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  1. Zumbachick

    Do you wonder if you should really be on a Statin?

    Statins are predicted to sell $1,000,000,000,000 worldwide in 2020! That is 1 Trillion Dollars! What does the actual evidence say about Cholesterol and heart events? Don't you want to find out? Event Page: The Seminar is Sunday, May 5th, 2pm at Fit Your Way in Santa Rosa Beach.
  2. Zumbachick

    Do you or someone you love have Diabetes (or Pre-Diabetes)

    Don't miss the 3 Pillar Seminar this Sunday. Facebook Event Page: Feel free to call us to find out more: 850-329-5302 or email:
  3. Zumbachick

    If you are tired of getting older and sicker come to the Seminar

    If you have everything and do not have your health, then you really have less than nothing! Find out if you can get the health you always wanted. Come to the seminar, bring your friends, bring your family. Good Health is really that important! Not sure if you are healthy? Take the attached...
  4. Zumbachick

    Find out the truth about your health Tomorrow at 2 PM

    Come to the Free Functional Health Seminar at Fit Your Way Sunday, Jan. 13th. Event Here: Should We Eat Fat? The best and most recent medical studies say YES! Even though our governmental bodies have been saying NO! These recommendations are quickly being revised but bureaucracies move so...
  5. Zumbachick

    FREE Functional Health Seminar Jan. 13th at Fit Your Way-Testimonial

    Here what one of your Sowal neighbors has to say about their 3 Pillar experience by watching the video of Nina Tilley. More Info about the FREE Event Here: Video Here:
  6. Zumbachick

    Free Functional Health Seminar This Sunday at 2 PM

    When you are healthy you can lose the weight and the other symptoms of your diseases. Yes, being overweight is not a result of being lazy. Being overweight is a symptom of an unhealthy endocrine system. WE CAN HELP YOU. Check out the results some of your neighbors have had. We have had over...
  7. Zumbachick

    FREE Functional Health Seminar Jan. 13th at Fit Your Way

    Check out the article the Walton Sun wrote about Drew's experience. He was not expected to be alive in 2019! Well, he is more than just alive! Over 170 people have done 3 Pillars in Santa Rosa Beach. What we do is so much more than just help people improve their health. Lives are changed and...
  8. Zumbachick

    How I Beat My Autoimmune Disease

    Come and here the dramatic story of how Drew Robbins eradicated his Rheumatoid Arthritis. After conventional immunosuppressant treatment and being told by Rheumatologists that RA was incurable and was only treatable by pharmacology, he was at the end of his rope. Drew and his wife Marcia...
  9. Zumbachick

    FREE Special Mother's Day Class at Fit Your Way - Saturday 9 AM!

    FREE Mother's Day Class at FYW direct from NYC by Tiffani & Marcia (Daughter & Mama) Our daughter Tiffani Robbins Hendin is a professional Fitness Instructor and Health Coach in New York City. She does online training for Obe' Fitness (obé fitness). For Mother's Day Weekend Obe' is flying our...
  10. Zumbachick

    Chart A New Path To A Healthy Future - Free Seminar

    Come to our FREE seminar this Sunday at 2 PM. The seminar will take place at the Fit Your Way Studio. You can learn more and sign up here: Health . This FREE Seminar will teach you the basics you will need to put yourself on a path to a healthier you just like many of your friends and...
  11. Zumbachick

    Free Seminar Aug 20th: Do You Need To Get Serious About Your Health?

    Over 100 of your Walton County neighbors and friends have joined the 3 Pillar Program. People join 3 Pillars because they are dealing with a disease, heading toward a disease or aging faster than what they think they should? Do you look in the mirror and shake your head? These are all the...
  12. Zumbachick

    Come To Your First 3 Pillar Health Meeting For Free At Fit Your Way

    Hi, over 100 people in Santa Rosa Beach have completed this program. You may have heard about it. It is a 16 week course with everything you need to reach a greater degree of health. IT WORKS! Send us an email for more information at The meeting will be held this Sunday...
  13. Zumbachick

    Hiit (high Intensity Interval Training) Class Tonight, 5:30 At Fit Your Way

    If you are interested in doing a great HIIT Class try out Fit Your Way. Call 850-329-5302 for into.
  14. Zumbachick

    Free Body Fat Assessment

    3 Pillar Health will host a Health Seminar at 2 PM on Sunday May 7th at 2 PM at the Fit Your Way Studios. During the course of the FREE Seminar you will learn the latest Nutritional Health Science and how you can use it to your health advantage. Over 100 people in the Santa Rosa Beach area...
  15. Zumbachick

    Learn How To Achieve The Lean & Healthy Lifestyle You Want - Free 3 Pillar Health Seminar

    Are you tired of weight loss, wellness and health programs that do not work? Are you tired of being afraid to eat? Does food seem to be your enemy? Then you should come to this FREE Seminar. You will only change your results if you change your lifestyle. We have a proven record of success in...
  16. Zumbachick

    "Ending the Fear of Fat" by Dr. John Hinckley at Fit Your Way

    Sunday, Feb 12th at 3 pm Dr. John Hinckely will present the latest in Functional Medicine with his FREE seminar entited, "Ending the Fear of Fat." This seminar will inform attendees of the latest nutritional science concerning our healthiest nutritional choices. Dr. Hinckely spent 16 years in...
  17. Zumbachick

    Free Seminar - 5 Keys to Women's Hormonal Health

    Tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 12th at 1 PM Fit Your Way and Foundations Medical Center will host the seminar, "5 Keys to Female Hormone Health". This talk and Q&A will be given by Amy Drab PA C of Foundations Medical Center. You can register by going to the Facebook Event Page Here: The 5 Keys to...
  18. Zumbachick

    Ready to take control of your health?

    Fit Your Way and 3 Pillar Wellness is beginning a new Wellness class! Now is the time to finally take control of your health and your weight. Our program is based on Functional Medicine principles. We work hand-in-hand with Dr. Kyle Chavers of Foundations Medical Center. 3 Pillar Wellness...
  19. Zumbachick

    Line Dance Lesson TONIGHT @ 6PM

    Come to Fit Your Way and join our Line Dance Class tonight. You will find fun, friends and good music. Bring a partner or don't. You will not feel left our either way. Class starts at 6 pm. Marcia will teach you a few dances and you will laugh and enjoy a fun and inexpensive evening...
  20. Zumbachick

    Line Dance Class at Fit Your Way TONIGHT at 6 PM

    Come on down and have some fun at Fit Your Way at the South Publix Plaza. We will have a fun Line Dance Class which will only cost $5/person. Text or Call 856-220-7124 for additional information or email at Our Website is
  21. Zumbachick

    Line Dance at Fit Your Way Tonight @ 6:00 PM

    Join us for a great time on Wednesday nights. Line Dance Class at Fit Your Way is for everyone! You don't have to be a Fred Astaire to have a great time at our Line Dancing Classes. Relax, have some fun with other like-minded folks. Singles, Couples & Groups are welcome. You can't have more...
  22. Zumbachick

    Gently Yoga at Fit Your Way

    Check out our Gently Yoga w/ Tammy Class at Fit Your Way. You will love this class! Beginners - Advanced Students. Tammy will take you through a practice that you relax and fulfill your yoga desires. Go to our MeetUP and RSVP by clicking HERE! Check out all of our class offerings by going...
  23. Zumbachick

    Barre / Ballet Class at Fit Your Way on Monday!

    Come join us for an adult Barre / Ballet class at Fit Your Way. It is never too late to start or continue your Ballet Dreams. See Our MeetUP where you can RSVP for a class by clicking HERE! Check out our Prices and Location by going to
  24. Zumbachick

    Zumba With Marcia at Fit Your Way Monday at 8:30 am

    Join us for some intense and fun Zumba tomorrow at 8:30. Go to our MeetUP by Clicking HERE Over 25 Classes per week and 6 Instructors at Fit Your Way. Ck out our Full Schedule here: Please RSVP if you can.....
  25. Zumbachick

    Full Day of Fitness at Fit Your Way

    Ck out our Line Dancing MeetUP today: Also: 7:30 am TRX, 8:30 am Zumba w/ Marcia, 9:45 am BURN w/ Adam FULL SCHEDULE...
  26. Zumbachick

    Gentle Yoga MeetUp at Fit Your Way Tonight at 5:30 PM

    Check out the Gentle Yoga MeetUp ( at Fit Your Way ( You will love this class. Fit Your Way is located in the South Walton Publix Plaza on Route 98 (Directions HERE)
  27. Zumbachick

    Line Dance at Fit Your Way Tonight @ 6:30 PM

    Join us for a great time on Wednesday nights. You don't have to be a Fred Astaire to have a great time at our Line Dancing Classes. Relax, have some fun with other like-minded folks. Singles, Couples & Groups are welcome. You can't have more fun in Santa Rosa Beach than this for $5/person...
  28. Zumbachick

    Poor Beach Weather...come to Fit Your Way for some Fitness Fun

    Come to Fit Your Way and have a great workout which will soothe the guilt you will feel for vacation eating. You can eat what you want if you work it off...Let us help you! FRIDAY TRX - 7:30 AM Zumba - 8:30 AM YogaFit - 9:45 AM Salsa/Ballroom SATURDAY BURN - 7:30 AM Step &...
  29. Zumbachick

    Line Dancing MeetUP at Fit Your Way Tonight at 6 PM

    We will have a great night of Line Dance starting at 6PM. See the MeetUp for more info by CLICKING HERE For additional info: See you tonight!
  30. Zumbachick

    Free Line Dance Class @ Fit Your Way Tonight - 5:30 PM

    Come down and join us for a FREE Line Dance Class at Fit Your Way. Location: In the South Walton Publix Plaza! Website:
  31. Zumbachick

    UK Night at Fit Your Way!

    Come To Fit Your Way for some international flavor tonight: Sur La Bare with Tricia (5:30) & Zumba with George (6:30).
  32. Zumbachick

    Line Dance Class TONIGHT at Fit Your Way

    Come on over and join in for a fun time of Line Dancing at Fit Your Way. You will have fun and meet some new friends. Class is at 6 pm tonight (Wednesday). We are located in the South Walton Publix Plaza. At only $5/person there is not a cheaper fun time to be had in Santa Rosa Beach...
  33. Zumbachick

    Who wants to learn a Two Step?

    Join us, tonight and every Wednesday evening at 6:00, to learn a few line dances! These are dances that you can use at the clubs or at weddings, etc. You'll love our new location. Fit Your Way is now in the South Walton Publix Plaza, on Rt. 98. The class is relaxed and friendly. And you...
  34. Zumbachick

    Work Out At Fit Your Way This Week...Visitors Welcome!

    Hi Paula, our website is You can navigate to the Schedule page by using the menus at the top of the page. Try this link as well: Fit Your Way Schedule
  35. Zumbachick

    Work Out At Fit Your Way This Week...Visitors Welcome!

    Start Your Week on the right foot: TRX, Zumba, YogaFit, Personal Training & Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamp! And that's just Monday! Come & Get some Encouraging Fitness at Fit Your Way in the South Walton Publix Plaza!
  36. Zumbachick

    Line Dance Lesson tonight at Fit Your Way

    Wanna do something FUN, tonight? Come out and learn a few line dances with us! Class is at 6:00-7:15 and the cost is only $5! Wow!! Come have some cheap fun! Fit Your Way Directions: Fit Your Way Schedule:
  37. Zumbachick

    Fit Your Way at Chick-Fil-A Grand Opening

    Sorry, if you missed it. George and Marcia did a great Zumba Class at the new Chick-Fil-A in Miramar Beach today. Ck out our schedule here: Watch todays festivities:
  38. Zumbachick

    Work Out At Fit Your Way TODAY!

    Wednesday has arrived... Today At Fit Your Way: TRX-Zumba-Yoga-Personal Training-Line Dance Lesson 7:30 am TRX Class • 8:30 am Zumba • 9:45 am Hatha Yoga • 12 PM Personal Training • 2 PM Marcia & George FREE Zumba at the Chick-Fil-A Grand Opening in Miramar Beach (on Rt. 98 in front of Silver...
  39. Zumbachick

    Sur La Barre @ Fit Your Way Today!

    Who is ready for Sur La Barre today? 5:30 - 6:15 PM. Get a wonderful Barre Workout with our resident Ballerina Tricia. If you have questions go to: and click on the email button.
  40. Zumbachick

    Vacation Exercise Time @ Fit Your Way

    Hey Vacationers...If you want to eat and drink like you are on vacation without taking some (you know what) home with you...THEN come to Fit Your Way at the South Walton Publix Plaza. Yoga, Yogafit, Zumba, Zumba Gold, Barre, TRX, Line Dance Lessons, Personal Training, Salsa, Jitterbug...We Got...
  41. Zumbachick

    Line Dance @ Fit Your Way on 30A Tonight (Friday, Nov. 21st)

    Line Dancing @ 6:30! Have a bite to eat at South of Philly (good cowboy grub) and then line dance and meet new friends!
  42. Zumbachick

    Fit Your Way on 30A Group Fitness Schedule

    Hump Day Fun at . Don't miss out! Come and get some Encouraging Fitness TODAY! Zumba 8:30 (Heather filling in today), Hatha Yoga 9:45, ZumbaGold w/ George out fabulous Englishman ZumbaGold (Low Impact Zumba) Instructor. Our Schedule: 8...
  43. Zumbachick

    Fit Your Way on 30A classes Today - Zumba & Zumba Gold, Hatha Yoga & TRX

    Come and see what Encouraging Fitness is all about at our beautifully clean and charming studio. 8 Instructors who are truly caring experts in their practice. Come see us today we are always looking for new friends. Schedule and info at .
  44. Zumbachick

    Come to Fit Your Way on 30A to Workout

    For Studio Info on schedule and pricing check out: Classes Today:
  45. Zumbachick

    Line Dance at Fit Your Way on 30A Tonight (Friday)

    Come join us at Fit Your Way on 30A - for some Line Dancing Fun tonight! Wonderfully fun time at 6 PM tonight. Eat at South of Philly next door and then have some country fun with us.
  46. Zumbachick

    Beater Car or SUV needed for a local family

    Hi, I am looking for some dependable transportation for someone who works for me. He has a family and is desperately trying to get "on his feet". Both he and his wife have steady employment but 3 kids and no cash. If you have something which might work for them to drive back and forth to the...
  47. Zumbachick

    Kid's Yoga at Fit Your Way on 30A TODAY (Thursday) at 3:30 pm

    Are you looking for something for the kids to do this afternoon? Try Kid's Yoga at Fit Your Way at 3:30 today! Bring the kids to check out the class.
  48. Zumbachick

    Thrilling Thursday Fitness at Fit Your Way on 30A

    Wonderful classes, everyone welcome. Ck out our website at for our class schedule.
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