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  1. Bobby J

    Grayton Beach Lots for sale

    I have a rare listing in Grayton Beach. The attached listing is 3 lots. The seller wants to sell all 3 together or have a simultaneous closing on the 3. The Grayton Trail lot looks to be under contract leaving me the 2 on Defuniak street. See link. They are great lots and loaded with...
  2. Bobby J

    Walk to the beach in Blue Mountain

    South side location and a brand new home with high end finishes.
  3. Bobby J

    Now Hiring front office Czar! 30A Local Properties

    30a Local Properties is looking for enthusiastic, detailoriented person to manage our office in Grayton Beach. As the Office Czar, youwill be responsible for managing full day to day operations of 30a LocalProperties, including real estate related duties and social networking(Instagram and...
  4. Bobby J

    Lakeside at Blue Mountain Beach

    I have lived here 35 years and those rains this past summer were the first time I have ever seen anything like that. I also feel that with the bridge fix and this area allowed proper flow we won't see that again. Still feel LBM is a solid buy. I guess the caveat would be understanding which...
  5. Bobby J

    Lakeside at Blue Mountain Beach

    I love lakeside. The prices still seem right. Of course, I would rather be south of 30A in BMB but you will pay a radical difference for that. I have sold a bunch of lots at Lakeside and have never hear one complaint.
  6. Bobby J

    Commission Split

    You will never see a 60/40 agent post up on this and I also guarantee they never tell their seller that they are offering 40% to the buyer. I find it insulting and poor business. We offer 50/50. Its they way it should be. :biggrin:
  7. Bobby J

    3br/3ba for sale in Seacrest

    Just listed, custom, builders home! This is in a 6 home subdivision near camp creek cutoff. Walk to beach, pool directly across the street. I hate the saying but this is a MUST SEE. I could not believe the location. A true garden of eden in the middle of it all. :wave: Link to listing...
  8. Bobby J

    Cassine Village in Seagrove Beach

    I think Cassine is a top find. I have always loved the under hyped areas along 30A. Beach houses under $500,000 and walk to beach? Not to mention 2 pools and 2 tennis courts plus the nature trails. If your looking, don't rule this one out.
  9. Bobby J

    Real Estate Assistant needed

    I am looking for an experienced real estate assistant. I would prefer they have a license and have previous experience as a high end sales assistant. This person will help me in the day to day task of listing, marketing, closings, and basically become my right hand in all real affairs. This...
  10. Bobby J

    For Sale: Park Place(Inlet Beach)(Lot)

    Zach, How much for the lots? Bobby J
  11. Bobby J

    New listings south of 30A

    Sorry I missed you. Call next time and we will be sure to catch up. We hired 2 new agents and soon will be able to release thier names. At this time we are on a waiting list until we build out more space! Yeah!
  12. Bobby J

    Looking for owner financing

    I just listed 61 Brown Street. Seller will owner finance with solid down payment. Really cute home.
  13. Bobby J

    'Private Beach' sign in Seagrove

    I had a lot line off of Eve circle that ran out into the middle of the road. It did not mean I could build my home or pitch a tent out in the middle of the road. This issue has been going around for quite some time and a homeowner has never won. It's like saying you own the air I am...
  14. Bobby J

    New listings south of 30A

    I have 2 new homes listed south of 30A. See links. Hope you all are doing well. I am going to start checking in more often. We are at the 6 month mark since opening and finally getting caught up...
  15. Bobby J

    Thanks SoWal!

    Very good point Homeboy. Not sure why I tied those two together like that. Not a very clear point. I guess I should have read what I wrote. I think I was trying to tie something together in my brain in regards to values in general. Who knows. Feel free to stop by the office any time if...
  16. Bobby J

    Thanks SoWal!

    I think we are more then 2 years off the bottom. The oil spill really messed us up and created tremendous pent up demand. Buyers were biting on the bit during the oil spill. That year we were on track to have the biggest year since 2005. So... Lets just say we are 4 years off the real...
  17. Bobby J

    Thanks SoWal!

    I so appreciate this well written article. Sowal and Jill, you all rock! You have supported me for years and I truly appreciate everything! My new company is rocking and actually have to pinch myself at times that this is really happening. Feel free to swing by anytime...
  18. Bobby J

    Kelsey Anna's Last Night @ Marie's Bistro

    Wow. I really can not believe little songbird is leaving. Not sure what stage dad is gonna do? Hope to see you all out tomorrow!
  19. Bobby J

    For Rent: 3 bedroom 3 bath Gorgeous Home in gated ocean front subdivision for rent

    WE lived in Carillom for awhile and LOVE it! Hard not to wanna move back. It's so close to everything but when you there its like Seaside without all the people!
  20. Bobby J

    Ocean view/ 1 br 1 bath for sale/ Dune Villas, Seagrove Beach

    Really Nice looking unit! Love the finishes. Is this in the MLS. I was trying to locate it. I have some clients coming in next Saturday to look at condos like this and would love to add this to the list. Thanks.
  21. Bobby J

    Man Drowns in Santa Rosa Beach

    We actually use rips to paddle out in on big days. I have always taught my kids to not get in unless they are attached to something. That's a rule I know will stick. Telling people they cant do something has never ever worked in the history of people. Just ask Adam and Eve.
  22. Bobby J

    Man Drowns in Santa Rosa Beach

    The exception would have be to surfers. They already tried it years ago and were shut down immediately. You wanna see a fight. Try to ban surfers from the water. Double red flags, and red flags are play days in my world and community. My gosh. These waves and rips are nothing like in CA...
  23. Bobby J


    I tip big. I have seen what happens behind the scene to people that don't tip well. Just saying. Don't go back if you are cheap. The servers remember you if your cheap or rude and they can have lots of fun with you... Oh, the stories I could tell.
  24. Bobby J

    Man Drowns in Santa Rosa Beach

    It seems to me we are doing all we can. People are simply going to risk it. Smoking is known to cause cancer and yet people still smoke. As a surfer I get very nervous when people mention banning people from the water. I wait all year for red and double red flags to get into the water...
  25. Bobby J

    Real estate update

    I think the simple fact no agents replied to your post in over 11 days tells you a little about the market. When we are busy we spend a lot of time on the computer so we tend to be scarce on sites when things heat up. The Sowal market is HOT. Especially, the 30A area. I have recently noticed...
  26. Bobby J

    Condo South of 30A

    I have a condo that I have been asked to sell located south of 30A in Seagrove. The seller has asked me to see if I can locate a buyer without listing it. It is a one bedroom unit on the third floor in the heart of Seagrove Beach. The unit has Gulf views and we are currently looking to sell as...
  27. Bobby J

    Which condos have financially strong HOAs?

    At this point they have all become fairly stable. Find a good agent and he/she can guide you. There are a few that are still going through some lawsuits that should resolve but even those seem to be stabilizing. The real trick is when you place an offer on a unit give yourself some time for...
  28. Bobby J

    Administrative Assistant Wanted

    Must have Real Estate experience. Job will have lots of growth potential for the right canidate but must have RE background. Please call to set up appointment or email me at
  29. Bobby J

    Slammed! Best market since 2005! (For sellers)

    I am actually shocked at how busy the RE market is in SoWal. I am having my best year since 2005! :clap: Hard to say where this is all headed but for sellers it's looking up.
  30. Bobby J

    What type of long term rentals are in demand in the Santa Rosa Beach area?

    The numbers on this are actually as good if not better then short term. feel free to call if you need any assistance. I have a few properties in mind that would make awesome long term rentals.
  31. Bobby J

    Blue Mountain Open Houses today!!!

    Looks to be a great day for open houses! I have 3 open today. Come get out of the cold and say hello. We will be open today from 12-2ish! :wave:
  32. Bobby J

    Beachcomber Music Awards at John Wehner's Village Door at Baytowne MARCH 4. VOTE NOW

    I think the 31st is the last day to vote. Hope you give baby girl a shout out.
  33. Bobby J

    Village of South Walton Condos

    The ones under $100,000 are basically like a hotel room. Great price to be in that location for that price. I think the association fees are roughly $250 per month. I have sold a few of these and the rentals are not too bad for units that are roughly 400 sq. feet. I noted on one listing an...
  34. Bobby J

    Hot List

    I have been very fortunately lately with new listing calls that have been going under contract without ever even having to list them. I guess that's one perk for living here over 30 years. If you would like to be added to a email list that I have created to be notified when I get one of these...
  35. Bobby J

    Builder needed to add front porch

    Mike Gregg 850-598-0777 or 850-368-6173
  36. Bobby J

    Admin Help Real Estate

    Lauren, Thanks for the info. I am not moving real fast on this just yet. I really need a transaction person and do not want to train them. I will surely keep you in mind. Thanks so much.
  37. Bobby J

    Nominees Announced for 5th Annual Beachcomber Music Awards - link to VOTE online

    This was an awesome event last year! Very fun! So go vote and come on out. BTW, Kelsey Anna is my daughter so if you could be so kind and give her a vote it would be much appreciated. She really hates when I tell people to do this but it's what Dad's do I suppose. For what its worth, I...
  38. Bobby J

    Calling The Bottom

    Or one you want! Good point Zebra.
  39. Bobby J

    Admin Help Real Estate

    We are looking for some part time admin help. Like 10-2 or something... Please give me a call. Must have experience closing transactions.
  40. Bobby J

    A lil surf action on the way!!!!

    tonightsouth wind 10 to 15 knots. Seas 2 to 4 feet. Protectedwaters a light to moderate chop. A slight chance of showersthrough the night. Isolated thunderstorms possible mainly late.patchy dense fog nearshore. mondaysouthwest wind around 15 knots. Seas 3 to 5 feet.protected waters a light to...
  41. Bobby J

    Grace Pointe Development

    They will build it and probably sell it with a shuttle service to public beach access.
  42. Bobby J

    For Rent Available 12/1/12 unfurnished Seagrove 4Bd 4bath with pool

    sent you email. Would love to preview home.
  43. Bobby J

    MLS on Facebook!/30arealestate/app_277581149005519 Its good stuff . :D
  44. Bobby J

    HELP the REP! A Beatles Tribute at Seaside Rep November 13

    This is going to be a blast!
  45. Bobby J

    Nervous Property Owners

    probably not... Sure wish I had a crystal ball back then. Oh well, we have ALL learned.
  46. Bobby J

    The best bargain on a 30A lot?

    Good call Kurt! The past two years we have sure had a lot of sales and adjustments. Nice to see a stable market begin to show.
  47. Bobby J

    For Rent Available 12/1/12 unfurnished Seagrove 4Bd 4bath with pool

    Would love to learn more about the home and location. Please call me at 850-865-7798:wave:
  48. Bobby J

    Congratulations Brad Congleton - 10 Years as The CPA on 30A!!

    Brad has become like family over the years and extemely accommodating. Happy 10 Brad and team!
  49. Bobby J

    Green Bay Packers

    Da Bears:clap:
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