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  1. Andy A

    Meadows Ethics Investigation

    John G, thank you very much. They will get a call first thing Monday morning.
  2. Andy A

    Meadows Ethics Investigation

    Please supply me a phone number for this outfit so I can humblely express my opinion to them.
  3. Andy A

    Cindy Meadows, Why you gotta be so rude?

    An extremely well put post. We need a QUALIFIED person as our Dist 5 Commissioner! That certainly is not Tony Anderson, though I'm sure he is a nice man. Afterall his name is Anderson. Just keep our well qualified, experienced, well educated Commissioner we have now...Cindy Meadows!!!!
  4. Andy A

    Meadows Ethics Investigation

    Vote for Cindy Meadows. Experienced, qualified, for the citizens of Walton County. I already have voted for her!
  5. Andy A

    Meadows Misinformation

    Oh, get a life and grow up. This post is not even worthy of an Anderson supporter.
  6. Andy A

    A Better South Walton Town Hall Meetings: Aug 23 & 25

    Dave, I'm only one citizen but incorporation as it is now recommended is, in my mind, ludicrous. Let the cities that now exist incorportate. Leave rural areas such as mine in BMB out of it. Those to whom I have talked don't want to be included.
  7. Andy A

    Meadows Misinformation

    I can guarantee I'll be there on Aug 20th to vote for the only viable candidate running in Dist. 5. Those interested in making sure our area is well represented will do the for Cindy Meadows, the only qualified candidate running in Dist. 5.
  8. Andy A

    I will not vote for Tony Anderson because of this

    Would you please tell me what special interest I, and many other Walton County citizens, represent as a retired individual with onty better local government as our issue. I, and many others, are only interested in good local government. Cindy Meadows does the ultimate to supply that.
  9. Andy A

    Don't take my word for it

    You and I do not agree very often but in this instance we agree completely. Cindy Meadows, the only qualified candidate, to remain our BCC Commissioner. I might further mention that urban planning includes a Master's Degree in urban affairs.
  10. Andy A

    Our Generation Column by Michael Weimorts

    I have only this to add. If you wish someone who will speak their mind and always consider the citizens of Walton County, you will vote for and elect Bill Fletcher to the Walton County BCC.
  11. Andy A

    Ethics complaint heats up Walton County District 5 race

    Gardner, you must really be a piece of work!
  12. Andy A

    I will not vote for Tony Anderson because of this

    It is really too bad you let campaign signs govern your vote instead of qualifications, education and experience all of which are far less in measure in Tony Anderson than in Cindy Meadows.
  13. Andy A

    3 Emails from Cindy Meadows Campaign in 3 Days!

    My error. Check her votes on many issues concerning the whole county. I think you'll find they are in the intrests of all Walton County citizens.
  14. Andy A

    3 Emails from Cindy Meadows Campaign in 3 Days!

    All of this doesn't really make a damned. Those interested in the best intrests for SoWal will vote for the obviously best and most viable candidate...Cindy Meadows.
  15. Andy A

    Email from Tony Anderson campaign

    There is a simple answer to all of this. Keep the well qualified, experienced Commissioner you already have...Cindy Meadows. Another Anderson, who is better qualified than the one running.
  16. Andy A

    Power or Internet Out in BMB?

    There was a momentary outage, I believe, day before yesterday. It shut my computer down, but affected nothing else.
  17. Andy A

    Walton BCC District 5

    When you compare Cindy Meadows experience, education and qualifications with T. Anderson's, there is no comparison. Cindy wins hands down! If South Walton voters are smart, they will keep a very capable individual as Commissioner.
  18. Andy A

    Our Generation Ad

    Seadune85, I don't know who you are or where you come from but I do know you are relatively new, and in my eyes, somewhat unappreciated. Get off Misty's back! Some of us enjoy her ramblings.
  19. Andy A

    Walton BCC District 5

    Here's something that isn't gossip. Compare the actual qualifications of the two Dist. 5 candidates and then tell me who is the best person to represent my, and other citizen's interests, on the BCC. Cindy Meadows wins hands down. FTR, my name is Anderson, no relation to Tony and I am...
  20. Andy A

    County Sued By Beach Front Property Owners

    Some people have little common sense and evidently absolutely no feeling or compassion for their fellow man. As a Walton County taxpayer, I am appalled at such a lawsuit being brought at my expense as a taxpayer. It is my hope a judge will see this suit as what it is meant to be, "the will of...
  21. Andy A

    Are Cecilia and Jerry Jones separated?

    Vote for Cindy Meadows. Respected, highly qualified, and has the voter's intrests at heart.
  22. Andy A

    Who is this group? Anyone know?

    Misty, we may not always agree with you, but I feel all of us certainly respect you. Phil's (?) post about you was totally out of line.
  23. Andy A

    We have a "first" in the D5 Comission Race!

    lazin & drinkin, thank you for the run down on the candidates, especially Ms.Nipper. It was much appreciated.
  24. Andy A

    We have a "first" in the D5 Comission Race!

    I have known Bill Fletcher since he first moved here. I have found him to be honest, reliable to his word and a credit to everything he does in Walton County. In a word, he has my vote and my support.
  25. Andy A

    How often does this happen?

    The Gulf is back to looking normal this morning.
  26. Andy A

    How often does this happen?

    I looked at the Gulf this morning and I could not believe my eyes. I have never seen the Gulf so dirty looking. It is time for the County to start enforcing the requirment to hook up to sewer if available. We have more than some's pocketbook to worry about. We have our whole economy to consider.
  27. Andy A

    New candidates

    If the voters of Walton County are smart, they will vote for the person with the experience, education and knowledge to make a well qualified Commissioner...that person is our present Commissione, Cindy Meadows.
  28. Andy A

    Policy on Personal Beach Chairs vs Vendor

    Simple answer. It's not, Enforcement is the answer. Use TDC funds to provide it instead of advertising.
  29. Andy A

    They are talking about A Better South Walton's efforts up north, way up north.

    Very nice history lesson, Dawn. Thank you for posting.
  30. Andy A

    Who Finances A Better South Walton?

    For probably the first time ever, Poppaj and I agree on something.
  31. Andy A

    Amending Ordinance to Ban Signs, Ropes, Fences on the Beach

    Get of Huckabee's case. I don't agree with his beach usage stance but he has already done more to help some in BMB beach than all the rest of you put together.
  32. Andy A

    New vendor storage areas at Grayton

    Sounds like Walton County could take a lesson.
  33. Andy A

    Who Finances A Better South Walton?

    Let me say this as loud and clear as I can. The area they are attempting to incorporate is too large and not in many's interest including mine. As I have said on many occasions, let Seaside, Aly' Beach and Rosemary Beach incorporate if they wish, but leave Blue Mountain Beach out of it!!!
  34. Andy A

    Public vs Private Beach [threads merged]

    What an unbelieveable post! It shows the lack of civility you display on many levels. You not only do not undestand normally recognized beach usage you also do not understand normal parenting.
  35. Andy A

    Gulf Cemetery Memorial Day Service Monday May 30 10am...

    Once again, it was a greal way to spend Memorial Day morning.
  36. Andy A

    Turtle Talk: Digging Holes on the Beach Can Harm People, Turtles

    Amen, Misty, Amen. What a total loser!!!
  37. Andy A

    Public vs Private Beach [threads merged]

    Count me it. The lack of common sense displayed in many posts lately is appaling.
  38. Andy A

    Dangerous Situation Developing in Blue Mountain Beach

    Roger on the bald spots! I have them, too.
  39. Andy A

    Dangerous Situation Developing in Blue Mountain Beach

    Well, I stand corrected. One of our renters saw a snake on the dune this last week.
  40. Andy A

    Dangerous Situation Developing in Blue Mountain Beach

    Yes, it is. Why do you ask?
  41. Andy A

    New TDC Regional Beach access opposed by Beachfront owners

    Well said and right on the mark. It applies to BMB as well. Some are just greedy and old. I'm just old, but fortunately endowed with good common sense, something I find lacking in some beachfront owners.
  42. Andy A

    A Better South Walton Announces 3 community meetings in May...

    I don't think it was in jest. Overall, it is a bad idea. As I have said previously, if Seaside, Alys Beach or Rosemary wish to incorporate, be my guest. Leave areas such as BMB out of it. Everyone I talk to is happy the way it is. We don't need more government, taxes and problems than we...
  43. Andy A

    Dangerous Situation Developing in Blue Mountain Beach

    What snakes? I have lived in BMB permenantly since 2003 within 50 yds of the dunes and have yet to see a snake on them. Maybe that they just prefer the "elite" of the Retreat? ALL SIGNS ON THE BEACH need to be removed!
  44. Andy A

    Public vs Private Beach [threads merged]

    Steelman, your above post is 100% correct. I don't wish to see another hurricane but it will happen. Some new beach front owners have a rude awakening coming and you're right about renourishment.
  45. Andy A

    Public vs Private Beach [threads merged]

    I am going to tout my military backround and experience as I highly value it. I, and I imagine thousands of others that have sered, view our pristing white sands bordering the Gulf of Mexico in the same context as our national and state forests. It is there for all American citizens and their...
  46. Andy A

    Johnny McTighes for lunch so good

    Johnny McTighes has a great happy hour. One dollar drafts including Yuengling. Their Lobster Bisque is out of this world!
  47. Andy A

    The Craft Bar Open at old Grayton Bar & Grill location

    McTighes has a wonderful happy hour! One dollar drafts including Yuengling. It is a fun place and their Lobster Bisque is out of this world!
  48. Andy A

    Looking for ideal area for young, active family....please help!

    Explore a little. Try Blue Mountain Beach. Sea Bluff, Adagio and Bella Vita. All have swimming pools, and are beach front.
  49. Andy A

    Pool temps during Spring Break?

    They are swimming in our unheated pool this week.
  50. Andy A

    Bill Fletcher - Walton County D1 Commissioner Candidate

    This is great news! Let me know if I can help in any way, Bill.
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