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  1. J

    Youth groups for teenagers

    Check with Point Washington Methodist on 395. Also Boys and Girls Club for activities and volunteering to work with other kids. Also check out all the area groups for volunteer opportunities. The SWFD Junior Lifeguard program is strong.
  2. J

    For Sale Yard Sale 6/19/21 at 56 Kinley from 8-noon

    Thanks I am furnishing a small apartment and could use some of those types of things. Any photos?
  3. J

    For Sale Yard Sale 6/19/21 at 56 Kinley from 8-noon

    This is a good place to describe items you have for sale and maybe even include photos. The internet has a lot of bandwidth, we do not charge by the word. :wave:
  4. J

    Misc 650K to 850K on 30A - Best location for the $$ for rental return

    Can you even find a sfh that cheap anywhere near an access these days? And by near I mean a half mile.
  5. J

    Misc Are we entering a real estate bubble?

    I'm thinking we'll have a soft pop once pent up demand is met and builders frantically ramping up inventory end up overbuilding a bit. Inflation and rising rates will help cool things and the frenzy that leads to overpaying will end. I also think some people are going to come out of this better...
  6. J

    Double Red Flag Fines

    Eighty citations with the accompanying $500 fines have been issued to people caught in recent weeks on Walton County beaches violating double-red flag warnings and entering dangerous surf in the Gulf of Mexico. The $500 fine for entering the water when double-red flags are flying has been in...
  7. J

    Hurricane Season 2021 is Upon Us

    Countdown to destruction! For 2021, NOAA is predicting another active Atlantic hurricane season. Here’s what they are currently predicting with a 70% confidence on the ranges: A likely range of 13 to 20 named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher) Of those, 6 to 10 could become hurricanes...
  8. J

    For Sale 3/2 1650 SF home 385k

    Uploaded here it's easy.
  9. J

    723 Whiskey Bravo will not reopen

    Exhibit A for how to undermine a community.
  10. J

    Misc Are we entering a real estate bubble?

    I don't see demand letting up for awhile, if ever. Summer is always busy for South Walton real estate. All real estate is local as they say. South Walton has always been its own animal pretty much when it comes to real estate. We are seeing inventory at historic lows, lots of new people...
  11. J

    Job Available Great work environment!

    Is this a bartender job or a warehouse job or ?
  12. J

    Why is Restaurant Charging for Ice Water

    Probably 98% of revenue come from tourists who aren't paying attention and/or don't care about prices. In defense of our local restaurants I'd say our mediocre is a ton better than a typical southern town. High prices and crowds can bring down a rating for sure though.
  13. J

    Walton County Florida Real Estate Report for February 2021

    At some point we'll return to a "normal" rsising market but the pandemic has changed a lot where people can live and where they WANT to live. I think it shook up a lot of folks and they're thinking like WHY NOT live at the beach??!! Everything in a gated community or waterfront is getting...
  14. J

    Seaside Paid Parking Program

    Agree. It is sad. And I think it might just blow.
  15. J

    Public Hearing for Micromobility Devices 4.27.21

    Thanks guys that's what I thought but was not sure after searching what micromobility refers to wheic includes e-bikes.
  16. J

    Public Hearing for Micromobility Devices 4.27.21

    Does this include electric bikes?
  17. J

    La Playa in Gulf Place Update - Closed Permanently

    Surprised it is still empty. I haven't heard anything about it.
  18. J

    Wanted Home near 30A , ready to buy

    Living on 30A involves too much traffic. Try north of 30A and even north of 98 or the bay.
  19. J

    For Sale Tiny House For Sale

    Please provide more details - price, delivery and setup available? Can it be viewed? Size, finishings, builder, warranty, etc.
  20. J

    SUP Storage ideas

    Don't most people rack them however and then run a cable and lock through them?
  21. J

    John Malkovich at The Red Bar

    Very cool love those guys.
  22. J

    5G in SoWal

    I thought all the new towers up and down 30A are AT&T.
  23. J

    Starbucks on 30a?

    No rules against franchises. But no new drive throughs. We've already had a couple of Starbucks as well.
  24. J

    Private/public beach

    Public Beach Accesses on Blue Mountain Beach Road - these are on the county website, TDC and maps. They are maintained by bed tax paid by rental owners in Blue Mountain Beach and all over SoWal. Blue Lake Road Access Seagrade Road Access Gulf Point Road Access Blue Mountain Regional Access...
  25. J

    Wanted Long Term Rental starting in April

    It sucks to have to move it is pressure. There are new apartments available like Watersound Crossings which might be your best bet. Hold off on the pup until you find a pet friendly option because you might not and your options would be limited.
  26. J

    Private/public beach

    Now that the county has expanded their control over our beaches and is officially in the chair rental business, perhaps there should be a standard disclosure required to be issued and acknowledged by renters for every rental property regarding Beach Access and rental availability along with...
  27. J

    30A Pontoon Rental Santa Rosa Beach- 150 hp tritoons and Double Deckers with slides

    I was hoping to get some more info but nothing yet. If they are competitive with Destin or PCB rentals then I'd probably book but I don't see any pricing on the website.
  28. J

    30A Pontoon Rental Santa Rosa Beach- 150 hp tritoons and Double Deckers with slides

    Does price include the 10 blonde person crew? lol Where do you launch and what is price range?
  29. J

    Walton County Florida Real Estate Report for December 2020

    We are in a new and unique situation with so little inventory on the market. We've seen a lot of changes in the market, especially over the last 25 years - some highs and lows for sure but something tells me this year is going to be a wild ride. I imagine spec homes and new subdivisions to be...
  30. J

    For Rent Stunning Gulf Front home. Private Beach

    I apologize to all for the editorial and though I believe this forum is open to all and welcomes rental posts from all, 22 threads on the home page by you @DestinBeachVR is a bit much don't you think? It pushes others off the front page of the forum. Perhaps consolidate some of your threads by...
  31. J

    Sound of Freedom?

    You may be thinking of underground tests. Or if not, what bombs cause the earth to quake?
  32. J

    Job Available Valet Parking Attendant

    The OP is a few years old. I haven't heard of any valet services anywhere because we have a global pandemic happening now. However this is Florida and businesses and restaurants will be packed soon so who knows if extremely risky behavior like getting into a strangers car will Be encouraged by...
  33. J

    Heads up to Brickyard residents.....

    Not sure but deeded beach access has to be on the deed. Or an official addendum or part of a recorded subdivision?
  34. J

    Sound of Freedom?

    Yes we hear sounds of war pretty much every day. This morning was minor stuff. The MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) I think is the one that cracks your windows and knocks pictures off the wall. I hear they kill an extreme number of people in a single blast. The Eglin range is on eof the Air Force's...
  35. J

    Sandestin Gumbo Festival Feb 19-20

    The dire warnings posted here are by everyone, and information from lots of sources. You can tell people whats going on and still be responsible. Yes The situation is dire. At least the Gumbo festival is outside. Still, If you go wear a mask.
  36. J

    Spring Break 2021 - canceled?

    Both a week long? Where is Cobb?
  37. J

    Walton County Making Changes to Building Height Limit

    The planning commission has approved a proposal to be voted on by the BCC that any future changes to the 50-foot height limit in South Walton require a super majority vote by the BCC - three votes plus one out of five for the limit to be raised or lowered. I find it unsettling that this issue...
  38. J

    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    That was just the first link. There are a lot of scientific studies you can easily find.
  39. J

    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    Thousands of legit links on CDC director says face masks may provide more protection than coronavirus vaccine
  40. J

    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    Fact: if everyone wore masks we would have the same protection as a vaccine.
  41. J

    Misc South Walton Community Town Center on Chat Holly

    :yikes: Yeah but so close to Hardee's!
  42. J

    Ace Home Helpers New 27,000 sf Building by Publix on 98

    Just next to (west side) of Publix, approved by planning commission to be built - about 1/3 the size of a typical Home Depot.
  43. J

    Misc South Walton Community Town Center on Chat Holly

    Approved by planning - 92 townhomes, restaurant, commercial space and 50-room hotel just west of 331 on Chat Holly Rd. A lot of other stuff happening in the area including 150 townhomes nearby on Indian Woman Rd. called Hawk's Landing.
  44. J

    Beachfront Owners Suing to remove County Public Beach Access

    Sugar Dunes Access - Sugar Dunes Condominiums Owners Association and the property owner to the west of the access are claiming the county has no right to the access which has been there for decades. Suing to have it removed forever. More sickening news for South Walton.
  45. J

    Wishing you the merriest...

    Merry Christmas y'all!
  46. J

    SoWal Vision / Strategic Plan?

    Said someone every time before every incorporation. :lol:
  47. J

    SoWal Vision / Strategic Plan?

    Nothing will change until we reach critical mass of locals who are informed and involved. Those types of people will push incorporation. It is the natural evolution of local power (and bureaucracy). It is coming like a train rumbling down the tracks.
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