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  1. Will B

    Yellow Fly Bites! I'm allergic....any remedies?

    No...that's not normal. That's infection. Don't let that progress...
  2. Will B

    Cremated Remains

    They're 100% inert and won't hurt anything.
  3. Will B

    Cremated Remains

    Some of my dad is in the dunes at the Gulfview Heights access. Come think of it...some of him was on my mom, too, because she stood downwind. So, by default he wound up in our septic tank after she washed her clothes!
  4. Will B

    Fire in Freeport

    Is that the one that started as a wildfire that they corralled and went ahead and managed it as a controlled burn since the conditions were right?
  5. Will B

    723 Whiskey Bravo will not reopen

    Skunky, that was a high hanging curveball that you hit so hard it still hasn't landed! Only thing you didn't do in your post was call your shot like Babe Ruth did (myth or not!)
  6. Will B

    Gas shortage in South Walton and 30A's the folly of it all. The panhandle does not get its gas via pipeline. It all comes in via barge, tanker, and truck. Sowal is not affected by the pipeline hack. It's being affected by pure stupidity and unfounded panic.
  7. Will B

    Transportation to Fishing Charter from Rental House

    You can schedule ubers. Not sure about Lyft. Of course, this is contingent on drivers being out on the road.
  8. Will B

    Just Now

    This shot is awesome zoomed way in! The eyes are crazy
  9. Will B

    Public Hearing for Micromobility Devices 4.27.21

    After watching them for a couple years in Atlanta I have a problem with their modus operandi which basically is to dump a bunch of scooters in an area in the dead of night (it seems) and to deal with the ramifications after the fact. The big issue is you wind up with scooters left anywhere and...
  10. Will B

    Walton County Mobility Plan

    Elon Musk's Las Vegas tunnel is an unmitigated disaster, but I'm sure he would get it right, here...;), or he could deploy a fleet of rockets to move everybody assuming they don't blow up when they land!
  11. Will B

    Public Hearing for Micromobility Devices 4.27.21

    No...I believe this is what was put in place to keep out Lime, Bird, Lyft, and Jump rental scooters as preemptive measure.
  12. Will B

    Motorized Vehicles

    There is a guy in Inlet Beach with a motorized toilet!
  13. Will B

    Just Now

    Love the picture. Seeing a really nasty tetanus shot sticking out of the side!
  14. Will B

    Ridiculous Golf Cart Traffic Signs

    The original complaint is too many signs. Big letters or small letters a sign is a sign...
  15. Will B

    Ridiculous Golf Cart Traffic Signs

    This is old news that has been hashed out already. The majority see it as a win so that ticketing carts can be easier and takes the "I didn't know" out of the equation. Time to move on...
  16. Will B

    Motorized Vehicles

    Seems to me that a county built path would be separate from any laws that govern vehicles on the road. They are two different animals. You sure about that?
  17. Will B

    Just Now

    They were drift fencing for catching sand... Either that or a bunch of private beach signs all jammed up together! :p
  18. Will B

    Just Now

    A little Draper Lake action...
  19. Will B

    Motorized Vehicles

    One thing to note on the signs is that the ordinance is from 1998. Back then it was only the occasional golf cart and 4 wheelers that were really around. If you want to keep all motorized vehicles off the path the ordinance would have to be updated (I'm assuming it has not been). I don't see...
  20. Will B

    Starbucks on 30a?

  21. Will B

    Starbucks on 30a?

    I'd rather see competition. Starbucks is certainly convenient, but they routinely get their butts handed to them in taste tests. So many better coffeeS out there....Dunkin Donuts for one. Bad Ass Coffee, Amavida, and Sunrise Coffee are all better, IMHO.
  22. Will B

    Starbucks on 30a?

    There used to be one at Rosemary and another in Grayton. Rosemary's went away. Grayton turned into Bass Ass Coffee. They're quite good and roast their own bean in Pensacola...or used to anyway
  23. Will B

    Sound of Freedom?

    Yup...well versed on all that. Eglin is the testing facility for all air launched weapons. MOAB was tested only twice in 2003 with much communication from the base due to its size. Only 15 were ever made, but I don't know it the two tests were from that total. It has only been used once in...
  24. Will B

    Sound of Freedom?

    The track of the plane came from the west where they are based. Possible but only marginally
  25. Will B

    Sound of Freedom?

    Has Sowal been getting rocked by the sounds of freedom, today? There's currently a B-52 bomber flying circuits over the range north of the bay!
  26. Will B

    Looking for a landscape company...

    Looking for recommendations... We are leveling our house in SRB in April and are building a new home in its place. In front of our current home is a cluster of sego palms that we want to keep. We're trying to see if there is a landscape company out there that either can remove and hold them...
  27. Will B

    SoWal Vision / Strategic Plan?

    Video from the last BCC meeting...
  28. Will B

    Scooters and Motorized "Toys" in South Walton

    Most dangerous thing I've seen on the path in a long time is kids on e-assist bikes running them wide open. Class 3 e-bikes will do 28mph with almost all the rest doing 20mph. That is way outside the safe speed range for the path which is exactly why the folks on their high dollar road bikes...
  29. Will B

    Another Big Reason to Hate Golf Carts in SoWal

    Tourist can't read....excuse me....won't read. I can't imagine that there will be any appreciable changes as a result of mean old signs...
  30. Will B

    Abandoned Boat at Gulfview Heights

    That'll buff right out!
  31. Will B

    Random Photos & Videos

    Been rootin'...
  32. Will B

    Camp Creek Lake

    They all open by themselves as they get too full. Storms usually open them up. A couple of the lakes get opened by the county if they hit a certain level. With the exception of the county's intervention it's 100% Mother Nature's decision. The lakes opening up is part of the area's charm...
  33. Will B

    World Wide Interweb?

    It appears that the modem is working and that the camera and thermostat just didn't reconnect. I can see, now, that the alarm is connected which is the important part. The rest will have to wait for two weeks. All good!
  34. Will B

    Hurricane Sally

    Looks like it actually gained some real estate...
  35. Will B

    World Wide Interweb?

    Does anybody know the status of Mediacom in the Santa Rosa Beach area...namely right at Goat Feathers? Haven't been able to "see" my thermostat or alarm camera since 3:30AM yesterday morning... Thanks!
  36. Will B

    Hurricane Sally

    There wasn't hardly any buffer between shore and steps. The beach at that point has been maybe 15 yards wide, at most, for the longest time. It most assuredly took a bad beating...
  37. Will B

    Providence Roofing and Repair...

    I don't normally do this, but when I have a really positive experience I like to share it. There are a lot of questions about roofers that pop up on here because, let's face it, Florida is brutal on roofs. We just had Providence out, today, to do some work. They have been taking care of us...
  38. Will B

    Double Red Flag Violators

    Every person that has to have any kind of rescue personnel called out for them during double red flag days should be billed for the service...
  39. Will B

    Ol' Timers' & Natives Sowal Spring Memories

    Wow...this is a blast from the past. This was my first ever post on Sowal back in April of 2007 and almost 4400 posts ago!!
  40. Will B

    Celebrities Buying Homes In South Walton on 30A

    Some dude named Cbris Gaines who never did much with his career!
  41. Will B

    Just Now

  42. Will B

    The "I hate golf carts" thread

    FDOT's 30A designation is a state road. It's not a highway. There are one or two sections that share roadway with 98 that do fall into highway status but not along the coast. I do, however, share all your frustrations...
  43. Will B

    Pedestrian Confusion 30A

    If you're walking on the street go against traffic. If you're on the path or sidewalks stay to the right.
  44. Will B

    Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club in 1988

    The club opened right around 1970
  45. Will B

    Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club in 1988

    Nocks and Goatfeathers were about it
  46. Will B

    Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club in 1988

    SRB Golf and Beach Club in 1988ish. We were member numbers 51 and 52 (grandparents). A much simpler time...
  47. Will B

    Icon BR - Classic Bronco

    I'll take this one, please...
  48. Will B

    Mail Order Mattress

    Purple mattresses are good, too
  49. Will B

    Mail Order Mattress

    Sleep Number beds are technically mail order. We love ours.
  50. Will B

    Costco Coming Soon To Freeport

    I think they're going to build it up at the south east corner of I-10 and 331 right where NASCAR is supposedly building a track as well! ;) There's a good rumor from the WAYBAK machine!
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