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    Misc Kaiya Beach Resort Planned on 26 Acres in South Walton

    They will host the SoWal Kwanzaa Fest.
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    Misc Kaiya Beach Resort Planned on 26 Acres in South Walton

    No info on the proposal just yet, but I was thinking the same thing. Are they going to build this with no beach access arrangement? I certainly don't see Alys Beach allowing beach access. Here is some history on Aquatera...
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    Walton County Sheriff Election 2016

    He, and the deputies I have encountered, have done a great job. I will definitely vote for him.
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    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    A friend of mine in Virginia sells vanity/logo/custom front license plates, including "Confederate Flag" plates. He mostly sells on Ebay. Before all this "Ban the flag" stuff started, he would sell 1-2 per week. Since the movement, he said he cannot keep the Confederate flag plates in stock.
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    Walton County Sheriff joins with other panhandle sheriffs

    If you don't plan on being chaufferred in a Walton County Sheriff vehicle, why do you care? It's not like anyone is requiring you to place the sticker on your personal vehicle. Personally, I am glad to see this. :)
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    I Know A Great Home Builder

    This thread's title was misleading. Maybe it should read "May I Recommend a Great Builder?"
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    Beach Vendor Zone posts

    In Panama City Beach today they were ticketing vendors. Vendors there have to be 30 feet back from the mean high water line. Here is the scoop: What sets SoWal apart is the mindset of an idyllic time-gone-by experience at the...
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    Trash at the Eastern Lake Outfall I'm not sure how to load this video other than copy and paste the link from the Facebook group. I'm not the author/original poster so I don't have the source video. Hopefully you can see it...
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    One-time Renewal of 50 Grandfathered Beach Driving Permits

    YES! Let's go back to a Pristine Beaches reality. If we locals don't, as a community, show respect and reverence to the area's single most important physical asset, then who will? Ban all chair vendors, sunset all driving permits. I can see the sheriff needing access though.
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    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    Correct. Because his (Ortiz) frame of reference is that of a "foreigner", meaning he's not from the South, (assume) he does not have Southern heritage. Further, much of why the Southern men who fought under the flag, fought because the Union armies were on their lands. It's the same principle...
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    Enough fireworks. Please.

    Sadly, it goes on all of July here. I have mentioned to people that I see with fireworks while walking my dog that fireworks are illegal in Florida and I am maybe a few blocks down the road and they light 'em up. They are rude, entitled, and see our area as their one week long playground that...
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    Cell service?

    I was 19 years with ATT. I have been with Verizon for 1.5 years and now it's perfect. With ATT, summers and other high tourist times, I would drop calls often, and that was when a call would actually go through. ATT does not have the capacity to handle the traffic. Here is good source to...
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    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    No poppy, if you notice, I "thank" Danny on most of his posts because I agree with them. He backs up his opinions with facts. ;) Personally, I try my best to interact with, and view, people as individuals, equally. Not as blacks or whites or Asian or Latinos or any other distinguishing...
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    NFL assistant coach arrested in Inlet Beach, charged with battery

    I'm curious to hear the other side of this story. This seems out of character for Coach Kromer. It does seem like alcohol was involved.
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    Too many people at the beach

    And the TDC just keeps the marketing spigot open full blast. Hopefully, this will somewhat self correct: some guests will see the overcrowding, the lack of infrastructure (adequate roads, proper road signage), the out of control chair vendors, and just go somewhere else in the future. How...
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    Beach Chair vendor moved my chairs

    Photos, photos, photos...thank you for the photos.
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    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    West Coast liberals...err "Progressives" like Ortiz don't like to share that there were free black men who owned slaves or that black men fought for the Confederacy. It doesn't fit their revisionist narrative. See here: For Southerners, this flag...
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    BCC budget hearing

    More beach cleaners? About 2 weeks ago, around 3pm, a friend and I (seperate trucks) went all the way to the end of Vicki Street, behind Local Catch. There were three of the beach cleaner guys back there in woods on parked on their four-wheelers. Looked like they were hiding out; we laughed...
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    Anybody tried 10 on the Harbor yet?

    With the rent they are paying they just need warm bodies with money in there. And you're right, when the ghost town sets in after Labor Day, bye bye..
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    Misc St. Joe Development Plans For Walton And Bay Counties

    It IS a massive deal. I believe if there a company to develop the area with respect for the environment while still providing truly livable space, it's St. Joe. If you look at some of the current local St. Joe developments they preserve the land better than most others.
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    Private Property Signs between Eastern Lake and Gulf

    It is time to start the process/movement to ban ALL vending on public beaches. Give the beaches back to the people to enjoy. Further, to accommodate condo/hotel properties that have traditionally offered beach chair setups as one of their amenities, grant them the ability to contract with a...
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    Has the TDC run its course?

    Yes, the TDC had definitely run it's course. Drive down 30A and you will agree. If it spends $4,000,000 annually on marketing, at least half of that should be shifted to management or go toward acquisition of land to provide more beach access or for small parks, etc. From the...
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    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    This is from one of the largest rallys to ever visit Washington D.C.; the KKK rally in 1925. Notice which flags they are flying and the absence of any Confederate flags. Will you start a petition to remove that flag from the courthouse? :)
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    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    No, I'm trying to present actual history. Sorry it conflicts with you attempted revision.
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    Petition to Ban Confederate Flag from Walton County Courthouse

    MYTH - The War of 1861 - 1865 was fought over slavery. FACT - The North fought the war over money. When the South started Secession, Lincoln was asked, "Why not let the South go in peace?" To which he replied, "I can't let them go. Who would pay for the government?" Sensing total...
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    Important Call to Action Regarding our Coastal Dune Lakes

    Unbelievable. Personally, my only hope is that the next economic crash will stop this zealous, wild-eyed development and encroachment on these precious Coastal Dune Lakes. There is plenty of available land elsewhere. I'm sure someone here can add more details, but I have heard about a...
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    Dog culture in SoWal

    Slightly off topic here, but seeing that this thread is mostly dog lovers. Have been to the site I first heard about it on a 60 Minutes piece, "The Smartest Dog In the World". You can see that clip at the site. It's a site where you can purchase a pretty extensive, but...
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    SoWal Incorporation

    Agree 100% Andy. "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it" applies here. One of the appealing things of living in SoWal is NOT having a city government. Another layer of government on top of county could bring about more issues/problems. Focus on better land use and zoning...
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    Hydrobikes beat Red Flag days

    Shouldn't this post be in the business section and not the Events section?
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    Dog culture in SoWal

    mydogbabe, SoWal is dog heaven. As a resident/homeowner in Walton County, you know you can get the dog tag that allows you to take your pup to the beach during the designated hours. As for playing with other dogs, I let mine play with any and all dogs. He has all his vaccinations, is...
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    New Beach Cameras for Northwest Florida

    Josh, are you going to start offering ad space on your website?
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    Biking Point Washington State Forest

    I see the photo of the pgymy rattlesnake. For those of you that have riden this trail, how bad were the snakes? What snakes did you see? I was thinking of riding this, and wanted to take my dog. Any insights, comments, suggestions would be great!
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    The Preacher's Kitchen

    The burgers are incredibly good. They make them with a blend of porterhouse and ground chuck. I'm hooked. I also like the outdoor seating because I generally like to bring my doggie with me..
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    Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath condo located in Eastern Lake Village on 30A!

    What is the monthly rent? Deposits? Pet policy?
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    Hampton Inn Seagrove Beach on Chateau Hotel Property

    Wasn't the "Curve" in Scenic 98, that provided for Destiny By The Sea, constructed in one day, Christmas Eve or Christmas day?
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    Alligators in coastal dune lakes?

    I was just curious..I have not seen them in any of the lakes, but maybe I just missed them. Has anyone seen alligators in any of the coastal dune lakes? Details please..
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    Baytowne on Ice is OPEN Oct 31 through Feb 1

    Just curious what method they are going to use to time a skater 90 minutes? After 90 minutes are they going to tell the kid they have to leave?
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    Interesting info on why people were complaining about service @ a restaurant Moral of the story...can we all just put our phones in our pocket/purse when at a restaurant, or just turn them off until we leave the restaurant?
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    Messina's at Gulf Place Shuts Doors

    Iris, it's my understanding as well that this will be "Pig 2". I believe they will make that location in Gulf Place profitable..
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    County Wants State Park Land at Topsail for Beach Access

    Credit goes to "Truman" who posted this above. Here you go, (and Sine Murray is a lady) NO NEW ACCESS INTO TOPSAIL PRESERVE, ANYWHERE. Sine A. Murray Office of Park Planning Division of Recreation & Parks
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    County Wants State Park Land at Topsail for Beach Access

    Facebook's organic reach for a business page is about 5-6% when a business posts something. True, Facebook now makes businesses pay to get any kind of reach. Truman, the reason I recommended Facebook is not so much for posting info. I recommended it for the ability to "invite" one's friends...
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    County Wants State Park Land at Topsail for Beach Access

    Either not enough Walton County citizens who are opposed to this have not spoken up, or the commissioners are just ignoring the people. Is there not ONE commissioner opposed to this?
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    County Wants State Park Land at Topsail for Beach Access

    Truman, Would you start a Facebook page so that more people that don't want new access to Topsail can hear about this, and ACT? I believe the reach would be further than just SoWal forum alone, and the word can get out much faster. And please post that Facebook page once it's up. I am...
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    Bud and Alleys in PC already out of business.

    There are many locally owned restaurants in PC and PCB that do very well because they cater to their market, both locals and tourists. Bud and Alleys, obviously, did not. It is what it is, everything can't be 30A..
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    The Future of South Walton

    Great points. Only thing I would add is to change the name and the focus from TDC to TMC as in Tourist Management... The image, the experience vistors have is of utmost importance. Word of mouth referrals are the best advertisement. There is no need for the TDC to spend mega bucks with ad...
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    30A Vet One Year Anniversary Block Party at Gulf Place SEPT 10

    Jj Jake says he's coming and he wants bring his favorite orange ball.
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    The Future of South Walton

    We don't need official "Beach Ambassadors" aka Beach Barneys. There is no need to give people that want to bother other people quasi-power and a mission to check up on other people. If you want to pick up other people's cigarette butts, go for it. Beach cleaning teams of volunteers on...
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    Vote for Visit South Walton Logo

    Top left with the red and white umbrellas. Imagine how much better that logo will look on a white background on the Sandestin water tower. Right now, it's that aqua cursive logo on a vomit colored background. Am I right?
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    New stuff at Grand Boulevard

    Its a Starbucks for sure. Have not heard about BWW.
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    Seagrove Villas Motel T-Shirt

    Gone, but not forgotten.. I have listed an excellent condition Seagrove Villas Motel T-Shirt. It's in great shape. Size XL, white. I listed it on Ebay as I know there are many people on this forum that don't actually live in SoWal. If you are local, I can meet you locally. Here you...
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