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  1. seabythegrove

    30 A Half Marathon + 5k Registration and Info

    The BBQ Festival last night was a blast!!! Check out all the fun the rest of the weekend and support a great cause!
  2. seabythegrove

    Dengue Fever in Florida

    Gee sorry i posred...
  3. seabythegrove

    Dengue Fever in Florida

    Can mosquito control do anything about the dog flies on the beach? It'd be great if we could cancel the annual dog fly festival this year!!!
  4. seabythegrove

    Are there any full service car washes in the area?

    Call Eric- he'll come to you! 850 533-9545 Hand wash and wax, detail interior.
  5. seabythegrove

    Harvest Moon Celebration Fundraiser | Sept 14

    This event is TOMORROW! Please support this totally volunteer organization - they are making a difference in the lives of many each and every week!
  6. seabythegrove

    What happened to the City of South Walton?

    Please let sleeping dogs lie...
  7. seabythegrove


    Try 850 267-3270
  8. seabythegrove

    South Walton Visit Yes or No help me decide

    The deed is either to the bottom of the dunes or to the mean high water line. I would avoid Sowal until this issue is resolved.
  9. seabythegrove

    Florida Legislature to local governments: You can't ban plastic straws

    Less than 1% of all garbage in the ocean comes from this country. It is a third world problem not a US issue. Banning plastic straws will have no impact. Now plastic bottles - that's another issue.
  10. seabythegrove

    For Sale 10 month old stainless steel appliances

    What is the brand/model of the refrigerator?
  11. seabythegrove

    Wanted Outdoor Ping Pong Table

    Looking for an outdoor ping pong table, in good condition.
  12. seabythegrove

    Regional Utilities

    So the logic is: With so many rental properties that are vacant a vast majority of the year, Regional Utilities would go broke charging for actual usage (unless you go over your allotment - which I haven't ever done in 20 years). If you think about it, it makes sense - I guess...
  13. seabythegrove

    We are open

    Sorry for the slow reply - I've been in PC the last 2 days manning a food trailer serving first responders and homeless folks. Sorry I didn't think about the Old Florida Fish House patrons...
  14. seabythegrove

    Mediacom Internet & Video Service After Hurricane Michael

    Sorry for the slow reply - I've been in PC manning a food trailer and feeding people who are now homeless and have had their lives destroyed (no AC there but I did rinse off with a hose). Please keep us posted on TV and Internet!
  15. seabythegrove

    Mediacom Internet & Video Service After Hurricane Michael

    And your personal internet and phone service is more important than the thousands of people without a home, a meal or shirt on their back? This thread should be deleted!
  16. seabythegrove

    We are open

    Ever think of going to Panama City and helping the people devastated by the hurricane instead of opening for the Fall break tourist?
  17. seabythegrove

    For Sale 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Are you sure that's a 1999?
  18. seabythegrove

    Looking for painter referrals

    Green Energy Painting - Martin Greeway
  19. seabythegrove

    Road repair needed on 283 - who to call?

    283 is a county road. Call Walton County Public Works.
  20. seabythegrove

    Question About Beach Driving

    Must have 4WD to get a sticker. AWD doesn't count.
  21. seabythegrove

    Support Customary Use - Your Input Needed

    Public Information: Walton County Property Appraiser's Web Site
  22. seabythegrove

    Wonderful family vacation...discouraged by beach issues

    Why can't tourist carry their chairs and umbrellas to the beach each day like the lowly locals?
  23. seabythegrove

    Support Customary Use - Your Input Needed

    Guess there is no beach front in Newnan, GA?
  24. seabythegrove

    Trey Nick was cited by health Dept for openly pumping his grease Traps

    The grease traps are the least of my worries should he get elected!
  25. seabythegrove

    Celebrating the 'people's beach' in Oregon

    Plus recreational pot is legal in Oregon!
  26. seabythegrove

    Golf Cart Taxi Service

    Try to get one at 8PM - impossible! Someone must like the idea! They do go the speed limit unlike most golf carts on 30A. Yes they are loud. I know this because I used one when I got a flat tire. If drivers are being irresponsible they should be pulled over and ticketed like every...
  27. seabythegrove

    Wanted Toddler car seat needed

    PM me your phone number .
  28. seabythegrove

    Do utility companies know what "scenic" means?

    Pretty hard to disagree with that post...
  29. seabythegrove

    Job Available Childcare Staff

    Pay range?
  30. seabythegrove

    Job Available Golf Cart Taxi Driver

    Is this an early April Fool joke I hope so!
  31. seabythegrove

    For Sale Furniture for sale

    Dimensions of the wine rack?
  32. seabythegrove

    For Sale Furniture for sale

    Dimensions of the wine rack?
  33. seabythegrove

    For Sale 2 Overstuffed Occasional Chair

    Bought from Havertys ($600 each). Gently used; very comfortable (See attached picture). $175 each - 2 for $300
  34. seabythegrove


    For good
  35. seabythegrove

    Modular and creative builds

    Private message me you phone number and we can talk...
  36. seabythegrove

    Recommendations for attorney and accountant

    Northwest Florida Wills Trusts Estate Lawyer - Destin | 30a | Northwest Florida Wills Trusts Estate Lawyer This guy rocks - if you want a will done right, Bill is the guy!!!
  37. seabythegrove

    Modular and creative builds

    I did one from Affinity in 2016 - great solution for affordable building.
  38. seabythegrove

    For Sale 18" HDPE Pipe

    3 - 20' pieces 18" diameter HDPE Pipe - perforated. Left over from a job - retail (Ferguson Waterworks) $650. Come pick up in Seagrove - best offer!
  39. seabythegrove

    Looking For Some Fun Tonight? (Friday Oct. 13th)

    What better way to kick off the 30A Half Marathon & 5K weekend than with some of the best BBQ on the coast and all the beer you care to drink? Come on out and join us at Marina Park Friday, October 13 from 6-9 PM to kick off the weekend 30A style. Enjoy live music while you meander the...
  40. seabythegrove

    For Sale new Kitchenaid SS Microwave $200

    WOW. That's a steal! Wish I needed one!
  41. seabythegrove

    Look Out World! Here Comes Freeport!

    Really? Legal weed? I might have to go for that!
  42. seabythegrove

    Emeril's Coastal Italian Restaurant At Grand Boulevard opening 8/26/17

    In Italy, the do not serve bread with pasta - that's an American thing.
  43. seabythegrove

    Misc New 30A Home Construction Cost

    Affinity Building Systems
  44. seabythegrove

    Hurricane Irma

    Concerning hurricanes and the Florida panhandle - Looks like Irma will probably not happen here BUT remember it's not if, it's when.
  45. seabythegrove

    Walton County Beach Offical Rules

    No loud music - please wear ear buds!!!
  46. seabythegrove

    Proposed Seagrove Road Through Point Washington State Forest

    I've been here 19 years and I agree. We created this mess - live with it!
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