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  1. aggieb


    :wub: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :cool:
  2. aggieb

    SoWal 2010 NCAAF Pick'ems

    once again, bless their hearts. officials: ball game oh wait no it's not.
  3. aggieb

    SoWal 2010 NCAAF Pick'ems

    you know my email address.
  4. aggieb

    SoWal 2010 NCAAF Pick'ems

    Done and Done ;-)
  5. aggieb

    SoWal 2010 NCAAF Pick'ems

    :lolabove: are y'all havin' fun in here or what?
  6. aggieb

    SoWal 2010 NCAAF Pick'ems

    So. Miss. @ South Carolina Minnesota @ M. Tennessee Pittsburgh @ Utah Miami (OH) +35 @ Florida La Lafayette +28 @ Georgia Illinois @ Missouri Purdue @ Notre Dame Kentucky @ Louisville San Jose St +40 @ Alabama Arkansas State +30 @ Auburn Washington @ BYU Oregon St @ TCU North Carolina @...
  7. aggieb

    SOWAL NCAA pick'em

    3 X a charm, ladyd.;-):wave:
  8. aggieb

    SoWal vs. VA Beach? No contest.

    oh but you were so close to carova, corolla and duck.
  9. aggieb

    SOWAL NCAA pick'em

    new thread or not. it's going to suck if Kitty doesn't play. i know right? jus' sayin'. i miss you. end of story. :roll: (just talking cool fb talk) bring on some sec football!
  10. aggieb

    NL up 3-1

    goo NL. first W since 1996!:clap:
  11. aggieb

    "Sunset" photo, chosen as top ten finalists for photo contest -- please vote.

    i hope you win too. tell me how to vote.:lol:
  12. aggieb

    Shark attacks jogger in Maui

    Watch out!:eek::sharkfin: YouTube - Shark attacks jogger in Maui 2007
  13. aggieb

    Jimmy Buffett Tickets Gone In Minutes

    eBay Promises To Remove Jimmy Buffett Tickets - Mobile Alabama
  14. aggieb

    SoWal Virtual Art Gallery

  15. aggieb

    Did President Obama "Whoomp" in video

    sold. campbell's soup for breakfast it is.
  16. aggieb

    Hi from the Zohan

    :roll: your hair looks nice.
  17. aggieb

    30A: 1 Caribbean: 0

    I trust your judgement, nodilbert.
  18. aggieb

    30A: 1 Caribbean: 0

    I don't know, I can't see it. lmao
  19. aggieb

    30A: 1 Caribbean: 0

    Yep probably so LS.
  20. aggieb

    30A: 1 Caribbean: 0

    Kurt, helppp delete. pleease. :)
  21. aggieb

    30A: 1 Caribbean: 0

    wrong one and I don't know how to delete. :)
  22. aggieb

    30A: 1 Caribbean: 0

  23. aggieb

    Books by Local Authors?

    The Sunday Wife author is Cassandra King she's Pat Conroy's wife. Local author? don't think so.
  24. aggieb

    For the Moms

    lil' chef in the making. and I think those may be the cutest toes and feet I've ever seen. cute, cute babies.
  25. aggieb


    lol! hey, Ari.
  26. aggieb

    The Natural Beauty of South Walton

    yes i am a pirate. arggg.
  27. aggieb

    Photos of each US State

    Augusta Amen Corner
  28. aggieb

    Are your balconies up to par?

    that's sad.
  29. aggieb

    March Madness 2010

    streetball :sleeping:
  30. aggieb

    Lowering the speed limit on 30A?

    :roll: havin' fun, are we?
  31. aggieb

    mani pedi

    :blink: BR.
  32. aggieb

    Hello SoWal! I'm aggiemac

    welcome. beautiful avatar, i love seagulls.:wub:
  33. aggieb

    USA Hockey team

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