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  1. 30A Skunkape

    Food Truck Fest Destin

  2. 30A Skunkape

    Cremated Remains

    I have witnessed this done in Western Lake. Like Matt J said, it is probably technically illegal (the undertakers have a great lobby, what can I say?) but with so many more people favoring cremation now, it is almost certainly a routine practice all over the state, largely ignored by...
  3. 30A Skunkape

    Misc Bayside to Seaside Realty Grand Opening June 12

    Is the Great and Powerful SEASIDE cool with this name?;)
  4. 30A Skunkape

    Misc Treetop Village in Seacrest

    Watersound Origins makes more sense if you are buying in that area would be my guess. The project never really launched with the one-two punch of both Doodle Harris passing away and the real estate collapse in 2008.
  5. 30A Skunkape

    Santa Clara Access improvements

    It is coming along. Maybe ready for July 4th?
  6. 30A Skunkape

    Double Red Flag Fines

    Give Suzanne Harris some time.
  7. 30A Skunkape

    Super Bright Beach Lights

    What do you think the 1% art and entertainment fee goes toward?
  8. 30A Skunkape

    Video: Vacation on 30A

  9. 30A Skunkape

    Super Bright Beach Lights

    I guess the hippies who used to do the drum circle on Grayton Beach for full moons all moved on.
  10. 30A Skunkape

    Double Red Flag Fines

    Yeah, well, being sharks they are not above eating their own.
  11. 30A Skunkape

    Double Red Flag Fines

    Ambulance chasing lawyers moved to town.
  12. 30A Skunkape

    Walton TDC Director Jay Tusa Fired

    I think it would be good fun to see if the current county commissioners could locate Louisiana on a map. I bet at least two could not.
  13. 30A Skunkape

    Big redfish lake

    I have never had too much luck in any of the dune lakes, but some have. I suggest you go to Yellowfin and ask the staff there which lakes seem to be good producers right now, and what people are having luck using.
  14. 30A Skunkape

    March 2021 Tourist Tax collection Up 176.5%

    Good thing they got rid of Jay Tusa. That guy couldn't put heads in beds, I tell ya.
  15. 30A Skunkape

    723 Whiskey Bravo will not reopen

    Not sure about being an expert on everything, but, I await a pat on the back for calling this one way in advance!
  16. 30A Skunkape

    723 Whiskey Bravo will not reopen

    That builder Lala is from Louisiana and an idiot. Already making a mess of this project.
  17. 30A Skunkape

    Golf cart parking

    Let me clarify-you can park wherever the hell you want, including in the shadow of a county posted 'no parking' sign. The only exception is Rosemary Beach as mentioned previously. Have a wonderful free for all 4th and declare your independence from any common sense rules of the road. THAT is...
  18. 30A Skunkape

    Gas shortage in South Walton and 30A

    Funny that all the idiots are bypassing the PCB stations since their gas is about 30 cents more expensive than Santa Rosa Beach gas.
  19. 30A Skunkape

    Misc Are we entering a real estate bubble?

    Where is Shelly?
  20. 30A Skunkape

    Help Me Mortgage Shop

    Had good luck with Progress Bank here locally. Fellow I worked with named Barry Stanley.
  21. 30A Skunkape

    Taco Bar Cinco de Mayo Party

    Fiesta, si. Estacionamiento, no.
  22. 30A Skunkape

    Why is Restaurant Charging for Ice Water

    Everything else in that space has failed, so maybe capturing that water fee will be the key to survival.
  23. 30A Skunkape

    West Bay Parkway - [Update: Preferred Route Chosen]

    That thing is going to extend all the way to 30A with the inevitable 'forest road'.
  24. 30A Skunkape

    Why is Restaurant Charging for Ice Water

    Call them out, let's hear some names
  25. 30A Skunkape

    Any restaurants that will cook your catch? "hook & cook"

    I would see if Steamboat would be willing. The owner is usually there, and they are very down to Earth people.
  26. 30A Skunkape

    When is water clear in South Walton, Destin, 30A?

    Assuming no tropical weather churning things up, October water is usually really nice.
  27. 30A Skunkape

    Where for oysters?

    Well there goes Matt again...There are good oysters to be found here, but, it is not easy to find any decent Florida oysters here. You sometimes get some from Cedar Key that are good but that is it. Apalachicola is no longer an option. Here are my oyster suggestions: Expensive but very good...
  28. 30A Skunkape

    Wanted Home near 30A , ready to buy

    So embarrassed! I thought this was referring to NatureWalk on 395. I would avoid moving there due to short term rentals. Origins would be much more appealing.
  29. 30A Skunkape

    Wanted Home near 30A , ready to buy

    Downside is short term renters
  30. 30A Skunkape


    Either. Just wondering if that is a thing here yet.
  31. 30A Skunkape


    Why you.....:cuss:
  32. 30A Skunkape


    Has anyone ever used TURO? Is this something active in SOWAL?
  33. 30A Skunkape

    Anyone tried The Citizen yet?

    I have been. Caveat, we sat at the raw bar so didn’t get the full experience. All in all I enjoyed it. Very good (I'm pretty sure farmed)oysters, an octopus based appetizer sized dish and steak tartare were what we had. I drank Pacifico. Not cheap but less confiscatory than I anticipated...
  34. 30A Skunkape

    Seagar’s: Recommended Restaurant in Forbes Travel Guide Star Award 2021

    Pretty good, but not worth the money in my opinion. And 1993 just called, it wants the cobalt blue glassware back :lol:
  35. 30A Skunkape

    For Sale Justin Gaffrey Art For Sale, 3'x4' Sunflowers

    Might I suggest you buy one share of Amazon stock, frame it, and sell it in a few years for a handful of Justins.
  36. 30A Skunkape

    SoWal Fly Fishing

    Good advice for fly fishing can be found at Old Florida Outfitters in Watercolor or the big Orvis store in Grand Blvd.
  37. 30A Skunkape

    Misc Rental projections for NatureWalk

    If I owned a house in Naturewalk I would feel better about renting it out than actually living there. What I mean by that is that it seems to me that place is heading toward being a short term rental mecca quite quickly. Once that happens, you can count on the house being rented steadily as...
  38. 30A Skunkape

    For Rent Hotel Effie Opens in Sandestin Feb 1

    Why are you always trolling me???!!! :creepy:
  39. 30A Skunkape

    For Rent Hotel Effie Opens in Sandestin Feb 1

    How can something that just opened have "legendary" status already? :rolleyes:
  40. 30A Skunkape

    Blue Mabel Smokehouse & Provisions in Blue Mountain Beach

    Had dinner there last night. Outstanding gumbo and fried chicken salad. Best fried chicken I've had in some time (it is boneless). Was pretty quiet since it was Sunday night. You ought to check it out before the spring breakers swamp it.
  41. 30A Skunkape

    Burger King Coming to SoWal

    If you need a fix, Shades at the Loop has the Beyond version. It is darn good.
  42. 30A Skunkape

    Spring Break 2021 - canceled?

    I'm not sure why it matters about who cancelled what and when. Fear not, every week will be jam packed with people, and Atlanta's weeks are already over 90% booked. Get ready
  43. 30A Skunkape

    In search of house band

    Bro or outlaw country?
  44. 30A Skunkape

    Santa Clara Access improvements

    they have quite a bit left to do.
  45. 30A Skunkape

    For Rent Pet Friendly 5 Bedroom, 4 Bath home!

    Just to clarify-pet deposit for dogs only. Cats, parrots and emotional support llamas require no deposit?
  46. 30A Skunkape

    Wanted $1500 Loan until 1/29. $500 Interest. Have References

    Bradalan, go to Johnny McTighe's with a roll of quarters, and play the quarter drop game. Easy money, interest free.
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