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    Spiritually Active?

    Not one little pic for the uninitiated? How does one get initiated?
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    What do you think about our Local Leaders

    I beg your pardon but what have you seen of it that is lamentable?
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    What do you think about our Local Leaders

    All I know is what I see online or a bit in the papers. Seems like a lot of local yokels with limited education and knowledge of the outside world. And just more of the good ole boys with their hands out ... and this thing with the TDC is interesting. Bed tax payers want the TDC to snap to and...
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    Spiritually Active?

    OH yeah? How's it on stains? - Josey Wales
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    Spiritually Active?

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    Misc Upcoming developments east of 393

    Owls Head is well north of 20 and DR Horton. Nature Walk Seagrove or Watersound? Edens Landing phase 3 is nearing approval it looks like.
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    For Rent 1br katrina cottage half mile to beach

    Go look at the window.
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    Relocation: West End of PCB

    WARNING BUYER BEWARE: West End Panama City Beach has at least 2 known Christian Retreats! You may encounter cultists and/or rebellious teens sneaking out of the compounds. :eek:
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    Truck drives over woman lying on beach in Grayton Beach

    Not the first person to be run over on Grayton Beach. I hope that's not insensitive but it's true
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    Mobile Home Vandalism

    Karen and her daughter Karen. I just read more white women voted for Tbag in 2020 than in 2016.
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    What are you guys (and the rest of us) going to do about 30A?

    My head is in the sand so it's pretty quiet but I am kind of concerned my lily white ass is up in the air and an easy target for steamrollers and realtors.
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    For Rent 1BR / 1 BA in Seagrove

    This thread is to renters like a big black sticky ball is to yellow flies.
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    Misc Are we entering a real estate bubble?

    :banging: :whack: :thanks:
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    Misc Are we entering a real estate bubble?

    The statement he made is true. Stop picking fights with every person who posts here. I want to see more people post. Don't be a troll.
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    Walton TDC Director Jay Tusa Fired

    TDC director is a time consuming and professional position. Tusa was at nearly every BCC meeting. That is when you should be asking him questions about TDC business. That is why he was at the meetings. Please vote for considerate and educated candidates.
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    Gas shortage in South Walton and 30A

    According to Gas Buddy all area stations have gas - stay home and enjoy your rainy day.
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    Wonderful family vacation...discouraged by beach issues

    Can't we all just get along?
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    For Rent One bedroom/one bath, furnished

    Do people not read anymore? The room rented in 3 days on the 7th post. Rentals don't last more than a few days in SoWal unless there is something odd.
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    Where should we report beach behavior

    Nudity is over rated and over valued. And yet I find it disturbing that we' have created a society in which people are shocked or horrified by a body. Especially While gore and violence does not cause any notice.
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    Motorized Vehicles

    He only rides it to the dump.
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    Ridiculous Golf Cart Traffic Signs

    And did he request that they be huge with too many words so lettering would be so small no one could read them?
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    Ridiculous Golf Cart Traffic Signs

    Perhaps we need signs informing people that armed robbery, arson, murder ... are illegal. :rolleyes:
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    Ridiculous Golf Cart Traffic Signs

    Rules and laws are covered when you rent one. Signs do nothing and you can't even read them. Just more clutter on SCENIC roads. Somebody's brother must own a sign company.
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    Race Track Proposed in DeFuniak Springs

    This makes no sense. We are collecting fees from beach vendors like it or not. I suggest a day off on the beach looking at the gulf and not vendors.
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    5G in SoWal

    lol and our covid cases skyrocket. Wait, all the new towers will serve any phone? Are they on yet?
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    For Rent Brickyard Bungalow $1150 per month

    Is this still available? Thank you!
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    Private/public beach

    Calling BS. there are several public accesses in Blue Mountain Beach and you apparently should move to a gated neighborhood. And No parking signs do not belong on public right of ways. The county gets bullied into them but will end up removing them soon.
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    Private/public beach

    Not true. They are public accesses maintained by the county for locals and visitors.
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    Misc South Walton Minimum Wages

    Part of the problem is all the transient labor who work cheap because they want to be here for the summer, or want to live at the beach - retail, valets, beach service, interneships, dishwashers, etc. If you need quality labor you have to pay. I know one of the reasons Bud & Alley's gets and...
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    30A Pontoon Rental Santa Rosa Beach- 150 hp tritoons and Double Deckers with slides

    Pretty sure they use the county park at Hogtown Bayou.
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    Heads up to Brickyard residents.....

    Great attitude. Do you also like walls?
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    Job Wanted Model/Photographer Available for Brands and Business'!

    Don't be shy now, you've already posted a lot of info but how can you expect anyone to desire your services as a model or photographer without posting samples of your work? Perhaps you have a link to examples? Not even a phone number or email?
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    Job Wanted Model/Photographer Available for Brands and Business'!

    Twitch? Post some cosplay! Welcome to SoWal.
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    Sandestin Gumbo Festival Feb 19-20

    There are ZERO restrictions for awhile now in Florida thank our Trump-sycophant, science denying governor and our county rednecks.
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    For Sale Street Legal Low Speed Vehicle

    What is price and top speed?
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    Dishwasher repair

    Sliding out? Open the door and look around the edges. There is a flange on both sides and top that should have screws through it in to the surrounding cabinet. Easy enough to add or replace screws.
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    For Sale Huckabee’s House...

    Never been jealous of money or criminals.
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    For Sale Huckabee’s House...

    Money laundering never sleeps.
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    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Where'd the MONEY go? AUGUST Walton County will be getting its own rapid testing equipment for COVID-19, using part of its latest allocation of federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding, part of a $2.2 trillion nationwide economic relief package. The latest...
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    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Exactly. In a tourism destination we should be taking more precautions instead we are taking less. No one here seems to care.
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    Walton County Vaccine Rollout Info & Updates

    Probably code for counties that are red.
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    Another Big Reason to Hate Golf Carts in SoWal

    South Walton is a total sht show on this issue. They were controlled until the county lowered all the speed limits on and around 30a to 35 or less.
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    Walton County 2020 General Election Results

    I think the word you're looking for is "dystopia". And Orwell wrote the republican playbook.
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    Walton County 2020 General Election Results

    Pretty sad considering the state of Alabama voted 63% Trump, and Mississippi is 60%. We are deep in the heart of Caucasian Huckabee country.
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    Sorry y'all

    It rarely is. . . noles beat heels ?
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    Taco30A, Best Tacos In Town!

    I would like to see a taco truck on every corner.
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    SoWal Pickems 2020-2021

    When do the real conferences start?
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    Who's the celebrity in town?

    Sounds like a politico. Trump Jr. the absurd?
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