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  1. scooterbug44

    Walton County may have bought land they already own

    I think a chart showing all the different connections (business and family) would help people understand just how interconnected and symbiotic most of the BCC transactions and contracts are.
  2. scooterbug44

    NCAA Pick ems 2011

    Me neither!
  3. scooterbug44

    Any restaurants with specials during the week between Christmas and New Year's Eve?

    Hurricane Oyster Bar has daily lunch specials and so does Marie's. It changes daily. Fire posted a bunch of specials in a separate thread.
  4. scooterbug44

    SLERS not too bad an idea.

    If the Sheriff took over the fire department, does that mean the fire commissioners go away? I never understood their purpose and would much rather be spending tax monies on active firefighters than elected officials.
  5. scooterbug44

    Christmas Tree Disposal - Recycling option

    Waste Management is recycling the trees and turning them into mulch. From Walton Outdoors:
  6. scooterbug44

    Help me understand - Hwy 98 W

    I never knew that, very cool!
  7. scooterbug44

    Walton County may have bought land they already own

    I suspect he knows, but as usual will not admit he knows.
  8. scooterbug44

    Bridge Addition for US HWY 331

    IMO we would already have a 4 lane 331 if the same old players hadn't been spending their time and our tax money trying to make themselves more money at our expense with a private toll bridge.
  9. scooterbug44

    Massage anyone?

    No idea, think it makes them feel better and the cutout keeps them from squishing the baby.
  10. scooterbug44

    Massage anyone?

    Yep, they have tables with a belly cut out!
  11. scooterbug44

    No building south of the CCCL please

    It's the height of idiocy IMO and I am sick and tired of my taxpayer dollars paying for these idiot's insurance! We should be moving the line back, not letting them build closer.
  12. scooterbug44

    Walton County Schools' Corporal Punishment Policy

    Are you serious? They beat a child, got caught, evidence was produced, AND they got a promotion?
  13. scooterbug44

    South Walton Pending Real Estate Sales Increase 45%

    I meant for each year - was curious to see how actual sold compared to pending based on your comments.
  14. scooterbug44


    Thank you for showing that bad sportsmanship and winning at any cost is not a recent occurrence.
  15. scooterbug44

    South Walton Pending Real Estate Sales Increase 45%

    Can you post a graph showing actual sales for the past and the current pendings?
  16. scooterbug44

    Existing home sales to be revised lower

    Buz - I checked my Scottrade agreement and it seems to say that they can rehypothocate at will, but I think that only applies to margin. It's #61 and #62 on page 7.
  17. scooterbug44

    Existing home sales to be revised lower

    Luckily I do not have a 401K.........or more than $50 in a brokerage account. Sounds like it is definitely hitting the fan though! Thanks for the update. Also appreciated the article about how the housing data is completely wrong!
  18. scooterbug44

    Casino at Sandestin?

    That is a man-made divider, I prefer ones made by Mother Nature.
  19. scooterbug44

    Existing home sales to be revised lower

    Thanks - IMO this is stealing. Those are not their assets. Another question - if a bank fails, can it do the same to contents of your safety deposit box?
  20. scooterbug44

    Existing home sales to be revised lower

    Really? A brokerage can take the money I have invested and consider it their asset? Is it all funds, or is it just money I have in my account that is not currently invested in anything? (Either one is unacceptable, but the 2nd option worries me less.)
  21. scooterbug44

    Bank Appoved Price in Point Washington

    Wow! That is quite a deal!
  22. scooterbug44

    Walton County may have bought land they already own

    I agree - plenty of vacant land and unoccupied buildings in the area. No need to take away the forest.
  23. scooterbug44

    Massage anyone?

    I think Massage Envy in Pier Park now offers hot stone. The place in Seaside, I don't know if they do massages or hot stone, but as a local you will get 50% off this month.
  24. scooterbug44

    Bike accident on 98

    Noone deserves to get run over. Hope I never am biking on a road at the same time you are driving.
  25. scooterbug44

    Bike accident on 98

    Update SANTA ROSA BEACH – No charges will be filed against the driver whose vehicle struck and killed an Atlanta cyclist on U.S. Highway 98 last summer. The media release issued by the Florida Highway Patrol had listed charges as pending. But homicide investigators could not determine where...
  26. scooterbug44

    For Sale You need a SoWal Snuggie

    It looks like Yoda's robe! :lol: Does it have the foot pouch at the bottom?
  27. scooterbug44

    Casino at Sandestin?

    Why just go for a casino? Plenty of those around. Think of what a draw legalized prostitution would be!
  28. scooterbug44

    NCAA Pick ems 2011

    Dec. 17 Wyoming vs. Temple Dec. 17 Ohio vs. Utah State Dec. 17 La.-Lafayette vs. San Diego State Dec. 20 FIU vs. Marshall Dec. 21 TCU vs. La. Tech Dec. 22 Boise State vs. Arizona State Dec. 24 Nevada vs. Southern Miss Dec. 26 Missouri vs. N. Carolina Dec. 27 W...
  29. scooterbug44

    Casino at Sandestin?

    I only consider south of the bay to be Sowal. It's an easy geographic divider for me. IMO, these constant publicity blitzes and major expansion attempts are killing what makes this area special. Would be nice to have more jobs in the Freeport area, but I am concerned locating a casino there...
  30. scooterbug44

    Queen matress wanted

    Call Geo - he was trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff lately. I think you should buy yourself a new mattress to celebrate the new house.
  31. scooterbug44

    NCAA Battlezone

    Weis has a bad hip and a bad knee because of his weight. He has other health issues because of complications from his stomach stapling. I have very little sympathy for a millionaire who spends their days in state of the art athletic facilities surrounding by nutritionists, physical therapists...
  32. scooterbug44

    Changing lives, one cup at a time

    Kudos to them! Let's all support these great folks and this great cause by buying these products!
  33. scooterbug44

    SoWal Restaurants Open Christmas Eve?

    And if you do go out, please remember that the people cooking your food and serving you are doing so at the expense of enjoying the holidays themselves and tip/act accordingly.
  34. scooterbug44

    NCAA Pick ems 2011

    Bring on the bowl games! I always do far better at those with my illogical karmic picking!
  35. scooterbug44

    WANTED: 1br. Is this unrealistic?

    Bear in mind that if you rent for less than 6 months you (legally) need to add in the whomping bed tax. The people trying to find winter renters are the ones who rent short term and charge more for 1 week in the summer than you want to pay for 1 or 2 months. Renting to you long term is a big...
  36. scooterbug44

    WANTED: 1br. Is this unrealistic?

    I have not heard of it, usually the price is the same for each month. You can always try, but my guess is that if they wanted to charge more during season and less during the off season they wouldn't be offering a 12 month rental. And $500 for a one bedroom is Sowal is not realistic. Those...
  37. scooterbug44

    4th Annual Elf Ride!!!

    No, this is a kid friendly G rated event!
  38. scooterbug44

    Marie's Barside (give us your ideas)

    Those great egg/spring rolls you make!
  39. scooterbug44

    Realtors: Does price per SF matter anymore when buying a home in South Walton?

    It is something to consider, but IMO it varies so much you are rarely comparing apples and apples. I look at lot size, amenities, and covenants/restrictions before SF.
  40. scooterbug44

    Where to attach the dog tag

    Not so much roaming free as with owners who don't care that their dog is pooping and harassing others.
  41. scooterbug44

    NCAA Pick ems 2011

    West Virginia @ South Florida Ohio @ Northern Illinois Syracuse @ Pittsburgh Southern Miss @ Houston Iowa State @ Kansas State Texas @ Baylor Georgia @ LSU Wisconsin @ Michigan State BYU @ Hawaii Virginia Tech @ Clemson Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State BONUS #1 Which game will produce more...
  42. scooterbug44

    saying that renting your home in the winter is seasonal is an understatement.

    I frequently hear the "1 week in summer, 1 month in winter" rule of thumb for rental prices.
  43. scooterbug44

    Looking for a home stager

    My method is to choose a couple items, put them on the floor in my line of sight, watch some TV, then put them somewhere at the commercial break. Then by the next commercial I either want to move it or like it where it is.
  44. scooterbug44

    Need Local Custom Sofa Slipcovers

    BR - Mama Scooterbug just heard that "gray is the new neutral".
  45. scooterbug44

    Looking for a home stager

    Most of the Sowal wenches will do this for free if you supply liquor.
  46. scooterbug44

    Songwriters at the REP Volume 2 | Thurs, December 1, 2011

    So excited! I love these Rep events!
  47. scooterbug44

    Songwriters at the REP Volume 2 | Thurs, December 1, 2011

    So excited! I love these Rep events!
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