie

    Lab puppy wanted

    That is wonderful.
  25. Minnie

    Just In: and South Walton TDC Join Forces

    I will definitely get one in October. What's the local places to get them?
  26. Minnie

    Just In: and South Walton TDC Join Forces

    Got the email today, congrats also. A good team. Have heard lots of radio commericials recently in Memphis for SoWal, can't wait to get the new bumper sticker.
  27. Minnie

    NCAA Battlezone

    Re: the suspensions handed out to Miami. What kind of person gives money and gifts to college kids, knowing it is against NCAA rules and then throws them under the bus. That is the real story in this entire situation.
  28. Minnie

    Lake Swimming

    I don't know whether the local lakes are a problem, but very familiar with the problem in central Florida. Read more:
  29. Minnie

    Stinky's Mentioned in USAToday

    Stinky's was mentioned in today's issue of USAToday. :clap: 10 great places to eat like a local I have eaten at 3 of the top Ten, and totally agree with the listings.
  30. Minnie

    Gulf Place Question

    The beach access for Gulf Place is just west of Ed Walline.
  31. Minnie

    Gulf Place Question

    I agree, it is a not bad. Gulf Place is a fabulous place to stay, so close to really good eating.
  32. Minnie

    You're So SoWal If ...

    If your favorite pass time when away from the beach is looking for SoWal stickers on Memphis cars. When you don't vacumn your car after a trip to the beach, because even a little sand is better than none. When you mention the word beach and your dog's ears perk up even though you live 500...
  33. Minnie

    "Private Beach" sign at Andante Condos

    We have stayed at Magnolia many times in the last 4 years and honestly I have never seen anyone even coming and going from Andante. Probably some marketing thing they have come up with to try and sell the units. These signs must be recent, as we were there in March and no signs.
  34. Minnie

    Bike accident on 98

    I am confused about the newspaper report, it says the bicylist was on the shoulder and the driver was in the outside lane. Isn't the shoulder on the right side of the highway and isn't the outside lane the left lane? Was he on the right or left side of the highway when hit?
  35. Minnie

    Bike accident on 98

    This is a horrible accident. Someone lost their life and someone's life was affected forever. No official report has been given, so why would anyone second guess what happened. As to the speed, I believe that stretch of 98 is 55 mph, right, even if 45, fast enough to kill someone on a bike...
  36. Minnie

    Pepper had a seizure -- anyone have an "in" at Auburn?

    Prayers for both of you, I would not completely shave her, as she could sunburn. Just get a puppy cut. If taking her to the groomers stresses her I would not advice that right now. Hope you get good news soon.
  37. Minnie

    Murder in Seagrove

    Very very sad. video
  38. Minnie

    Forum organization...where do I post or find...?

    You have done such a good job of offering specific forums, this one which I find very generic could possibly be dropped.
  39. Minnie

    Where do I sit?

    Seems to me that someone/realtors sold a lot of people something that does not exist for a huge amount of money. They are the ones that ought to be held to the fire.
  40. Minnie

    Seafood recomendations please !!

    We love Nick's, very friendly atmosphere, lots of free parking and a great menu and service is always top notch.
  41. Minnie

    Happy Hour Disappointments

    We were told it was not an option and wanted to move our car literally less than 4 feet to valet, that it was due to insurance reasons. :idontno:
  42. Minnie

    Happy Hour Disappointments

    Nick's has a great bar, and great food and free parking.
  43. Minnie

    Excited to finally buy

    That is great news.
  44. Minnie

    New owners at Pizza By the Sea

    Beer and Pizza by the Sea, sounds right to me. :clap:
  45. Minnie

    New owners at Pizza By the Sea

    Welcome to the new owners and best of luck to the Pritchetts on their new business.
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