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  1. southof30A

    Car Storage

    Thanks. Having tried all that, this is why I'm branching out to other ideas. We do this every year, but this year there seems to be no available storage. I'm thinking someone might have a spare garage space or else be bailing out during spring break like we are.
  2. southof30A

    Car Storage

    Looking for a garage space to store a car from now thru mid-April.
  3. southof30A

    World Wide Interweb?

    You may need to reset your modem.
  4. southof30A

    Vacation Rental News & Info Regarding COVID-19

    Coronavirus Update (Live): 204,047 Cases and 8,250 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Outbreak - Worldometer
  5. southof30A

    Beachfront Owners Sue Sheriff and County for Closing Beaches

    Any word yet on the hearing today?
  6. southof30A

    Walton County COVID19 Updates

    Even though the county says they can't close private beaches, they certainly can close the water (think double red flags). This would be a further deterrent to short term renters.
  7. southof30A

    All Lives Matter & We are Panhandle Strong

    Would you folks just stop!
  8. southof30A

    BCC Meeting Tuesday

    So, after the above back-and-forth total waste of electrons, does anyone have an update on the BCC meeting?
  9. southof30A

    Scenic 30A and 395 Intersection in Seagrove Beach

    Now, if there was only some way to keep the pedestrians and bicycles from crossing against a green light as happens all the time at the Rosemary Beach traffic lights.
  10. southof30A

    Acme Ice House

    Is Acme ever going to reopen? They have been closed since last year and I noticed a legal notice posted on their front door wanting payment of back rent since January.
  11. southof30A

    What's not to eat?

    Yellow snow
  12. southof30A

    Amending Ordinance to Ban Signs, Ropes, Fences on the Beach

    Did the two "NO" voters give any reasoning behind their decision? As citizens of Walton Co., don't we deserve to know? Let's press them for explanations.
  13. southof30A

    South Walton Beach Rules & Safety Info

    How about Walton Co. start with discarded chairs, beach toys, etc. Many mornings I have watched the Walton Co. truck drive around the junk and never stop. Ordinances are worthless without enforcement.
  14. southof30A

    Dangerous Situation Developing in Blue Mountain Beach

    And so the "historic" customary use for beaches at Rosemary and Watersound is... Just sayin'
  15. southof30A

    take out fried chicken?

    My vote goes to the Caf.
  16. southof30A

    Misc Mistral Condominiums

    Noticed today that Mistral appears to be all boarded up. Any info?
  17. southof30A

    Is there Red tide on the beach?

    Much better on east end of 30A this morning.
  18. southof30A

    Drop Ceiling Installer

    Looking for a contractor to replace some drop ceilings. Desire a much more upscale product than the current 18-year old acoustic tiles. Contractor must be licensed, insured, honest, timely and meticulous in their work. I am willing to pay a very fair price for top-end quality.
  19. southof30A

    Walton County Sheriff's Office Spring Break Safety Video | UPDATES

    800 arrests in all of spring break last year...160 arrests by the second day of spring break this year???? Looks like a slam dunk on breaking last year's record, folks! So, what can we do with all the Bifs and Muffys? A fine, but also how about letting them spend the rest of their spring...
  20. southof30A

    30A Casual Dining!?

    The philly cheese steak place just north of Gulf Place.
  21. southof30A

    Storm Damage?

    Any reports on storm damage from last night? Considerable wind damage at High Pointe (broken gates, fencing down, furniture broken, downspouts, etc.)
  22. southof30A

    Walton County BCC Meeting Agenda & Notes for Nov 12, 2014

    So, what did our BCC decide on all of the business at hand?
  23. southof30A


    Kurt, and your point is? My point as a local is that, with a $15 coupon, it is an unsustainable price for my family and I to enjoy a pizza, with one protein and4 veggies, with a simple Greek salad. How do we live as a family on 30 A?
  24. southof30A


    Local. Large pizza and a salad $26.00, with a $15.00 pizza coupon??? Seems kinda expensive for this guy.
  25. southof30A

    Ocean view/ 1 br 1 bath for sale/ Dune Villas, Seagrove Beach

    What is the approximate ground level elevation of this unit?
  26. southof30A

    Bruno's Pizza is moving to a new location in DECEMBER

    Great news for those of us on the east end of 30A.
  27. southof30A

    PCB Thai on hwy 79

    Anyone care to compare/contrast to Oishi?
  28. southof30A

    Hubby's Recenet Dining Experiences at the Beach

    Since this is a Dining/Food forum, the question begs to be asked, "So, how is the food at the gym?"
  29. southof30A

    Golf Carts on the Roads in SoWal

    Curious how the various 30A condominium associations are handling the recharging of golf carts on condominium property. Outside electric outlets are part of the common area element which means that the cost of that electric is shared by all homeowners, whether the golf cart being recharged is...
  30. southof30A

    Wanted: Single Car Garage to Rent

    Looking to rent a single-car garage in the Highway 98/30A area for January-March 2014.
  31. southof30A

    Popcorn Ceiling Removal needed

    Do they make any kind of vacuum attachment that sucks up the popcorn as it is scraped off? Once off, I would think a simple light knockdown spackle would be the way to go. Also looking for a contractor to replace some suspended acoustic tile ceiling with drywall. Could be all part of the same...
  32. southof30A

    Popcorn Ceiling Removal needed

    Nobody?? I need some of this done too.
  33. southof30A

    Need Glass Company recommendation

    Seagrove Glass just completed a custom frameless shower door and wall mirror installation for us. Have also used them to replace floor-to-ceiling stationary window panels. All work is done promptly and professionally.
  34. southof30A

    "Katrina" Cottage for Sale in Santa Rosa Beach

    Is the trailer road-worthy as is?
  35. southof30A

    Crabby Steve's questions

    It is a private establishment, for High Pointe Resort owners and guests only. Security has been somewhat lax in the past, but I predict it's going to tighten up.
  36. southof30A

    The worst oysters i've ever had

    Tiger Woods hits into the bush... Hahaha!!!
  37. southof30A

    Seaside Plans to Ease Parking This Summer

    Driving down 30A today, I pulled in to Seaside to grab a soft drink from Modica Market. No parking was available, with many empty spots roped off for (I presume) valet parking. Drove on down to Tom Thumb for my soft drink, where there was free parking available.
  38. southof30A

    Seaside Plans to Ease Parking This Summer

    What are the plans for security monitoring at the employee parking vacant lot?
  39. southof30A

    I would love a couple fish recipes to try...

    I find simple is usually better with most fish. For example, last night grilled fresh cobia filets over charcoal basting with just butter seasoned with fresh chopped garlic, salt and pepper.
  40. southof30A

    I crave Thai......!

    Have you tried Oishi (sp) just east of the Rt. 79/Front Beach Road intersection?
  41. southof30A

    Wanted: Reliable computer repair technician

    Laptop is acting up and needs a repair.
  42. southof30A

    Whiskey bravo closing?

    i have been "southof 30a" for over 20 years. i really miss the seagove of old, but understand that times do change, whether we want them to or not. that said, it really pains me that the big buck guys from (wherever), continue to come in and rip down fully functional buildings like seagrove...
  43. southof30A

    Where to get a good steak dinner in South Walton?

    Pandora's at Grayton & 30A. Cooked over oak (at least used to be....).
  44. southof30A

    What is the plan for Seaside?

    Does Robert Davis even bother to live in Seaside anymore?
  45. southof30A

    Best Burger in SOWAL?

    Grilled bun and crinkle cuts are hard to beat.
  46. southof30A

    Best Burger in SOWAL?

  47. southof30A

    Wild Olives

    Just closed for the winter or gone for good?
  48. southof30A

    Best moderately priced steak dinner?

    I agree! Atmosphere is sketcky sometimes (empty), but their wood grilled steaks are great.
  49. southof30A

    Is SoWal ready for a middle beach road?

    Pretty soon then we could go the the WalMart on Middle Beach Road!
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