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    Customary Use and Our 30A Legacy

    Marsh Harbor is probably not very concerned about beachfront property rights at this moment along with all of their neighbors and friends. They are experiencing an event that will change the landscape and life that they know and love. Keep this in mind when you want to claim ownership of a...
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    Walton County Weather Photos, Videos & Updates

    Beach Runner I am so so sorry. I have just gone through the same thing and my heart hurts for you. I do not know you personally but my heartfelt prayers and and love are being sent your way.
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    Black Dog in BMB

    Owners have been found. She is back home.
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    Black Dog in BMB

    Well...I decided with the storms coming, I better take action. Took my lantern into the garage, gained trust and read the tags. Learned her name and the owners. Called and left messages on two phones. No reply. She does not do storms well so I sat with her through the worst of it and just...
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    Black Dog in BMB

    Just noticed today that a medium build Black Dog has taken a liking to my garage on Rolling Dunes Drive in BMB. He/She has been fed and given water this evening is currently bedded down on a comforter. Seems to be traveling back and forth from the Brickyard. Red collar with a tag, but having...
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    50% Off Sale ~ Vintage Florida Prints ~ Unique Beach House Decor

    Love my Umbrella Girl print...Thanks Cat.
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    Marie's Barside (give us your ideas)

    Love having Maries in the neighborhood. Thanksgiving was wonderful and look forward to sharing many more good times with such wonderful hosts. :clap:
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    Need Fire Wood

    Thanks so much. I will give her a call.
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    Need Fire Wood

    I am expecting a fire pit delivery and was curious if anyone knew of a good local source for seasoned wood. Do not want a whole cord, but also do not want to have to buy little bags. Any suggestions appreciated. Pit is big enough for standard fireplace cuts.
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    Wonderful Veggies in Defuniak

    Just checked my email and Brandi of B&H farms will be in Defunk from 9 -5 on Saturday. I made a run a few weeks ago and scored the mother load. A great variety of peas and beans, okra name it. Super reasonable prices and frozen at peak. Turn right on 20 and they will be set up...
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    Lab puppy wanted

    I adop
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    Phoebe has Cherry Eye..Any Advice?

    I adopted a precious little 1 year old poodle-ish mixed breed from Walton County Animal Shelter 6 weeks ago who has developed cherry eye. :(. Does anyone know of a vet who uses the pocket technique to repair the prolapsed lid? From my research this method would leave her tear duct intact which...
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    Can anyone recommend an air conditioner repairman?

    Scott Gallagher. Have used him for years. 850-865-8264.
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    Four Bears Spotted on Satinwood Drive

    WOW...that is such a sweet sighting. I live off of 83 and my dogs have had their snouts straight up in the air for days. Two weeks ago I spotted the most beautiful red fox casually strolling down my sandy path. I was on the phone standing at my kitchen window...he heard me talking and stood...
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    Best place to buy tires?

    I too am in need of new tires. After researching I am going to Sears in PC tomorow to get 4. I called Big Ten in Destin, priced on line. Sears seems to have the best prices and are also offering a $70 rebate on the Michelins I am getting. Hope this helps.
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    Ebro Greyhounds

    My personal greyhounds as well as the rescues traveled very well from here to Atl. They are used to being transported in the ugly dog catcher trucks so a nice soft a/c car or suv is a treat. They are let out of their cages at the track usually 3 times daily so they are really easily...
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    Ebro Greyhounds

    Murray, most if not all that we see in public are rescues. The tail tucking is a common stance for this hound, however when really really excited and happy they can clear a coffee table with one swipe. No tall candles at tail level for these guys. Just had a thought...has anyone ever seen a...
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    Ebro Greyhounds

    I just happened upon a trainer with a heart. The "authorities" are a misguided state run cluster. They know all too well that over 13,000 dogs are destroyed each year nationwide.
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    Ebro Greyhounds

    To clear up a few things. The trainer who would "sneak" the dogs to me was given instructions to destroy the dogs by their respective owners. Yes, I have walked many greyhounds, taught them what stairs were all about and that you can't walk through glass. You do not "kennel" a pet, and...
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    Ebro Greyhounds

    Me again...For those unfamiliar with the "sport" of Greyhound racing, most are "retired" by the age of 3. Although some are fortunate to be adopted into loving homes, there are untold thousands that are destroyed each year. They are treated as a commodity. When they loose too often, they are...
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    Ebro Greyhounds

    I am wondering what our community feels about the recent discovery of the atrocity that has occured at Ebro. Having rescued many ex-racers from this track in the 90s, I can't help but wonder just how long this has been going on with no oversight by the owners of the track. The river has been a...
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    Jimmy Watters Memorial Service

    Thank you for posting such a true and wonderful tribute. Jimmy sure will be missed by many in our community. I will miss his sweet smile and the kind words he always had.
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    Dog seizures

    So sorry...Unfortunately this happens for some unknown reason. I had a retired greyhound that was prone to violent seizures. I think the larger the dog the scarier it is for the owner. I too used phenobarb (wrapped in chicken so it was a "treat".) She lived a long and wonderful life...
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    mo stuff for sale ***retro***

    Iron table set...bistro or full size? Also do you know approx. size of pickets? Thanks...
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    Memorial Service for Joe Baker

    So very sad to hear this news. My sympathy to his family and many friends. I sure will miss chatting with him when I am on BMB. I could always count on seeing him there.
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    eclectus parrot

    T.Cline...I met you at Alaqua when you took one of your beautiful rescues home. You are a very kind and loving person who is simply faced with a very tough decision through no fault of your own. Giving Merlin a chance to be in a home where he will be at peace is the best gift you can give him...
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    Ideas/questions about recycling/conservation/wastefulness, etc.

    I too have been questioning the packaging of many items. In my opinion, take-out/away restaurant food is a major problem. The usefullness of these styrofoam and hard plastic products is probably about 10-15 minutes? A lifetime in a landfill. I know that there are biodegradable products...
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    Birds & Wildlife in Peril

    Crazy Bird jd...that is too funny regarding their call. In my mind they were screaming my exes name. Jeremy.
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    custom sign for private rental

    Hi there. I just ordered a sign from Their product appears to be of quality and weatherproof. Hope this helps.
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    Soon to be resident of Blue Mountain Beach

    Welcome to the Hood!
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    Place for Breakfast out 30A Way

    How about Hibiscus House in Grayton?
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    Birds & Wildlife in Peril

    I have experienced the "Crazy Bird" for years. He/She danced on my car for years. At one point his/her beak would bloody my car. They are known as rufus sided towhees and I just call them Crazy Birds. I built a garage to stop them from pecking on my white car. It worked. Cover you mirrors...
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    SIX abandoned puppies need a home!

    Yeah SoWal! They are so blessed to find a home. I am just curious if the little rottie looking one found a home. He is soooo cute. I can not keep him but might be willing to foster.
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    Hands Across the Sand-Join us to stop near shore Oil Drilling In Florida Waters

    IMHO...I not only oppose drilling in our backyard. I oppose bombs shaking,rattling and destroying the foundation of my home. It is evident and it is real. I am all for protecting our country, however when my house shakes like an earthquake experience, I can't help but wonder if some kind of...
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    900 Greyhounds In Need of HELP!

    I would be remiss if I did not add another special trait that applies only to the greyhound. They are the only breed of dog that is a universal blood donor to all other breeds. It is very common for any vet clinic to house one or two for the specific reason of harvesting their blood. I am...
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    900 Greyhounds In Need of HELP!

    The plight with these hounds unfortunately happens more than we know. I worked with Adopt-A-Greyhound in Atlanta for seven years. I worked adoptions in Ga. as well as taking many from Ebro to my condo in Seagrove. They had never seen steps or glass, but quickly learned the premise. On the...
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    Question about Renter's Rights in Florida

    I am really sorry to hear of this. It appears that you were leased into an unforseen circumstance. I would think that you might possibly have an out in the lease agreement as this is an occurance that is in no way any fault of yours.
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    black dog syndrome

    Hi T. Cline...I was at Alaqua yesterday when you were there. Wish I had known who you were! Katy/Maddie is one pretty and very lucky girl. You have a great big heart. They gave her a bath right after you left. I am going up tomorow to see about fostering a sweet little girl that has had an...
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    Volunteers Needed at Alaqua

    I am signed up for "Cat Baths" on Monday morning. Now I just need to plan my attire. I am thinking the HazMat gloves that came with my Rotisserie Roaster. :D
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    What I'd do for a good watermelon...

    Watermelons R Us HaHa! I only HOPE. I planted...I watered...I Hope. Todays count was at least 32...We shall see. If my crop comes in as I HOPE? There shall be a FREE Watermelon Stand in Blue Mountain Beach. Stay Tuned...
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    Pekes for Sale on 98

    Well, this just got me. Driving home from Destin today, I almost ran off the road! About 6:30 there was a girl in a truck with a sign advertising pekes for sale. She was holding one "very lovingly", I might add. She was between Sandestin and 30-A. I don't know if it is just me, but I...
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    Lock cars at night

    Thanks all...I forgot to close my garage door.:wave:
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    I am Mad at Walton County Public Works Dept.

    I quess should have added a bit more info. to my original post. I called the DEP early that morning and the representative was planning to come to Walton County that day for other business. The fluid spill was not on the newly resurfaced area, but in front of my property on a downslope...
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    CRASH IS BACK ON HIS FEET! - Alaqua Animal Refuge

    Hey Suz...its me Stephanie. Please feel free to call or come by to pick up my donation. I am home most times so give me a call. LOVE WHAT YOU DO!
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    CRASH IS BACK ON HIS FEET! - Alaqua Animal Refuge

    Count me in for another $50.00! I want Crash to live a good life with someone who will show him what love is. Suz call me....267-2990.
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    I am Mad at Walton County Public Works Dept. we go with the condensed version? I contacted our Road Maintenance Dept. in the south end to ask for the "crater" in my cul de sac to be repaved in November. In February I called to check the status of my request. I was told that it was on the agenda. Two days later there is a...
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